Ford Mustang V8 beatiful car and landscape Abruzzo, Italy | Test drive made, sound Italy ENG SUBS

hello viewers welcome to Italy in the wild land of Abruzzo and you know what else is wild? the Mustang and untamable horse that lends its name to some powerful machines like this 2019 Ford
Mustang will be a wild ride or an easy one? let’s find out! about to leave already packing come with
me I’m not really asking we’ll get away the exterior design looks sportier compared to the previous model thanks to a lower aluminum bonnet with air vents a new front bumper with a more aggressive design and the thinner full LED lamps also the rear bumper diffuser and LED lights are reshaped as you can see is it possible to choose the racing stripes up front the v8 Mustang benefits from the big Brembo brakes with six pot calipers Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S
tires with increased rear section on 19-inch wheels and at the back quad exhaust tips inside there is a new 12 inch display for digital cluster in the cabin we find a leather heated sport steering wheel a leather covered gear
knob the infotainment system is now updated to a sync 3 model with an 8
inch touchscreen and compatibility with apple carplay mirrorlink and Android
auto did you hear this screaming V8? it’s awesome Listen to that American Muscle! so how its living with a Mustang well it can be easy to drive in the everyday life like a Ford Fiesta especially if you are
in the normal drive mode but if you switch to track mode the horse begins to
run let’s see that! especially if you pass 4.600 rpm listen to this screaming V8 is so so ferocious! this engine can rev up to 7.500 rpm this new 5 liter coyote V8 can produce 450 horsepower and 529 Newton meters of torque thanks to a direct and a port injection this new chassis is 28% more rigid than the previous model thanks to ultra high-strength steel for better safety and cornering and speaking of cornering up front we have a McPherson strut and in the back we have… not a solid axle, but a multi-link suspension thanks Europe! the steering is very good it can be soft or harsh it depends if you select the different mode from this little switch here you can choose from normal sport and comfort and guys you can ask me… what about the stopping power of this quite heavy car? well is more than enough because up front you have big Brembo brakes with 6 pot calipers the V8 model also has big tires at the rear 275 instead of 255 like the tires at the front if you are an enthusiast as like
me you will choose this Mustang with a stick shift but in the city and for optimizing the economy, fuel economy can also choose an automatic gearbox with 10 speed this car is big I know and you can also see it but when you drive it it doesn’t feel so huge so American because it feels so compact so well tightened together so it can be also nimble but it’s all up to you you can drive it like a normal car as I said before or you can drive it… like you stole it! 5.000 rpm the engine begins to scream American V8 and remember always drive carefully! but this Mustang comes with some cool
safety features like automatic emergency brake with pedestrian detection adaptive
cruise control and lane keeping assist also another new feature of this 2019
model is the MagneRide suspension that is controlled electronically so you can select a normal comfort ride or a more rigid one for the use in the track and the difference is huge you can see in normal mode the car wobbles a little but now in circuit mode the car is very rigid and precise the fuel consumption
for this big engine is quite good because in the city you can achieve 8,5 km/l (19,99 mpg) on the highway it can reach 12 km/l (28,23 mpg) and at 90 km/h (56 mph) the car can do 15 km/l (35,28 mpg) so quite good! another cool feature is the neighborhood mode so when you wake up early in the
morning and you want to go to the racetrack you can activate the silent mode for the exhaust and this car is very loud when you start it well with this quiet mode no one can hear you and your neighbors will be happy to have you as a friend and last but not least this car with the manual transmission has the auto rev-match so if you want to downshift for example from third to second listen Auto Rev match perfect again from fourth to third second and makes you feel like a champion wonderful Abruzzo region perfect for this car these B roads are so so magical remember here in the mountains you can come for the beautiful roads or also for skiing of course you know guys I’ve found a secret mode it’s called fart mode it’s so funny


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