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Sid: My guest began seeing visions as a child
and later he saw the last days of Planet Earth. Next on this edition of It’s Supernatural! [music]
Centuries have come and gone offering wisdom and understanding throughout the ages. Today there should be nothing beyond one’s
power to discover. But yet the strange, unusual and mysterious
world of the supernatural defies understanding. Stay tuned for a unique and powerful investigation
into a curious undiscovered universe only on It’s Supernatural! Sid: Hello, I’m Sid Roth your investigative
reporter and I’m so looking forward to this show today. As my producer Janie tells me, that she checked
out this man with a number of her friends and he has given them the most precise words
that have come to pass. Ken Peters, let’s go back. Even as a child, all of a sudden visions started
coming to you. Tell me the first one you can remember. Ken: The first one was I was about eight years
old, I believe, doing a religious ceremony in our church and it was called–
Sid: You were Catholic. Ken: I was Catholic, yes, Roman Catholic. And the ceremony was called The Stations of
the Cross, and we would pray the rosary over each station and the stations were a mosaic
picture of the week of Passion of Jesus. And I don’t remember exactly which one it
was, but as we were praying I looked up and the tile mosaic picture because like a television
picture in front of my eyes, a movie, and Jesus was carrying the cross. It was at the point where he fell down with
the cross and Simon was called to carry the cross. So that’s how it began. Sid: What affect did it have on you when you
saw this? Ken: Oh. Numerous. Sid: I mean, was it sort of like it was really
happening in front of you? Or was it just a television screen type of thing? Ken: It was very real. I had never experienced anything like that. So it was very strange at first, but very
real. It seemed as though I was almost there watching
that happen before my eyes. Difficult to explain, but yet it seemed very,
very real. The pain that he was going through, the crowd,
the chaos, it was frightening. I was just a young boy. Sid: What affect did it have on your life? Ken: It just about made me go crazy. You know, I never had heard of anything like
that happening to anyone. Sid: Did you tell people? Ken: Yes I did. Sid: What reaction did they have? Ken: They thought the same of me. They thought I was off my rocker. You know, they thought I lost it so much as
to see something like that. Sid: You actually prayed that God would take
this away from you. Ken: Yes. Sid: Why? Ken: The visions and the things I began to
see were wonderful. They were encouraging, but yet at the same
time these kinds of things weren’t happening to my friends and unusual things would happen
to me. I might be at church and start crying, and
I’d start seeing a vision or something. Sid: Why would you cry? Ken: I really don’t know. I just felt the God’s power, God’s presence
or something, you know. At the time I didn’t know how to describe
it. I didn’t really know what was happening. So peer pressure, you know, the pressure of
my friends, family members kind of, you know, looking upon me strangely, so I wanted it
to stop. Sid: And then at age 21, something even stranger
than that happened. Tell me about it. Ken: Well I had went to sleep at night and
began to have a dream. Sid, I don’t normally remember my dreams. I’m sure I have dreams probably like you do,
but I don’t normally remember them. Sid: Or if you do you remember maybe just
a little sketchy. Ken: Bits and pieces, yes. This dream started, I was able to understand
the starting point, the time it went through and the ending point. It was a dream about the pretty much the end
of the earth, that I could understand at the time. Halfway through the dream, I woke up frightened,
terribly frightened and just in a literal pool of perspiration in the bed. Sid: Did you tell your wife about it? Ken: Yes I did and she said I was having a
nightmare. Sid: Well you were from what you told me. Ken: It was very frightening. I woke up and I wasn’t quite sure really what
to do. I was quite a rebellious person at that point
in my life. So praying, doing something like that, it
wasn’t one of my practices. But when I got up and began to pace the living
room floor, I really felt a strong sense that I needed to read the Bible. Well I didn’t read the Bible. Sid: But I thought you were a practicing Catholic. Ken: Well I was, but I didn’t read the Bible. Sid: Okay. So you had a Bible at least. Ken: Well actually, it was about 3:30, 4:00
in the morning, I went out to my garage and began to look through all the books that I
had in boxes and I found a Bible, and ended up bringing it into the house, sat down in
a rocking chair. And part of my habit is to always flip from
a magazine from the back. And so I flipped to the back of the Bible
and started at a portion called the Apocalypse, and I thought well I’ll read this. I mean, I don’t know what this means. Never had read it. Began to read maybe three, four, five chapters. Sid: Is this like the Book of Revelation? Ken: Book of Revelation. Sid: Okay. Ken: It didn’t say that in my Bible though. Sid: Okay. Ken: So that was pretty foreign to me. Sid: It didn’t say it in my Bible either. I come from a Jewish background, but that’s
okay. Ken: Well I wasn’t quite sure what it was. You know, I really wasn’t sure what Apocalypse
even meant. But after a brief time of reading I fell back
asleep. I fell asleep in the chair and the dream started
