Hellier Season 2: Episode 10 | Night of Pan

What is something that all of the ritual
magicians have been telling us when they watched Hellier? We’re doing an initiation.
We’re doing some kind of a ritual.[Greg] I tried to find one of the best
books about initiations that I could find.Something that was modern.What I landed on was ‘The Archetype of
Initiation – Sacred Space, Ritual Process,and Personal Transformation’. These are
all lectures and essays by Robert Moore.So one of the things I have to lay out is
this is not a paranormal book whatsoever,but reading this book has given
me so many thoughts and ideasabout paranormal phenomena.He has a lot of really interesting things
to say about synchronicity.I wasn’t looking at synchronicity
when I got this book.The guy that wrote this book is
a Jungian psychologist, so, he,Jung is the guy who coined
the term synchronicity,so synchronicity is something that popped
up after he started looking at the idea.This guy says, in terms
of a ritual initiation,“Synchronicity is a sign of being
in the process of an initiation,not necessarily anything other
than a byproduct of beingin the middle of an initiatory experience”.
That is what synchronicity is.[ ♪ Thoughtful piano music ♪ ][Greg] If it’s a call, if you really are
part of a call, it’s always scary.The call is always scary.If it’s not scary,
it’s not really a call.♪♪♪[Slow piano notes][car engine starting][Piano notes begin to speed up][ ♪ Wildnisgeist by Timothy Renner ♪ ]“It will have blood, they say.
Blood will have blood.Stones have been known to move,
and trees to speak”.[Greg] The fuck is going on out here?
[Tyler, laughing] Oh, man![Greg] that’s fuckin…
[Karl] that feels like a fucking sign, man [Greg chuckles] Oh boy! [Tyler] That’s fucking weird
[Greg] It’s so crazy too cause we did not take Strawberry Road earlier when
we came scouting yesterday. [Greg] I don’t even know why it
used Strawberry Road. -Yeah we never went this way at all. [Karl] Whoo!
[Greg] heart pumping a little bit.. [Karl] That tree’s got me now♪♪♪[background water sounds][Dana] One of the things that I really
wanted to do is some sort of a ritual,and it looks as if, it would make sense if
that ritual would happen inside of a cave.So the ritual itself is sixteen steps.[Dana] Each one of these steps is a
way to kind of let the phenomena knowthat we’re there to communicate and to
learn as much as we possibly can from it.[Dana] The second step is no
iron, so no iron jewelry,I know that that can be
difficult with camera equipment,but as long as we’re not wearing any
iron, that would be really good.And Iron is basically a repellant of
the Fae, so it’s something that weshould kind of eliminate
as much as possiblecause they just won’t
come around if there’s iron.[Greg] The main goal of that ritual
was the invocation of Pan.whether you wanna see it as
the god Pan, or you wanna see it asthe energy or spirit of Pan,
the spirit of all, of this, thisthing that has seemed to be hovering
a lot of what we’ve been doing.It was…As I understand it, it was meant
as an official introduction.♪♪♪[ ♪ Guitar plucking and
mechanical drone ♪ ][Dana] Step three is when we are
approaching the cave,we have to clap our hands as much
as possible. It sounds kind of silly,I realize it sounds kind of silly, but
Pan doesn’t like to be snuck up on.So in older rituals, a lot of the time
they would walk up to the cavesjust clapping their hands, just to let
them, let Pan know that they wereapproaching so that he
wasn’t startled by them.Which I think is just fun, and I think
it’s kind of a cool way to bring inlike some of the older traditions.[Everyone clapping][Tyler] After a year of prepping, learning
how to go into these caves,descend into these weird, strange realms,
we finally have the day, when we aregoing to descend and see for
ourselves what this location entail.[Dana] The entrance didn’t even look
real, it looks like a movie set.It looks like this beautiful, massive
cave that just sort of appears in themiddle of nowhere and you have to
kind of trudge through a creekand through the woods to find it,
and then suddenly there’s this massiveopening and it just sort of, beckons
you inside cause there’s a perfect bendso you just want to see what’s
around every corner.[Tyler] We finally reach the point where
we had the means of entering it properly,so finally having the chance
to experience this firsthand,was a great amount of closure for me.
To be inside of this space.I felt a buildup of everything,
we had been working toward.I in particular was excited for anything.
I was ready to see anything,I was ready to experience anything,
and after hearing all these stories,whether that be these strange,
underground cultists, or these creatures,I think I was prepared to see anything.
I wanted to, I wanted to see something.Even though–even though I think
that would have provoked fearin the greater group, I think I
wanted something overt to happen.I was almost expecting it.[Dana] The interesting thing about Pan
is he was never worshiped in anyone specific place. They didn’t have
permanent altars erected for him,they didn’t have temple spaces for him.
Pan was worshiped in nature.He was worshiped out in the forest and
he was worshiped in caves specificallyso it was very important that we worship
and make some kind of a connectionwith Pan in that space because
that’s his space specifically,so if he was going to meet us anywhere,
it was going to be in a cave.[Connor] Going in there to, sort of
conjure this ancient entity,is an intimidating aspect, and in a way,
challenges my belief system a little bit.and so I had to take it in stride,
and had to sort of sit back and think,you know, I’m going to see, as an
investigator, with this God givencuriosity, what’s going on here. So,
I decided to sit back with my ownpersonal protection, and feeling a
protection myself, to sit backand wait, and see what happens.[Dana] The next step is to cast a circle.So traditionally in magic, one of the
things that many magic practitioners will do is something
called a circle casting.And it’s the idea that you’re creating
an energetic circle around your space.So basically, these white candles, we’re
gonna use them as our outline. So that we don’t accidentally cross it.And you really just do it through
visualization and through a lot ofphysically drawing
a circle around the space.And the reason that you would do that,
is if you wanna envision itlike a 3-D bubble that goes above us
and below the ground, and it’s basicallyan energy circle to contain energy.
