From Rock to Ring

Alright everyone, Cody here So in this picture, you can see the gold that my girlfriend and I panned from the rivers in California And here you can see it after I’ve melted it all down into a bead. It weighs about 1/3 of a gram, as I found out in previous videos And in this video, I’m going to be making something from it Unfortunately, the video of me melting it down has somehow disappeared. But don’t worry. I’ll be making another video about melting gold soon. And now you can probably see what i’m gonna be using the gold for. See, I’ve just got done sculpting this wax ring here, And ultimately, I’m going to be replacing the wax with silver. Hopefully, silver that I mined from my own mines. Now I just got to put on all the little vent tubes and stuff, Then it will be ready to be buried in a casting medium. Okay, there it is I think it’s fairly decent, I’m going to go ahead and pour in a bit of refractory cement, And hopefully I can avoid getting too many bubbles. I’ll give this a little shake occasionally to make sure there’s no bubbles in around the ring, So, I just took the paper off, and it looks like it’s completly dry, Hard as a rock, in fact, I think I might have trouble getting the ring out when it’s done And I’m going to go ahead and cut a little bit of a funnel right here, Pull out as much of the wax as I can, and then I guess it’ll be ready for roasting. In which I’ll burn out all the wax. Allright. So Kanyon and I are up at one of my other mines, As you can see, we’re quite high up in the mountains right now, Here’s the ladders. We’ve pulled them all out so somebody doesn’t try to go down there again. But, this mine goes down quite a ways, see we’ve got a thing going here. We got some pipe up and we’re gonna be building another, brace so we can get, like, some pulleys going to bring ore up out of here, but, Have a look down in there. This thing goes down about 75 feet. It’s rather scary to go down there on a rope. [chuckles] Yeah, these ladders are slightly better, ’cause, you know, you can put your feet on them But yeah, so here’s some ore my dad and my uncle brought out a few years ago And if you look through this, you can see some pretty good chunks of ore here. Like this thing here Let’s go ahead and break this for ya There ya go, you can see it’s pretty shiny underneath, yeah? There’s some galena in here And a little bit of silver even, so… I think me and Kanyon are going to stuff a backpack with better ore Then we’re going to go down and see if we can extract a little bit of silver and make somthing out of it. Sound good? Alright, so we’re back home as you can see, Kanyon is over there playing with the cows I’ve got this thing here that I’m gonna use to roast the ore Now I know that many of you are going to complain about the fumes coming off and the fact that I can capture them and make sulphuric acid out of them But I will do that eventually This is just a small little thing to get some silver out, so we can make something real quick, so… Look forward to another sulfuric acid video soon, but this one, we’re just gonna be getting the silver out of the ore. So let’s go ahead and get started So here’s a little rock crusher me and my dad built last year See, you throw rocks in it And it will crush them up a little bit It’s a little jaw crusher design, see? This thing rocks back and fourth and crushes the rocks between it. I have a 5 gallon bucket full, that’s quite heavy And it’s all down to this size or smaller I think that’ll be just fine for roasting [chuckles] Let’s go ahead and light it. Yeah, hopefully this works out pretty good. Certainly hot enough to melt lead. Alright, it looks like it’s about done Just a tiny fire left Let’s go ahead and turn the blower off Just let it burn out those coals And cool down over the next several hours so that we can break it apart and extract the lead You can already see some little bits of lead around some of those coals I don’t know if you can see in there the… Little shiny beads of lead And I think some white, possibly vaporized lead or even some zinc has burned off I’ll be intrested in capturing all the gasses and stuff that I burn off, and see exactly what it is In the meantime i was definitely staying upwind of it Right here is what dripped through onto the plate below it Looks like some splatters of lead to me Very nice We just finished cleaning that thing out, and we got a big pile of slag here We’ve been picking pieces of lead out of it, you know, things that are obvious. We’ve got a whole cup of lead right here We’re going to take this stuff here, and we may have to run it through the rock crusher one more time Just to knock this stuff down to size And I’m going to ball mill it And after it’s done ball milling, we’ll pan out all the pieces of lead And that should be pretty much all the lead out of there The lead of course contains the silver still This looks like it’s crushed fine enough, don’t it? So, I’ve got here all of our lead, It’s quite a bit, several pounds Now i’ve got to melt it down and purify it. There’s our lead Look at all that Looks almost like mercury, don’t it Alright, here’s our lead that we got Let’s go ahead and bang it out of the mold This nice little lead bar hopefully lots of silver now, it’s time to extract the silver from it. Now, to extract the silver from the lead, I’ve started by cutting it into little bars So it’ll fit into this crucible here As you can see. So I’m going to melt this lead down into a liquid again I’m going to add a piece of zinc to it. Silver is much more attracted to zinc. It’s much more soluble in zinc then it is in lead. So when it cools, I can pull the zinc off the top and in theory, I should have my silver. Here’s the lead, and here’s the zinc. Hopefully, most of the silver has gone from the lead and into here. Well, we’re about to find out Okay, I got the zinc broken into little tiny pieces, Now let’s go ahead and add a bit of acid to dissolve the zinc away. Several minutes later, and the zinc is still dissolving, you can see there’s a lot of, like, black powder around it and that, of course is the silver. Okay Over couple hours later, and this is what i’ve ended up with. I think all the zinc is now dissolved, at least most of it is There’s still some lead in there, and that looks like a bit of lead chloride floating around That’s not too big of a deal, because I think I’ll end up putting it in a cupel when I fire it down. That’ll absorb any excess lead Right. After drying, here’s my silver. I’m going to put the mould inside the furnace and heat it up to burn out all the wax Here’s the silver Let’s go ahead and put it in here I’m going to go ahead and put it on top of the mould that way, they’ll be at the same temperature and i can just pour one into the other. I’ve got to tip it over and just pour it straight down. There it is. It’s in. Okay, there it is. Alright, so far so good Uhh, it’s going to need a lot of cleanup And here it is. After a little bit of grinding and polishing, I think I can finally call this a ring. It’s still a little rough, but I think it’s quite pretty nonetheless considering the fact that I made it myself. I think the gold makes for a very interesting stone. [chuckles] Hopefully it doesn’t get too scratched up I mean it is the natural gold, so it’s like 22 carats So it’ll be slightly harder than pure gold. Same goes for the silver In fact, one thing I like about the silver is the fact that if you took it to someone and told them it contains raw silver from a mine, they can analyze it look at the ratios of the platinum group metals such as gold and palladium Then they would be able to tell you that it indeed did come from the freecoin mining district which I think is pretty cool. Anyway, I think Kanyon will enjoy her little present, and I hope you guys enjoyed the video I’ll see you next time.


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