Hellier Season 2: Episode 8 | The Secret Commonwealth

So you wanna talk about
synchronicities right? May 23rd, May 23rd at 10:23am I’m just scrolling through
Twitter and all of a sudden a name pops out at me. It’s Thursday so there’s
Folklore Thursday. You ever participate in that?
It’s pretty great. It’s just lots of folklore
people throw up. Well on this day, I see that
Chris Woodyard retweeted: “In Somerset it is said
that a child alone in a bluebell wood will be
whisked away by fairies forever. If an adult goes into
a wood to pick bluebells, faeries it will lead them round
in circles for hours, if not days, until someone ventures in to rescue them.” I thought well,
that’s interesting, Somerset. Must be a Somerset in the UK,
right? Didn’t really think
much of it. Well that was at 10:23,
at 10:28 this pops up into my timeline, “Somerset
is a hot-spot for the fae and for
centuries my local fairies have held a fair on the
Blackdown Hills. First reported in Bovet’s
Pandaemonium (1684) the event includes ribbon peddlers,
pewterers, and ale sellers. But beware- guests are not welcome!” So that’s another Folklore Thursday
that popped up in my feed minutes after.
So then this pops up. [Laughing]
10:28, “In Somerset, angry tree fairies known as Oak-
Men are said to inhabit any coppice growing from felled oaks. Locals know to avoid these thickets
after sunset.” Another photograph.. [Connor] Going again -Somerset popped up again
in my timeline, minutes later. [Connor] Yeah, yeah – So at this point I went “okay that’s
weird, I’m gonna start looking at Somerset.” So I went to the search function
on Twitter and I typed in Somerset. The first thing that
popped up is from last year, “Anyone else who lives in Somerset I swear there is a UFO hovering
above I’m not messing” Okay, here’s another one,
“Triangle Shape in Somerset Kentucky on Friday the
21st of February 2014.” The legend of Goblin Combe, Somerset,
as recorded in “Folktales of England”
Briggs and Tongue, 1965. Whole story here about uh…
fairies from Goblin Combe in Somerset England. So by this point
3 hours had gone by, this is at 1:19. Same day. May 23rd. 1691 book “The Secret Commonwealth
of Elves, Fawns, and Fairies” is regarded
by many as one of the most important works on fairy lore
ever committed to paper. The author it is said,
paid a heavy price for his involvement with fairy folk. It’s not super thick but it’s like
full of the secrets of the fae, right? They say that this guy paid the
ultimate price for revealing these secrets. You know what his name was? His name was Robert Kirk. Newkirk. – You’re Newkirk! – What are we literally
doing right now? – The new Kirk! and you’re
like also a gray minister. – This guy was a minister in this place.
I’m literally an ordained minister – Yeah – My dad was a minister.
This guy Robert Kirk was dragged away by the fae
because he was giving their secrets away. Which is literally what
we’re trying to do. It’s that idea of a story
that continues to play out over and over and over again.♪ Hellier Theme ♪At some point you need to
resign yourself to the fact that you may never know
exactly what it is but if you’re very fortunate you’ll get
the poetry of it. ♪ “Seditionaires”
by the Bent Brothers ♪[Greenfield] It’s a transformational
experience and again I’ll refer you toJoseph Campbell and
the “Hero’s Journey.” This is the Hero’s Journey, and it involves going and
obstacles and coming back but not being the person
that you were when you started, being greater for the agony
and the ecstasy of it. [Greg] Hellier was a lot easier to
compartmentalize when thefirst season was being prepped.
Before the first seasoncame out, I mean it’s obvious there
was a point in time where Ikind of threw my hands up and
was like “I- I can’t think aboutthis right now” I was frustrated with it.So I wasn’t, I wasn’t dedicating a lot
of time to it.Then after Hellier came out,
it was just impossible.I didn’t really have choice in
the matter anymore,it just is kind of 100% Hellier
all the time.and then we try and do we try and
do the museum wheneverwe can but Hellier is always
somewhere hoveringin the backs of our minds.[Dana] The more that I think
about us doing an initiation ritual,the more I feel as if that’s the
right direction to be looking in.I think that there’s so much
happening that just seems to beperfectly situated in that space
and it’s happening to each of usseparately in our own individual ways,
and together as a group,it just feels as if we are a part of this
massive initiation and I don’tknow what we’re being initiated
into but it feels as if it isa current that we’re being
pulled along through.[Greg] A month after Hellier
dropped, somebody sent me a copy of a book that I’ve been
looking for for years. Really strange timing on it,
super odd, it’s like a holy grail book for Forteans
and weirdos, something that’s super rare,
not many copies exist in fact usually to read a copy,
you have to go to a library. and I think the nearest one
here is like in Indianapolis and you have to either rent it
through like inter-library loan for professors or you
have to read it there. [Connor]- Is it really old? – Uh it’s like 70’s, 80’s?