So, when you’re doing spellwork,or any kind of ritual work, the idea is
you’re raising energy, you’re puttingintention out into the universe,
into the atmosphere around you,and if you don’t have a circle, a lot
of the time what can happen is thatenergy will just easily dissipate. So
you’re raising it, and it’s literallyjust dissipating and you’re not able
to kinda, contain it and put intentioninto it. So the first thing we’ll do is,
we will cast a circle, an energy circle,[Dana] Now that we have our four
quarters, and our directions, we’re just gonna use the rest of the
candles just to create an outline for us. And again that’s just so
that no one, accidentally steps outside of the circle. [Dana] This is exhausting. This is not a normal environment to do
something like this. So it’s like, you lose your energy so fast. [Dana] So the other thought behind
the circle, is on top of the fact thatyou’re creating a safe space where you
can raise and put your intention out.It’s also a protective space, because
when you practice magic there arecertain types of energies and different
types of spirits that might be…“what’s going on over there?” They’d be
curious about it, so they can be drawnto that space. So the idea again is this
circle is protective, not only for you,but for them. It keeps your space as
contained as possible while you’repracticing magic because in a lot of
cases, in the moment of practicing magic, you could be very vulnerable
because you’re meditating, or you’refocusing on one thing specifically and
you’re not always aware of what’shappening around you. So again,
we’re going to create that circularsacred space.[Dana] So now that we have our
circle outlined, once we light them, you can visualize them
like a perimeter, basically.[Dana] The fourth step is we’re gonna
dedicate the cave for that time period,of night, to Pan. We’re going to create
an altar space for Pan.This whole rock’s gonna be the
altar space, so I just wanna know which directions to put
our four quarters. [Dana] And for that we’re going to
need a handful of different things,and I have all of them. Oak, grains,
seashells, wine, honey, grapes,obsidian, carnelian, cakes,
those types of things.And they’re all going to go on
some sort of an altar spacethat’ll be in the center
of the ritual space.[Dana] So the next step is, we’re
going to, every tool that we usefor the ritual we’re gonna dress with
cinnamon and Vetiver oiland those are two oils that have often
been associated with the Green Man,with Pan, and that’s going to basically
turn everything that we use in theritual space into ritual tools. So
anything that we bring in with us, just a little dab of those oils basically
anoints it so that it deserves to bein ritual space.
[Greg] Should we anoint the camera?[Dana] Yeah, if we can, just everything
that we bring in with us, just alittle drop of it, even just a
tiny little bit, and it’s basicallyshowing that we are utilizing these
tools for ritual purposes. We’re gonna burn mug wort. Mug wort
is a herb that is used to open the third eye. So it’s just gonna help like,
raise our vibration and help us kinda align with this type of energy.
And, I’m going to basically justwalk the perimeter, and as I do that,
I’m just going to be visualizinga bubble above us, and a bubble
below us, and it’s basically justgoing to kind of be containing us.So there’s just a really simple little
chant that I’m gonna do as I go.That’s just sort of a centering chant.
It’s just meant to kind of draw inthe elements and to
attune us with the elements.Earth is my body. Air is my breath. Fire is my spirit. Water is my blood. Earth is my body. Air is my breath. Fire is my spirit. Water is my blood. Earth is my body. Air is my breath…[Greg] I think one of the best ways to
think about this too, is, and I wastalking about this outside, think of Pan
as one of the ultraterrestrials.We’re trying to have a conversation
with one of the ultraterrestrials.He’s just another face of them.Crowley communed with Pan
before he tried to talk to Aiwassor any of the higher entities.
So, he’s just maybe the boss. So we’re just talking’ to him, we’re
talking to upper management, to try and see if we can have a
conversation with him and maybe whoever else might pop in. And one
of the traits of Pan, in all of theliterature you read, is that when
he’s called, he typically shows up.[Dana] Air is my breath. Fire is my spirit. Water is my blood. Ok… Done!
[Dana takes a deep breath] [Out of breath] So that’s…
our circle cast The next step is called
Calling the Quarters. And it’s basically inviting the four
elements, and the four directions, to join us in magic and in our,
whatever it is that we’re doing.[Dana] So traditionally, it’s an
invitation to the elements,and the elemental spirits,
to join our magic.[whispers] Ok[Dana] What WAS that?[Greg chuckles quietly][Dana] The next step is something
that is often referred to ascalling the quarters, or the corners, it
just depends on who you’re talking to,and it’s the idea that we’re going
to dedicate one, or four sections ofour circle to each
one of the elements.On the altar, we have four directions.
