Ground Truth Analysis using Google Earth/ Precised Information with Low Resolution Satellite Image

Hi hello everyone welcome to GIS Tube, On this day GIS tube has reached 25,000 plus views and thousand plus minutes of watching so I to like to thank my subscribers as well as my viewers for the great achievement and It will be a great supporting for me to do even more videos in YouTube So today. We are going to see how to link our Erdas Imagine with Google Earth for doing various analysis using your satellite imagery this is gonna be really useful for you before that you need to open your Google Earth as well as your Erdas Imagine the next thing is that load your satellite image after that select the button connect to Google Earth Within a few seconds you can see the tabular column in which a lot more options are being enabled The next thing is that we we should enable a link Google Earth to view as well as synchronized to view so These two things are really important in this Work, which is I am going to show you right now how to do that process? analysis using a satellite image which is a link to with our Google Earth so It’s really going to help you in a in a largest in a larger way So lets all have a look at it, so I’m going to show you You can see where and all I’m moving in this satellite imagery The Google Earth is also being moved because it’s being synchronized with the satellite images So that you can have a perfect analysis You can see here. This is a water body right here And your satellite images on the other hand you can see it in Google Earth This is our dried up, so I’m going to just show you the accuracy level so if I zoom in there You can see the difference Actually, I am having a clearer view at it so that my analysis will be much more accurate than the others Which is done using? satellite imagery so if you have you will be hardly having a 15 meter or 30 meter resolution Which is much more in the Google Earth? When you’re going to do your analysis it will be really helpful for you. You can see here. What is the accuracy level of this? So I can see a lot more thing settlements roads and We can always have a perfect look at it so for example You can see here, I couldn’t understand what is that? What is this feature in it? but I Can clearly view it in my Google Earth? So this all helped us in doing our analysis or research work or project etc so I Think that you learn something from my video linking both this Google Earth with our satellite image using arrows It’s really beneficial and really helped me so I thought I would I thought I will I would like to share with you guys So thank you for which watching my video keep supporting me, buddy

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