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[Music] my name is Samson area with SoCal Planet Fitness um director of operations we operate 11 clubs here in LA what we love about the Eagle Eye system is being able to look at all 11 gyms on one screen really allows myself and a lot of our regional managers and director of operations and be way more efficient with their use of time it’s easy to manage the 11 clubs when you look online and you can just verify in just a minute you can see every gym and see that everybody’s in uniform you can see the customers are getting greedy one of the biggest challenges with managing eleven of clubs with the planet fitness model is we’re hiring from within so people are going from front desk to assistant manager to general manager and they need to be able to use the hardware the software we’re providing them so it really ends up being a challenge of with the older traditional models of DVRs they they weren’t able to use that software that hardware and with the égalité interface it’s simple its intuitive it’s easy its user-friendly it’s very easy for a managers to pick up they can log right into their phone they can log in from the internet we can transmit video back and forth we can save video email on text video and the implementation was almost too easy I even set up three eagle-eyed bridges in one day I feel like anybody could really plug and play adding on the bridges and adding all the cameras to the bridge who is user friendly the eagle-eyes system makes it great we’re gonna show a brand consistency and we can ensure that we’re getting the results we want the club with high levels of customer service and cleanliness for all our members [Music] you you

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