Each one of the bowls represents each one of the four elements. So in earth, we have salt. In air, we have incense. In fire, we have a candle. And in the direction of water, we have
water from the little pond underneath. So it’s basically, each one
of them is meant to represent each one of the elements. And, it basically gives them a
place in our space to reside. So you’re giving them like
a home to reside in the space. [Dana] There’s a set chant that
basically I’ll do at that pointto invite those specific
elements to our circle.I call upon the element of earth,
to join us, in our magic circle, to bless our circle, I call upon, the element of air,
to bless our magical working. I call upon, the element of fire,
to ignite our magic. And I call upon the element of water,
to bring emotion, to our space. [Lighter snicks] [Whispers] Okay. So the eleventh step will be a welcoming
to Pan to join us, or an invocation. And we can all do it together,
I can do it, it’s completely up to everybody and how
we feel in the moment. What I was thinking is,
for the invocation, I was thinking about it a lot, actually
over the past couple of days. And I uh… I think… I kind of want
Greg to do it. I want him to lead
us in it. [Greg] Waaait a minute. -Because I feel like I spent the past
couple days like reaching out to Pan and I didn’t really feel
him connecting much with me. And I don’t know if that’s not
because I wasn’t the person to
bring that to this space? So I thought it would be nice
if you led us in the invocation or in the
invitation if you’re comfortable with it,
if you’re not comfortable with it you don’t have to do it. I don’t
mean to put you on the spot, I just, I’ve been thinking about
it and I feel like if he’s going to answer to any
one of us it’s probably going to be you since you
since you were the one who sort of brought him to us. As long as you’re comfortable
with it. You don’t have to do it. – No, I’ll do it…
– Okay.[Greg] I’d never done an invocation
before.I practice magic, here and there.But it’s very… it’s probably what people
would consider chaos magic. It’s very eclectic, it’s things from
here and there that I feel comfortable doing. I’ve never… I’ve never performed
ritual magic. I’ve never done an invocation.I’m not a very religious person
anymore. I was raisedvery religious.But as anyone who was raised
very religious,they know that something
like that was a big deal.And uh I had to think about it. She
said listen if you don’t want to do this you don’t have to.
I just think that you’re the one who was doing
all this research on Pan, you are the one that feels this
connection so strongly, I think it makes sense that you
do the invocation. So I.. I did. Before I say it, I thought about
it for a long time and I wanted it to be something that made
sense for us, made sense for our case, but also
made sense for Pan, sort of being a bit of a forgotten god
in a lot of ways. So it’s: I honor thee
[Greg repeats] and thy ancient tune
[Greg repeats] by the blessed altar
[Greg repeats] forgotten
[Greg repeats] and lone.
[Greg repeats] Yeah. I honor thee
[Greg repeats] and thy ancient tune
[Greg repeats] by the blessed altar
[Greg repeats] forgotten and lone.
[Greg repeats] [Greg sighs]
Hold on. ♪ atmospheric synth ♪ I honor thee and thy blessed tune at the ancient altar, forgotten and lone. I honor thee and thy blessed tune at the ancient altar,
forgotten and lone. I honor thee and thy ancient tune by the blessed altar, forgotten and lone. [louder]
We honor thee, and thy blessed tune at the ancient altar forgotten and lone. Blessed be Pan Io Pan we invoke thee! We honor thee and thy blessed tune by the ancient altar,
forgotten and lone. We honor thee! and thy blessed tune! at the ancient altar,
forgotten and lone! Blessed be Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan,
we invoke thee! We invoke thee! We honor thee! And thy blessed tune! At the ancient altar
forgotten and lone! We honor thee!
And thy blessed tune! At the ancient altar!
Forgotten and lone! Blessed be Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan,
we invoke thee!♪ eerie music fades out ♪[Dana] I just felt like a weird,
intense energy just creep in real fast. I wasn’t expecting it at all
it just went “wheeew” [wind noise] [Connor] From that direction?
– Yeah. [Tyler] I feel really chilled. – Yeah. Is that where the cold air
came from? – I don’t know, I feel really cold. A lot colder than it’s been. [Dana] It was like, [wind noise] [Dana] Are you ok? – Yeah, I’m just… stirred up.[Greg] It was… uhhit was very weird.I don’t know, I still… I’ve thought
about it a lot since we did it. I don’t know, I don’t know
how to… um. it was really emotional for
me to do that. it was uh I don’t know, it seems silly to say
but I felt it happen. Whatever “it” was, I felt
it happen. And it was there and I felt it and
I was getting really emotional about it, um, I’m getting emotional thinking
about it now. It was um it was really impactful. I could feel I don’t know, I was shaking.
I was literally shaking. It was just uhh really weird. There was a strange effect
that began to occur inside of that cave. And it was
experienced by me, and Connor, and I believe Karl,
all of us collectively inside of this bubble. The temperature started to greatly
decrease, I started to get chills as this invocation started
kicking in.And it felt like something was
passing through.[Greg] Do you think we should
play the tones now? [Dana] Yes, oh, that’s what we
should do! Yes. – We’ll do that first?
– Yeah. – Let’s do this here. [Dana] Oh my god, I can’t believe
we’re about to do this. – I know I mean, it’s interesting that
we actually are being told to make these tones, and
now we are going into a cave. And here’s an entire academic
breakdown of why those noises are
important. So basically, what this paper
by Nektarios-Petros Yioutsos is saying is that we need to go into these
caves and we need to clap, we need to make noise,
we need to drink, we need to actually make this
cave into a giant instrumentfor the ritual. That’s exactly
how these people used to use it.Uh so we need to play the
tones,probably as Pan pipesand see what happens.We think what you heard
was a C, an A, and an F. [singular piano notes
ring out] [Dana] Bing, bing, bing.
