Godzilla: The Planet Eater Trailer (2018) Godzilla Anime Movie

Against Godzilla… We can’t win anymore… Aren’t humanity nothing more than the stepping stones used to create the ultimate life form ,Godzilla? If we were to summon god onto this planet, you are the one most deserving of standing on the altar. What do you really desire? The mission I have inherited over an eternity of time… shall be certainly fulfilled now. God… If it’s God, godzilla can be defeated! Praise the lord, and everything shall walk the path of devotion Now, bow down and worship, the golden demise. What makes godzilla, godzilla, is… your own hatred. Isn’t that the same threat level as Godzilla? Ghidorah! Earth itself will be consumed! Not only godzilla, but this destroyer as well?! Are you trying to destroy everything?! Haruo… I have always waited … someday… we will be liberated from everything. If I give up now everything will end up as a lie. Connect the lives… Praise the demise. You don’t have to save us. There are no blessings higher than this. I’ve been waiting for this.


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