exactly at the point it stopped. It was astounding what I had saw, what frightened
me to wake me up was a very wicked being at the front door of my house where my door locks
had been changed. Someone had taken the door sets, you know,
your lock and your doorknob off the door. And I kept hearing something inside of me
telling me, “Don’t go back to your house, but flee.” And there was much chaos going on during this
dream. The dream seemed to take about maybe three
or four years, you know, to transpire over time, to guess at it. It seemed as though at this point, maybe a
year or so had transpired in the dream. And so when I went to the door there was this
very frightening figure. I don’t know what it was. It looked like a human. It was very dark, sinister looking, very frightening. And so I slammed the door shut and that’s
when I woke up. Well when I fell back asleep in the chair
the dream started at that exact point. And so I ran, I fled. And from that point I met an individual who
began to tell me about Jesus, and you know, he began to tell me what had been going
on because there was chaos. The police were no longer the law enforcement
officers, but it was more like a military. I saw some military vehicles that recently
I had seen now that I didn’t know were in existence that now are. Sid: You saw them in your dream and they didn’t
even exist at that time. Ken: Exactly. I saw them in the dream and they didn’t exist,
at least to my knowing. I had never saw them in any, you know,
pictures or anything. So what had happened is this man began to
express to me the plan for a person to be converted to faith in Christ, and so I agreed
with him. And then he began to expound to me what was
going on in the world, because it was almost undescribable the chaos. Sid: Hold that thought. We’re going to be back in a moment. We’re going to find out exactly what he saw
for the last days of the world. Don’t go away. Be right back. [music] Hello YouTube mishpochah! Mishpochah is a Hebrew word; it means family. This is Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally
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single episode of It’s Supernatural! [music] Sid: Hi, Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I know you came back because Ken Peters, he
had a dream, knew nothing about the Bible. But in this dream he saw the last days of
the world and he saw vehicles that didn’t even exist back then. It’s just recently that these have come on
the scene. But there was chaos going on, you said. Tell me, pick up from there. Ken: The chaos, again, there was no governmental
covering so to speak. There didn’t seem to be that security that
we sense, you know, with our government watching over us, you know, the parameters that they
provide for us. That was completely removed. Again, there weren’t local law enforcement
agencies. But it was more of a kind of a military or
militia. It seemed like Martial Law. People were greatly frightened. One thing I remember that I will never forget
was that little babies had just disappeared for a period of time in this dream. They were gone. No little babies from, you know, newborn. Sid: Where did they go? Where did all the babies go? They just disappeared. Ken: They had just gone. They just disappeared. Many, many mothers were very frightened. A lot of toddlers had disappeared. And then a period of time into the dream, people
began to have children again, and I knew that this was the end. Even though I didn’t know anything about the
end, inside of me I knew this was the end. The end was at the door. I began to see buildings, buildings in the
city that I was a part of at that time where I lived that are now there, triangular glass
building. The way the monetary structure was set up
only certain people could make transactions, business transactions. People had to have a mark on their hand to
conduct business, to buy food at grocery stores. It was all controlled. Sid: You never read this in the Bible. Ken: Never. Sid: You know this is in the Bible. Ken: Never. Sid: Okay. Go ahead. Ken: Now this was very strange because people
were controlled literally. That’s what it was, they were controlled. And there was a great sense that they were
being watched almost, you know. So what had happened was, again like I said,
this man led me to faith in Jesus and I began to work with him to try to spread this news
to others. And the thing that really impressed into my
thinking was that he said that the Christian people, those who had faith in Jesus, any
who had faith in Jesus, were taken and they were taken to Heaven. And that was such an empty feeling to me. Sid: Was that where the babies went? Ken: I assume so, Sid. I believe so. Sid: Okay. Go ahead. Ken: I do believe so. So the words that he said were so real to
me that I received them. I really embraced them as truth and I knew
inside of me somehow that these were truth. Sid: So you were left. Ken: I was left. Sid: You were left there in this chaos. Ken: Yes. Sid: What else went on? Ken: Well after a short period of time we
began to kind of help these children. Many children were abandoned. Much fear was working through people’s hearts. A lot of people were abandoning their children. People were committing suicide on a regular
basis. It was very frightening times. So we began to try to help people that were
in desperate straits. And eventually we were captured by the militia,
and we told to stop doing what we were doing. And at that point we continued to do it. Then they took us in again and interrogated
us and told us that if we didn’t stop there would be severe penalties. They never at first were very clear about