[Tyler] Bing, bing, bing. I enjoy this.
[Dana] Again! [Greg and Tyler make three
bing noises] [Dana] You got a handle on it play those sounds. When I saw Dana in person
next, I sat down with herwith a little piano on a
computer, andgave her my idea, is it,I thought it was maybe
C, A, F.[Dana] It was the first one
it wasn’t the second one.[Connor] And so I was playing
those notes,played different versions of them
up and down the keys untilshe found ones that matched
what she heardover the box.[playing notes on piano] Yeah. That sounds like,
it sounds like it. [three piano notes -over speaker
in cave – C, A, F] [Connor] I turned it. [piano notes continue, begin to
play at the same time] ♪ ♪ ♪ [notes being played on a flute,
singularly then together] ♪ ♪ ♪[Dana] The tones, when I heard
them in the cave they mademe really emotional.I wasn’t expecting to feel
that way, it actuallysurprised me.And it felt…it felt almost sad but it…in the moment I realized that
it felt familiar to me.As if the tones, the energy of the
tones felt… likethis entire experience has felt.It’s sort of beautiful, and very
frustrating, andembodies a lot of different
complexities.[Greg] The tones were weird,
they made me sick.The tones made me feel sick
and I don’t think I wasthe only one that felt that way.Um, they were…strange and grating, almost.[tones resonating over speaker][Karl] I hated the tones.
They made meso anxious. So much anxiety,
I wanted to crawl out of my skin.I don’t know why.It just… all I wanted was for them
to be off. For it to be over.I’m kinda dizzy. – I know I was just going
to say I feel really… like I feel like I’m vibrating. – I feel kinda wobbly.
– Me too. [Dana] Yeah I feel a little… nauseous. – A little sick to my stomach, yeah.[Connor] Made me feel maybe a little bit
nauseous, a little bit uneasy.And a lot of people were just saying
that they wanted the tones tobe turned off, soafter it ran through the cycle for
about half an hour welet the tones kind of fade away.[Dana] Uf, it makes me feel
nauseous. – We could do something else. [group mumbling while
Greg walks around]♪ “Wildnisgeist”
By Timothy Renner[Dana] So once we finished
with that,I have a section here that’s
basically breaking bread.So we’re going to drink wine,we’re going to eat, we’re going
to break bread with Panbasically. And make merry with Pan.Because he loves that kind of
stuff. So,in that moment it’s a really
wonderful way too becauseone of the ways to kind of begin
to wind down your magicis to actually eat food, because
eating food is incredibly grounding.So ingesting food, ingesting wine,
will begin to ground youback down into the waking
reality.And it’s a really nice way to do that,
and it’s also another huge sign ofrespect and just a lovely
way to kind ofcommune with those types of
energies.[Dana] After the invocation,
we played the tones,and we tried to engage withwhatever was there as much
as we could.And I remember getting
really frustrated. Andfeeling almost…really pissed off because
I remember thinking, like“we’re doing all the things
we’re supposed to be doing.How come nothing is really
happening?Why isn’t anything happening?”– I’m just frustrated.
– Why? – I don’t know.
– Why? Just the general feeling
of frustration.[Tyler] And the longer we
were in that space,the more I wanted to crawl
out of my skin.I don’t know, there’s just
something that feels “off.” I get the frustration. that’s being felt I just feel like
maybe something is off.I wanted to crawl out of my skin
and I had this realizationin my own mind. We talk about initiation. And we talk about getting through
things and pushing throughand sticking to the path.I had this thought that maybethat frustration was a part
of this.Is this part of it? Like, is this what we have to do
before we leave, is like find some way to turn this
around? How do we get in a better
headspace? Getting through that.
[Dana] Ah. We’ve got to get through it.
– Get through this feeling. – Yeah – Get through this feeling
– Because if we don’t get through it we’re just going to be frustrated
always. – Yeah. Then you get stuck. I don’t
want to get stuck like this. – No, nope. [snaps] – Bingo.
[Dana and Connor chuckle] – We have a choice! We’re all here.
That’s amazing, isn’t it? [Greg] I’m having a fuckin blast
– We’ve gone this far. Look at this place. Let’s actually celebrate
something, this is still important. [Dana] Celebrate activity!
– Let’s celebrate activity [Connor] Celebrate activity! So let’s get out of this headspace
and be happy. This is an amazing thing. ♪ Synth-style Hellier theme ♪ Connor? [Connor laughs]
It’s good wine. – That’s what I mean,
we’ve got to laugh! [Greg] Let’s go deeper in the cave
[Tyler] Let’s go deeper in the cave! [Greg] That’s what I was thinking,
let’s go deeper in the cave. [Dana] You’re right, Tyler. -We have the choice.
