Fox on Rocks Funduro 2018

This event was run for the first time last year we had a slight increase in numbers this year and it is just amazing to see so many women accepting the challenge of riding Gravity Enduro. Gravity Enduro is a discipline in Mountain Bike riding where you compete over timed downhill stages with transitions in between. To women that’s a daunting prospect if you’re stepping up to race with men and to have to transition up the hill four or five times really does require a certain level of fitness. Hence the Funduro enabled women to be able to drive themselves to the top of the range therefore making it accessible to women with a little less fitness. It’s the most amazing event, everyone is super friendly and super encouraging. And the trails are really user friendly especially for beginners like I was last year. It’s my second year now and I’m starting to tackle a little bit more of the technical stuff so it’s really helping to advance my skills. Definitely recommend it for first timers, no pressure, just an awesome fun day. It’s my first Enduro, it was a
really well run
event… excellent. It was a fun and relaxed atmosphere and it was fun to just hang out with some other girls and just ride fast and have fun. It’s just a good challenge and a fun day, something different to what I usually do, I ride a lot of trials, that’s my specialty and it was just nice to come out here and share the day with a bunch of other riders. My favourite bit about today was seeing all of those ladies getting out and going like everywhere on the tracks with all of their full faced helmets. My favourite thing about today was going down the hill cause it was just so much fun. The tracks, cause they were really fun and they’ve been made really well. The great thing about this event was the sponsors Jonny donated a whole bike so that was pretty cool My favourite bit was the BBQ. Lu did an amazing job putting some good burgers out there. My favourite thing about today was going the uphill because I rode in a car. To get started on the trails there’s lots of B line options if you’re a bit nervous about the larger jumps and the bigger drops. They make it a very safe event, there’s always an alternate route. It’s designed to be fun and everyone just giving it a go and really just getting on their bikes and having a great day. We all love riding fast downhill and to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as they came past the finish lines was what it’s all about. No-one taking themselves too seriously, out riding with your girlfriends, chatting on the transitions, and really having a fantastic time.

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