what the penalties would be other than they would just be severe. And at that time we just continued to say,
well this is what we believe God has called us to do and we can’t stop doing this. The one thing that seemed strange was I didn’t
notice any religious freedoms for any people groups, none. Eventually they took us into this room, did
further interrogation and we pretty much decided we were not going to follow the directives
that they were giving us. And then they finally led us into this huge
corridor in this building, seemed to be 50, maybe a hundred yards long with all these
people lined up. We weren’t sure what was going on, but they
would take a person every few minutes and they would go into this room, and then the
line would start getting closer and closer. Eventually, we realized that they were executing
these people in this line. The door had opened. Sid: You were in the line? Ken: I was in the line, yes. Sid: My goodness. How would you like to have been in that line? How would you like to have been? What would you have done? You sure would have prayed a lot, I imagine. [music] Sid: I’d like to go right now to our control
room and I’d like to talk to Janie and find out what we’ll be doing next week on It’s
Supernatural! So when we go there you’re going to find out
that next week is going to be a very, very special segment. What Ken is talking about right now, we’re
going to find out it actually, it actually happened. Not all of it, but some of it has already
happened. Janie, what about next week? Janie: Ken is going to be back next week and
he had the most incredible thing happen to him. He found himself in one second in Rio de Janeiro,
without taking a plane, without taking a car. All of a sudden he just was there from one
place to another place. Sid: Well that’s my kind of travel. Janie: I know. Then you don’t have to pay
for an airplane any more. Sid: No frequent flyer miles either. Janie: That’s right. And but he has been so accurate with prophecies. I mean, he’s known things before they’ve happened. He knew about the L.A. riots before they happened. He knew about an earthquake in Japan before
it happened. And he knows something that’s going to happen
in America by the year 2003, and it’s going to come to pass. [music] Sid: Hi, Sid Roth your investigative reporter. We left off with Ken Peters and he was having
a dream, knew nothing about the Bible. And in this dream he’s in a line and he’s
headed towards, was it execution? Ken: Execution. Sid: You knew it. Ken: Yes. Well what had happened after many people had
progressed through the line is that the door was left open. I don’t know why, but the door was left open. We began to see what was going on. The gentleman I had talked about and I, and
we were in this line proceeding forward, and began to see people being beheaded, literally
losing their lives. And great fear came on me when I saw that
happening because I wasn’t sure what was going on behind that door. Sid: Listen, there’s something wrong with
you if great fear didn’t come on you. Ken: Oh Sid, the fear was indescribable. It felt like my body was having the extreme
chills and, you know, almost beside myself. And I began to be afraid that I would deny
my faith in Jesus, that I wouldn’t be able to go through with this. I was petrified, literally. And I began to just cry out. I can’t tell you that I began to pray. It was more of a crying out in desperation
because, you know, I was fearful that if I denied Jesus then what would happen to me,
you know. To me, it was more real than the death itself. You know, I was more frightened of the denial,
you know. So I cried out and I just basically said,
“Lord, please help me.” That was a real simple prayer. But at that moment–
Sid: Not a classic prayer, but an honest prayer. Ken: Honest from the heart. Sid: Right. Ken: So as soon as I said that, Sid, I felt
someone touch my shoulder and I looked back behind me, because when my shoulder was touched
I just felt warmth go through my whole body. Again, I was almost, my teeth were almost
chattering because I was chilled almost with this fear, great fear. And when I had the warmth run through me I
looked back about like this and it was Jesus standing behind me. And you know, a million thoughts could run
through your mind if you can explain them in a manner of milliseconds, but I couldn’t,
except that great peace just flooded me. And then he spoke to me, looked right into
my eyes, spoke to me, and said, “Fear not, for death will never hold you.” And unbeknownst to me what those words meant,
I was coming up to experience death and just a few moments later the individual that was
ahead of me was executed and then it was my turn. And they asked me, it was strange because
they could tell the people that were going to crack. They could tell, and there were some that
left the line, you know. Sid: What do you mean by crack? Ken: Uh, just– Deny the Lord? Ken: Deny, yes, deny the Lord, yes. And so I think they had noticed that in me
previously in the line, and so they asked me again, and I said, “No, Jesus is Lord and
I can’t deny faith in him.” And so the executioner, you know, they put
me in the position to be killed. And as soon as the, it was a sword, as soon
as the sword touched my neck, I mean, the moment it touched me, I was gone. And there I was with the Lord looking upon
the whole scene. It was phenomenal. I mean, instantly in his presence away from
what I was experiencing in death and witnessing. Immediately at that point the executioner