I feel fine. [Connor] Yeah [Dana] So after we do that, I
will thank and farewell the quarters so we’ll release the four quarters
that we’ve invited to the circle, Let’s say thank you, to all
of the creatures, all of the living creatures,
the toads and the spiders and everything else that was
here with us. Say thank you to the spirits who
were here with us, the watchtowers who were
here with us, the elements that were
here with us, the archetypes that were here
with us, the energies that were here
with us, and the gods that were here
with us. And say thank you, and farewell, and merry meet, and merry part,
and merry meet again.And then we’ll ground the circle,so we basically will visualize the
circle kind of dissipatingand going back down into the earth.And then at the very end
when we’re done with everything,I think we can take a lot of the
things that we were going tobring with us that we’ve used in
that ritual spaceand create what would essentially
be like a permanent altar for Panin that cave and just let it be there.Obviously it won’t be upkept but
that’s fine, because I think it’sthe intention of saying “this space
was dedicated to you for a night,and we’re going to leave this here
as a memory of that dedication,so if you ever want to come back
again, that energy will still be there.”♪ synth bells ring out[Greg] He talks about how
successful transitions requireego death and rebirth.And he literally basically says,
he lays out that heroism is bullshit, and those things don’t
lead to actual rebirth.Optimal frustration is what you
need for a good[Tyler laughing]for a good, liminal experience.For a good ritual. Optimal
frustration.[Tyler, laughing] I was going to say,
isn’t that Greg Newkirk?[Laughing] Optimal frustration![Greg] It’s constant start and stop,
constant dead end.I think now I realize that this stuff
is leading to something biggerand bigger than all of us and it’s
something worth doing, butat the time it sometimes didn’t
really feel like it.Liminal states have what he calls“communitas.” It’s a social
experience that you only getin liminal states.I feel like our experience with Hellier,
a lot of us didn’t really knoweach other very well.But going through that experience
and going through what we’redoing now I think we have that
sense of communitas.He gives the New York blackouts
as an example of that.Where everything goes out,
everybody is sharing that experience,and they all kinda go “we’re in this
together, it’s an experience thatnobody else will be able to
experience along with us,”it’s something that bonds
a group together.We’re literally going through
that type of thing right now.That’s fascinating to me.We’re hitting all the steps of a
ritual initiation.I slowly get the picture, that
sometimes paranormalexperiences are forced
initiatory experiences.When things start happening around
people that are in a chronic liminal statethey experience poltergeists,
they experience all kind of weird stuff,it’s trying to force an initiatory
experience.And maybe that’s part of “Hellier.”Maybe there’s some sort of a
forced initiation that’s happening.For what purpose? For what
illumination? I don’t really know.I am now more sure than I was ever
before, thatwe are doing some sort of
an initiation.Who our steward is?That’s the interesting part.
Don’t know.[ ♪ Upbeat music fades out ♪ ]As Greg said, it felt like
something happened. But it seems to me like that something was part
of a larger process. And maybe that’s why we
haven’t results yet is because we’re still in the middle
of the ritual. It might be bigger than us. Bigger than just that cave that night.
It might be this project itself. The results of the ritual might
not even happen to us, I keep thinking about this idea that
they might happen to the audience at home in watching this as part of
the ritual. And the implications to that idea, of being part of a bigger ritual, were only furthered when we went to Detroit to hear from Connor about a breakthrough that
he made. [Highway traffic in distance] ♪ Thoughtful music buildup ♪ It always irked me, and sat
in the back of my mind, that we weren’t using
these numbers correctly. And so in order to try to find
the answer to the numbers that Terry was telling us to use, I decided to play with them in
different contexts.And my girlfriend stepped in,and we started to play with
the numbers mathematicallyone night.And as we’re doing that,
we start to notice a pattern.Over and over again.With different applications
mathematically to thisseries of numbers.I didn’t know what this pattern
meant, and I didn’t havecontext for it.So, for context, I reached out
for some helpfrom an old friend.I understand that it’s a strange
car ride to come up here from Cincinnati to Detroit, to meet with Mr. John Tenney. And that is because we have
some information that we think um, is very relevant and
pertinent to the case. We think that we have cracked the numbers.[Greg] I thought we’d
gotten the symbolic messagefrom the numberswhich was “maybe there’s something
symbolic about Brown Mountain?Here’s this balloon that says
you’re going in the right direction, um, maybe do the abduction
experiment again, that’s where I was with them.
I was fine, I was happy with that. I’ve learned to be happy
with that. So to find out that there was another
meaning to the numbers was a shock. Yeah, it was a shock and
it’s a whole other can of worms. So you’re fairly convinced at this
point that they’re not GPS coordinates? -They’re not GPS coordinates,
they’re not coordinates, no. -I don’t think so. -It is very odd that they’re that close
to Brown Mountain, coordinate wise. That’s potentially a very major
synchronicity. – Yeah. -If they’re not coordinates, then that’s
bizarre in itself, right? – Yeah, I mean that’s the only reason
we thought they were coordinates is because it just seemed the
obvious solution. -Let’s look at that second contact: “The ink and black are isolated still
and third order M.I.A.” Just that sentence alone, appears very
directly, as Karl figured out, to be a reference to Indrid Cold
still being here on Earth. But what does that also tell us? It tells us that he was still in
contact with Indrid Cold in 2012. Which is not that long ago. We know that he met him way back when. But he’s still HERE he says. Of course we’ve learned that
potentially Indrid Cold might have had something happen. That all said, let’s look at
that next sentence. Something that we always thought, and it potentially still is, but we always
have thought of it as like a metaphor. “bare in mind for every door closed
a wind w must be opened. The door is closed. The window is open. When you plug that sentence in
to the cipher, the secret cipher of the UFOnauts,
that he uses in the previous sentence, that adds up to the value of 1025. – As a whole sentence? – As a whole sentence.