I think 80’s I wanna say? It’s called “The Rebirth of Pan”
he sent me PDF copy, to buy a new copy–
to buy an old copy literally they’re like $500, $600.
Even bootleg prints go for $150. So it’s crazy that it’s so hard to find. But because of that it’s one of the
Holy Grail books for a lot of Forteans. Really interesting timing
on receiving this thing. It was written by a guy
named Jim Brandon, There’s a lot of mystery around this guy
because that’s a pseudonym. Apparently he used to be a reporter. He lays out a case in this book
that we’re dealing with some sort of a grand spirit of the earth,
he calls it Pan, Pan obviously after the god Pan
but also because “pan” means “all.” I read the entire thing in one sitting
and I’m just making note, after note, after note in this book
because so much of it was so unbelievably relevant.What really drew me to it was
this page, there’s a three-toed footprint. Another three-toed footprint that’s actually at one of the native mounds here in Ohio, then these three-toed tracks that
look like turkey prints. He says the mythical personality
Orion who is sometimes referred to as the cocks foot or the
foot-turning wanderer, one can only wonder at the relevance
of the fact that one of the most persistent cliffs appearing
on native rock art, anomalous inscribed objects and even as centerpieces in the great
mounds complex in Newark, Ohiois that of the three-toed
bird tracks symbol.A ridiculously associative mind
might even ponder a linkwith many three-toed bigfoot tracks
widely found fromancient rock, to contemporary
garden mud.I wondered what Wicca enthusiasts
would have made ofthem since this mark is the sign of
witches’ meeting placesin European lore. This symbol also occurs in many
other North American rock inscriptions. I can only conjecture that this symbol
has some unknown significance to Pan. Immediately there’s’ this three-toed link with the idea of Pan, and that’s kind
of what got me started looking at Pan. This symbol right here, that
three-toed footprint symbol, this is the… this is the footprint that we didn’t think was related, the one that was found
just outside Hellier. – Oooh! From that guys’ friend! You remember them talking
about that in the cave? – And that’s in stone?
– Yeah. It’s literally that. We could think back to the phone
call we had with the guy in Jenkins who said they’d found
a three-toed print in a cave. [Jack, on phone]
Yeah there’s a track and I can put my two fingers down in the track,
– Yeah – Like a… I don’t know if you
would call it a turkey track or something but I can put my
two fingers in that track and my thumb would be back,
sort of like a turkey track. – When we saw photos of it we
wrote it off because it didn’t look like the goblin prints we were
looking for, it looked like a turkey track. And now here all of
a sudden is this book, laying out the significance of these
tracks in these paranormal cases. This is when I started to really
sit up and take notice, in fact I actually texted Karl this
immediately because it was so strange. He goes into power names, and talking
about the idea of power names and what those mean for Fortean
cases and strange cases, paranormal phenomena, things like that. He says “I’m not talking here about such
spooky tongue twisters as HP Lovecraft’s “Yog-Sothoth”
or Arthur Machen’s ‘Ishakshar,” but of quite ordinary names like Bell,
Beall, and variants. Crowley, Francis, Grafton, Grubb, McGee, Mason, , McKinney, Montpelier, Parsons and Pike. Particularly calls out Parsons
and Pike as power names, two of the things that were
intrinsically connected to Hellier. [Connor] Aaah! Like Pike County! David M. Parsons. Which is SO odd, right?
– So weird. -So strange
[Dana laughs] [Tyler] Unbelievable! It keeps popping up,
over and over again. But we continue to see the name
Parsons all over the place! And a list of maybe, not even a
dozen names here… Shelby, Vernon, Watson, Watt,
Williams, Williamson. That was a big one. I haven’t read a whole lot about power
names until reading through this, he also talks about something
that he calls the “Fayette Factor” where like anything with name “faye” or any relation to fairy like names,
tend to have some really strange stuff. “Pike is the name only slightly
less charged with strange significance than
Fayette across our land.” Alright one of the other interesting
things that he starts going into is the fact that
Sirius and Orion seem to play a role in all
of these sightings.Sirius is the dog star,
Orion is the hunter.Orionis the where the bad
bad aliens come from,Sirius is where the good aliens
come from. Bad aliens, for some reason, in
tons and tons of these reports and these cases go after dogs.