took off his mask and said, “I will not kill any more of these people.” Sid: And then did you wake up? Ken: Then I woke up. Sid: How did you feel? Ken: Very confused, very beside myself. Really, I can’t–
Sid: Now you knew religion. You went to parochial school, but you told
me you really didn’t know Jesus at the time of the dream. Ken: No I didn’t. I mean, I knew about God. I knew about Jesus. You know, I went to church every Sunday and
saw a cross in the church, and the whole religious part that I was a part of, but didn’t have
a relationship with God as, like you and I would have or something. Do you know what I mean? So it was foreign to me. It wasn’t something I could perceive. Sid: So what happened next? Ken: I went and wrote everything down that
I could remember. It was so vivid. It was in technicolor, literally. So I wrote it down and I worked with a Christian
man. He was one of the finest men I had ever met. I just literally, I harassed the man daily,
but I knew that he was a genuine– Sid: Why did you harass him? Ken: Probably just because I was a very
ornery individual. He was, he just, he was filled with love,
literally. I would harass him and he would never respond
in anger. Sid: Ken, how do you know that dream was true? Ken: I believe it was true because of the
things that I couldn’t have known about beforehand that have happened now, things that weren’t
in existence that are now in existence. The way, one thing I saw was a scanner for
hands in grocery stores and in retail centers. And recently I was even in a retail center
where the exact scanner I saw, it showed a hand with a, like a beam coming off this. And I asked the lady at the counter, I said,
“What’s that for?” And she says, “Well eventually they’re talking
about putting some type of an implant so that all people have to do is put their hand through
here to have their transactions done, so there’s no need for checks and credit cards, and money.” And so I had seen these things before they
were in place. Sid: Now you said that something caused you
to want to read the Bible. Tell me about that. Ken: You know, Sid, at the time, I didn’t
know that God would speak to people on a personal level. My perception of him was he was far away,
you know, he was out in the universe somewhere and he was way too busy. And I’ve come to know through the years
and realize at that moment that God was speaking to me. So when I took this dream to this individual,
he began to tell me that, “God is trying to speak to you, and he’s the one who told me
these things that you have shared with me are right out of the Bible.” And so he asked me also, he said, “Have you
read this?” I said, “No, I read a few chapters halfway
through this dream, but you know, without any understanding of what they were. The scriptures made no sense to me. You know, I wasn’t enlightened to understand
them. You know, I was just reading because I knew
at that moment that’s what I needed to do, you know.” I think it might have been my religious background,
you know. I was trying to find God, but I think it was
kind of my terms, so to speak. Sid: What happened next? Ken: Well he began to tell me that I needed
to be saved from my sins and I didn’t like that. I did not want to hear that. I enjoyed my lifestyle. So I asked him, “Do I need to become like
you?” Because I didn’t know what it meant to be
saved from my sins. I wasn’t quite sure of that. I had an understanding of what happened to
a person when they die. I believed that, you know, if you’re okay
you’d go to Purgatory. If you were real terrible like a murderer,
you know, you might go straight to Hell. But so, I didn’t understand that concept. So he said, “You need to accept Jesus as Savior
and Lord.” And so I said, “Do I have to be like you?” Because I really wasn’t ready to give up. Sid: You didn’t want to become like him. Ken: No. No, not really. So what happened was I said, “Well do I have
to quit doing the things I’m doing?” And he said, “Well kind of yes, kind of no.” And I didn’t understand what he meant by that. “What do you mean, kind of yes, kind of no?” He said, “Well you need to do what God tells
you and what his word tells you to do, not what I would tell you or people.” So shortly thereafter, about a two or three-week
period went by and my very best friend had just recently come to faith in Jesus Christ
with a kind of an unusual happenstance with him also. He had visited me and talked to me about that,
and it was very strange to me, but I knew I could trust him. I’ve known him since first grade, you know,
I was just a young boy. So he invited me to a church service and so
I went to his church service. It was very unusual in my perception. Sid: Listen, it was so unusual in his perception,
something happened that normally doesn’t happen. The pastor knew things that were going on
inside of Ken and he had no way of knowing it. And then this gift started getting refined
and he began to know things about the future. So next week he’s going to be coming on It’s
Supernatural, and I believe he’s going to tell you some very, very specific things,
maybe about you. In the meantime, I challenge you to read the
Book of Revelation. It’s the last book in the Bible. And you’ll find it lines up exactly like what
he just told us in this dream. In the meantime, as you read the Book of Revelation,
don’t wait until next week. Get right with God. Get to know him. He’s so wonderful. God is such a wonderful person. He loves you. He has a purpose, purpose, purpose, purpose
for your life. Read the book. Come on back next week. Say a prayer, too. [music]


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