– Ok. -So you plug that entire bizarre sort of sentence there. Once you get that high in the cipher, there’s only a few sentences that it
actually lines up with in the “Book of the Law.” And the sentence that it lines
up with is: “The man and the name of thy house
is 418. The end of the hiding.” So. That may be a sort of hidden
cipher value that was sitting right in there
all along. But the point is we have
to sort of realize “oh, wait maybe there’s
something else there, maybe there’s something
more interesting,” [Greg] And what was the Book
of the Law sentence again? -“The man and the name of thy house
is 418. The end of the hiding.” Feels like an address.
[Dana] Yeah. In addition, “I am 49 place”? 418, 1 + 8 is 9, there’s
another one there too. So I don’t know what to do
with that. But I’m just pointing out that
that’s an interesting thing to note. That’s worth noting, now here
comes the big bomb at the end: “use the numbers.” Ok, that sentence has haunted
all of us for YEARS now. [laugh] When I got all of this a week
and a half ago, um, like I said, I tried to look at it
with fresh eyes. So how could, if I just gave you
a number, and you didn’t know anything about
the qabalah, ritual magic, like, you’re a ghost hunter. I’m going to give you something simple. And when I looked at it simply,
thinking that way, that’s when it all seemed
to come together. So let’s look at the numbers
themselves. The numbers are… 3-6-0-0-2-5-0-5 8-1-9-0-6-8-4-0. Ok. It’s a long set. We notice immediately
that there’s a lot of zeros. But if we don’t think that they’re
coordinates, and we don’t think that it’s anything
else that’s very simple, the next thing to do is to apply math. And do the simplest, easy, number
math that you can. For a 30 year old ghost hunter
to figure out. Do a magic square. Just lay them out in a magic square.
– Ok. And then start adding and subtracting. So all of this stuff is very similar to
numerologywhere you’re essentially converting
letters to numbers,and then adding them up until you
have a single digit between 1 and 9.[Connor]
3, 6, 0, 0, 3 + 6=9.
So there’s a 9. 2 + 5 + 0 + 5 is 12, 1 + 2 is 3. 8 + 1 + 9 + 0 is 18,
1 + 8 is 9. 6 + 8 + 4+ 0, 1 + 8 is 9. So that’s that value there, let’s take
the second value and then lets add all of these up. 9, 18, 27… 30. So the single digit here would be
3 + 0=3. You do the same thing going down, and you end up with the values 19, 20,
13, 5. 10 + 2 is 12, + 4 is 16, + 5 is 21. 2 + 1=3 as well. So that’s interesting. But who knows, maybe that’s just
the way that it happens. Well shoot, let’s take the entire
string of numbers and add them all up. 3 6 0 0 2 5 0 5 8 1 9 0 6 8 4 0=57. 5 + 7 [Tenney] is 12. 1 + 2, is 3. 1 + 2, is 3. Let’s look at just half the number. 3 + 6 + 0 + 0 +2 + 5 + 0 +5
=21. 2 + 1 is 3. 8 +1 + 9 +0 + 6 + 8 + 4 + 0 which is the second half of
the sequence, is 36, 3 + 6… is 9. They always come out to 9’s or 3’s.
– Right. Halves, quarters, the entire thing. There’s a 9, there’s a 9,
1 + 2 is 3, there’s a 3, 1 + 8 is 9, there’s a 9. Ok. Let’s take all of the prime numbers. And as Tenney added up all the primes of
each of these individual they add up to 193. Also interesting. There’s another 93. So, one of the first things that I
wanted to do is make sure that this isn’t just a statistical… something that happens every
now and then with a string of numbers. So we ran it through, and my sister helped me out with this,
Michelle, we did 50 different random number
sequences, and only one of them came out to
9’s and 4’s. About a 2% chance that this could
potentially happen. So what I did is I called Tenney,
and I said “hey, you know, Chelsea and I were
sitting there, we figured this out it’s, I don’t know why, but I’m seeing
a lot of 9’s and a lot of 3’s. That’s something that I also
told Allen Greenfield. And what’s the first thing
that he said? 93 in the cipher equals…
“Hellier.” 93 shows up repeatedly, and
with gusto. [Connor] You break down the
numbers, no matter what quadrant you split the numbers into,
they all become either 3 or 9. – 93. Hellier.
