Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone – [PV] “Black★Rock Shooter” (Romaji/English Subs)

Black Rock Shooter, where did you go? Can you hear me? How much more do I have to shout? How much more do I have to cry? Stop it, I can’t run anymore The world once dreamt closes In pitch-black darkness with no light, road that is about to collapse That day’s hope… which couldn’t be here though I thought I saw it Yes Black Rock Shooter, that gentle smell It hurt, it’s hard, swallowing down those words Black Rock Shooter, please move my feet! Exceed the world I knew it from the beginning that you’d be here Every courage inside me Is lighting the fire I won’t run away now Black Rock Shooter, I am not alone Crying out in a voice is all right Black Rock Shooter will be there to watch It’s starting from now my story If I ever start to forget, this song, I will sing


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