FRITSCH Planetary Mills classic line

FRITSCH PLANETARY MILLS classic line FRITSCH Planetary Mills classic line
are the laboratory standard worldwide, for wet and dry grinding of hard to soft, brittle or fibrous materials. They are synonymous with fast, loss-free fine grinding of samples, operator friendly, consistent reproducibility and long,
reliable service life even under continuous, heavy duty usage. FRITSCH PLANETARY MILLS classic line
HIGH-PERFORMANCE ALL-ROUNDERS IN DAILY LABORATORY WORK THE PLANETARY MILLS PRINCIPLE The term PLANETARY BALL MILL is derived from its unique kinematics: the grinding bowls, which are
mounted on the main rotating sun disk, rotate in the opposite direction
around the centre of this disk. Due to this movement, the sample is
comminuted very effectively and fast by impact, shearing and friction forces resulting
from ball-to-ball and ball-to-wall collisions. With the planetary movement, the grinding bowl
filling is subject not only to the force of gravity, as in the case with conventional ball mills, but centrifugal and coriolis forces further
increase the kinetic energy of the grinding parts. OPTIMAL SAMPLE PREPARATION FOR FIRST-RATE ANALYSIS Laboratory Mills are required for sample
preparation for a variety of analytical methods, such as for example particle size
analysis or X-ray fluorescence analysis. The necessary analytical fineness is achieved
in Planetary Ball Mills in a very short time. Modern analysers now require
smaller sample quantities. Therefore, a further task of
the Planetary Ball Mills is the optimal homogenization of the sample. This minimises analysis errors. To avoid the risk of contamination of the samples
with undesired abrasion from the grinding parts, we offer for the FRITSCH Planetary Mills classic line,
grinding bowls and grinding balls in eight different materials. Please note: The materials of the grinding parts must always
be harder than the material to be ground. For example, would you like to prepare
a soil sample for elemental analysis i.e. analysing the sample for heavy metals
such as chromium, nickel or cobalt, we recommend grinding parts
made of zirconium oxide or agate. If you would like to analyse other
elements like for example calcium, grinding parts made of steel
can be used instead. Choose the perfect Planetary Ball Mill
classic line with accessories according to your needs – depending on the sample quantity, number of samples and analysis.

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