– Which is… interesting. Yeah. – You are adding to the credential. So what we’re left with, is a whole
lot of 9’s and 3’s and no context with what
to do with that. So at this point we’re sitting there
with a lot of 93’s and no context. Well, what did Greenfield say? That 93 is
something, is a number that’s extremely relevant to people
who are into Thelema, right? [Greg] Thelema. -And he joked about it, and we
kinda joke about it sometimes too, where it’s like what a weird… It’s sort of their slogan, like
summed up in a number, right? I mean, do you know that 93 is a
significant number to Thelemites, which I’m not, anymore, but [Greg] Back then I wouldn’t have,
absolutely not. – Well there’s a jargon in Thelemic
circles. Thelemites will great each other with
“93”, “93”, “love” and “will” -Crowley would actually sign
his letters “93” sometimes. I mean it’s a VERY relevant number
to people who are into this kind of stuff. 93=Hellier, if you run it through
the cipher it also comes out to the phrase “is a key also”, which
is interesting. Then, what happened is, we’re staring
at the numbers and you can’t ignore another sequence… This big old’ 31 here. 31 times 3 is, 93. So there’s another 3,
there’s another 93. 31 x 3 is 93 is also something that
people who are into Thelema have really sort of taken because “31” is a reference to “Liber 31.” Which was written by Aleister
Crowley’s apprentice Frater Achad and it’s a whole other jumbled
mess of these writings, right? When you look at “Liber 31”, which
was written by Achad, just take this book and look at “Liber 31,” which was as delivered by a being called… [Greg] 93… 418. So there’s both of those numbers again. – What the fuck… [Tyler] Holy shit! “The man and the name of thy house is 418.” – Weird. [Greg] What are the odds of that…? [Tenney] Exactly. – Both of them. It’s intentional. [Connor] Yeah. – Like it has to be intentional,
right? – It certainly feels intentional. [Tenney] And this is something, again,
about looking at something simple. Break away, and just say,
“ok we’ve got these numbers what do we do with them?” Let’s say you did or you did, one of you did run a
simple number square, right? And you realize that 31 was important
to start at. Right? So that’s telling you, this book, right? And then it starts giving you
3’s, 3’s, 3’s, and 9’s. Right? Sometimes 93, sometimes 39. But it’s definitely giving you 3’s
and 9’s, right? If 31 is the book we’re supposed to
be looking at, then what’s the 3 and the 9? Like why is that important? Well, it’s the 3rd chapter. 9th verse. So you look at the 3rd chapter
and the 9th verse, and the 9th verse is: “Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! This is the Law of the Battle of Conquest,
thus shall my worship be about my secret house.” [Connor] So, is that a phrase
that’s familiar to Gr… is that a phrase that’s familiar to
you at all? That’s ok if it’s not. It kind of peaked
my interest, – It feels familiar… [Tyler] The “Law of the Battle of
Conquest” is also a chapter in “Secret Cipher”, the book itself,
which was attributed to Wriste’s writing. – Fuck outta here. – Which is literally about his
interception… – Fuck. Outta here. – This is un-believable! [Tenney] He’s not talking about
the interview, he’s talking about the chapter BEFORE the interview. – Yeah! The chapter, the
chapter before it. [Connor] Right at the top of the
interview, in front of our faces the whole time. 93 directs you not only to these
writings of Thelema, and the occult, and stuff that Terry was interested into, but literally is a reference to
“The Law of the Battle of Conquest is the work of our friend and
comrade-in-arms who goes by the name Terry R. Wriste.” [Greg] Get the fuck out of here!
This whole fuckin’ time. – It was right on the top.
– Right there. In the chapter, Terry references
a particular passage in another book by Crowley,
there’s a couple of paragraphs. About “The Book of Lies,” which contains 93 chapters. And these last two chapters are about
Terry going out and doing a ritual and the ritual is called “The Star Sapphire.” The blue star. [Greg] Well I mean, what’s the context
of finding it’s a blocked path… [Connor] It’s a star.
– It’s a star? – Yeah. – A blue star.
Blue star, mountain green. [Connor] Oh yeah, he was doing a
Sirius ritual… [Greenfield] Yeah, well he was very
into that. He said it himself: it’s a blue star. – So the blue star, is essentially the content of the
chapter that Terry was potentially trying to get you
to read the whole time. – And we’re literally finding
blue stars – I know.
– on blocked paths. In the forest. [Tyler] Oh my god. [Tenney] Terry is not the first person to
come up with 93. He’s basing it on 100 year old
occultists. And occultists before them were coming
up with the same numbers. And it’s not that they were all
figuring it out, it was that something older than
all of them is revealing itself to them saying
“yes you’re on the right path.” And they recognize it’s relevant. And now it’s doing it to all of you. It’s THAT thing, it’s the phenomena, saying “yes.”[Tyler] So even though it seems
like the numbers are cracked,what I think is vitally important
to noteis that at the end of the day I went to that area of Brown Mountain, or the outskirts of it, believing
those were coordinate points. And something still happened. So what does that mean thinking that the phenomena
is taking notice? Where maybe it doesn’t matter exactly what threads
we’re following, but we’re taking the initiative
to follow the path and to put in that effort. And being shown that what we
are doing is important. [Greg] So the question the question then is what’s the next step? [Connor] There’s a potential that
Terry wanted us to do that, so you read the ritual, and what
I did is I called Dana, and she’s been researching the
ritual itself. The ritual, as it’s read, I don’t understand any of it. I don’t understand this, I’m not
sure you did, it’s something that’s pretty… pretty bizarre and in-depth. I don’t have a very strong background
in ceremonial magic, and I don’t practice Thelema and I
don’t really know a lot about it. And so it’s a bit scary when you have this very distinct ritual sitting in front of you that it looks
like you’re supposed to be doing. And you have the understanding
at least to know that it would take months if not years
to work up to even being able to attempt
a ritual like that. And to do it out of order would
be incredibly dangerous to every single one of us. So it wouldn’t be something that we would
want to sort of just dive head-first into. When you look at the ritual Dana
noticed something interesting which was the phrase “N.O.X.”
which shows up a lot, – What is it? – Nox.
– N-O-X So, again, this
isn’t my wheelhouse, it’s not the kind of magic that
I practice, so I don’t understand a lot of it. But from the very basic amount
of research that I did, “nox” or “n.o.x.” is usually
referred to as “The Night of Pan.” – Fuck outta here!
– Oh my god, What?! It’s a mystical state that is meant to
represent ego-death. Oh, that’s interesting. It’s literally referred to as “The
Night of Pan,” it’s a process within the ritual. It’s something that you have to master
before you even attempt this ritual because there are elements to
the Star Sapphire it’s not a beginner’s ritual, you have to
learn how to do a lot of the things that are contained
within it. And the N.O.X. or nox is one of those
those signals. [Tenney] No, I, I honestly, I
do believe, I don’t think that when you talk about like Sapphire Star ritual and stuff, again
I think that these are nods that these are the directions
that you’re going in… are correct. But I don’t think it wants old magic. I think it wants something new. -So, that said, what do you
think we’re supposed to do with this? – I personally think that you’re
supposed to do a ritual. But I don’t think that that
ritual exists right now. -So the one, and the one thing,
and again, I’m trying to understand this ritual
as much as I possibly can but if there was one thing that I could
kind of take away with it again, knowing about this for like 24 hours is that the Star Sapphire, it’s an
invoking ritual. So it’s meant to invoke something,
to bring about something. – Who are we supposed to invoke
or what are we supposed to invoke? [Dana] I don’t know. Pan? [Karl] The rebirth of Pan. -Yeah. The only Greek god that’s dead… -Asleep for a long time… -Yeah. Dead. -Right. I mean it’s… it’s… It’s at the point where is that a synchronicity? Or is that just… a slap
in the face?It’s beyondit’s beyond hinting at this point.It’s obvious. It’s an absolute factthat this is connected.I don’t know, there’s no way to
even deny it,we could try and deny it at this point,
but to do that would just be stupid.We would just be being
ignorant on purpose.ALL of these things, everything
that we’ve been doing now,for two yearsison purpose.Even the dead endsare all on purpose.It’s… it’s allbeing guided.♪ acoustic guitar and humming[Connor] Suddenly these numbers,
this research, is pointing tosomething much more than strange
creatures in caves in Kentucky.[Dana] If Hellier was… a symptom.I think Somersetis an aspect of that symptom.But I think there’s more, and layers,
going on there.And I think those layers have had
time to bleed into each other.I think there are still things in
Somerset that we could do. The question is do we want to
do them. And I don’t know the answer to that right
now, I’m too close to it right now. I’m gonna have to think about it for a
while, and I think we all are. I think that question will be answered
differently by each and every one of us.I’m sure that some of us will say
“nope, I’m done I feel good.I’m done with Somerset.”I don’t know if I can answer that one yet.[Dana] I know that whatever is happening
in Somerset is not going to stophappening anytime soon.And it’s probably
just going to continuegrowing, and the stories will continue
to spread.And people will continue to have
experiences.And hopefully that little piece of our
ego-death that happened in that cave,and working with Pan, was enough to
create some ripple ofhealing in that space.I don’t think we’re done in any
of the places we’ve gone.I think we’ll go back to every single
one of them. For some reason.I thinkthere are places we have yet to go,and there are places that we’ve been.
And at one point in time,throughout this journey, we’re going
to have to come all the way back again.And I don’t think that we’re
done with any of them.♪ “American Monsters”
By Sunspot[Greg] We have a whole box
of tools now.You know, Karl has the lines,we have power names, we have rituals,we have numbers,we have a whole checklist of things.We have maps,we have geomagnetic anomalies,we have cave systems,we have the tones.We’ve been given all of these
things to use.I can look at those maps, and I can
look at a geomagnetic anomaly,I can look at a name, I can look
at a cave system.I can look at how it works
in the cipher.“What does this name come out
to in the cipher?”If that name comes out
to a specific number,I’m fairly confident I coulddrive to that town, and find something
weird there right away.THAT’s what we’ve been given.We did not have that two years ago.And I think that’s part of the reason
we’ve been doing all of this.[Tyler] I just hope it provokes wonder.I hope it…I hope if anything it gives people
the strengthto not stop asking questions.Because I don’t think enough
people do.And I think the people this resonates with
are the people that ASK questions.How can you make progress
if you don’t?[Connor] So everything is pointing us tothis phenomena having a larger face,that Greg thinks he might be seeing
a little bit through his research.Butthe phenomena itself, I mean the goblins,
Indrid Cold,other cave creatures, things like that,the town of Hellier and everything
that happened there,you quickly start to realizewas just a symptom.Of something larger.Which Terry was telling us from
the very beginning.The next phase…is following through.And finding a window that’s open,if not potentially opening a window
ourselves.♪ “American Monsters”
By Sunspot ♪Are you ready for this?
[Dana] Mmhm. We met a kid at the Mothman Festival
whose name was Levi. And he immediately made an impression
on us because he had us sign a tin can. And then he started talking about Keel. And he really likes Keel’s work, and
he said “You know there’s a pamphlet Keel wrote
and sold at UFO conferences in the 90’s called ‘Flying Saucer Subculture.’ I think you guys would really be interested
to see the cover.” So eventually I reached out to
Doug Skinner, who runs johnkeel.com, because Doug did the art that’s on the cover of this. And he was very nice and he said
“I will send you a copy.” “The Flying Saucer Subculture”
by John Keel, and the cover depicts a party with all these different famous aliens, there’s a guy doing hypnosis, there’s a Venusian, there’s a Dero, but what’s crazy is what’s that and what is he
holding? [Dana] It’s a goblin holding a tin can. -That is a Kentucky goblin holding, not just a tin can, one of the tin can
robots that Keel wrote about. One of the
tin can chimeras. This came out in 1994. But of all the people, of all the
entities to be holding a tin can, – it happened to be the goblin. – It had to be a Kentucky goblin. – That’s insane. – Is that even a synchronicity? – I don’t know what that is!
[laughing] – Well what is it?!
What do you call that?


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