They take dogs, they show an outward hostility
to canines. What is the thing that happens
to David’s dog? It’s abducted.[David email reading]They actively attempt to enter my
home in the middle of the night.Last month, they took my dog.In the Mothman Prophecies
there’s a whole passage about people’s dogs disappearing
during the Point Pleasant flap. “Animal disappearances and deaths
go hand in hand with the UFOphenomena. In December 1973 and
January 1974,there were wholesale disappearancesof pet dogs from Connecticut to
California.Among my grimmer memories
of 1966-67 are those timeswhen I knelt in farm fields
to examine dead animals,particularly dogs, who had suffered
amazingly clean and expert cuts.These deaths were not localized,
but came in nationwide wavessimultaneously with UFO waves.
This pattern has beenrepeated ever since.”Richard Hinckley Allen,
the star lore expert, notes that Orion was often in earlier
times known as the “Cock’s Foot” or the “Foot-Turning Wanderer.” Again, three toes, the Cock’s Foot,
the Foot-Turning Wanderer. The Cock’s Foot, three-toed footprints, Orion being at war with the dog star, David finding three-toed footprints,
his dog disappearing, I mean it’s all there. And what’s more, is that we
come to find that Sirius the star is sometimes referred
to as “the blue star” which is feeling more
important and significant with Sirius after we found
this blue star balloon. Running with that connection, I
actually wonder if those dates in February might have
something to do with Sirius. We actually reach out to an
astrologer on twitter who had done some really interesting
work with some of the dates from Hellier Season one. And we asked about those
specific dates in February, along with the date in June when
we found the blue star balloon. We told her the locations of the
balloons that were found And the times that they were found.
Nothing else. She doesn’t know that they’re
even balloons, she knows nothing about why these
dates are significant. “The two dates in February also
have a lot of planets clustered, In what Steven Forest
calls the ‘Objective Fate Quadrant’ of the charts. So that tells me
that these two dates likely involved the same people
and events. Definitely similar vibes.” “Date one: Third of February. Anne Ortelee says that sometimes
the sun on the south node can bring people in who can
help you on your path. If anyone new appeared then
they’re probably significant.”That’s probably you. [Karl] No that’s Amy. Oh shit! [Dana] Oooh! Oh my god!
[Tyler] Yeah, yeah of course! Amy! – Yeah you’re right! – Oh man “Another thing that stood out to
me right away on the first chart the 3rd of February,
is Jupiter in Scorpio is almost exactly trine to the MCso Jupiter transiting Scorpio had a
lot do with bringing up hidden things, lots bubbling to the surface. Major emphasis on publicly
sharing with others.” “The third date, the 14th of June,
has the moon rising in Scorpio.This chart has an interesting
‘Grand Water Trine’with the moon ascendant in
Mars north node,Mercury and Neptune.Mercury is out of bounds. Because of this I would guess that this
event had a notable emotional impact.” This is the blue star balloon… “With Mars and Mercury on the end node,
I wonder if this was a weird synchronicity event. Moon in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer
are both in their weakest signs, I would say this whole chart reflects
something to do with restriction or hesitation, careful planning but with a lot
of drive to keep going.” I mean it’s pretty spot on for knowing
nothing but the dates, times, and places. What this person believes and
what a lot of Anthropologists believe is that the first appearance of Pan was
in 20,000 BC in a cave in France. Also known as “the Trois Freres Sorcerer” Super super old, 20,000 BC. This was located so far and so
deep into a cave it was very very difficult to come across
and some anthropologists believe the whole idea was to
meet the shaman, to meet the sorcerer, the goat-headed sorcerer, you had to
go on a very complex and tough journey. Osiris, the Egyptian earth god,
ruled over vegetation and the dead, a psychopomp. Right here. Notice the color of his skin?
It’s green. But he also has horns. This shows up again in Islam, in the Quran, this guy is uh- Al-Qadir. Yeah, he’s a trickster prophet. So there you have two
Green Men motifs right there. What pops up a little after that,
in 2700 B.C.? Is the steatite seal of India. which shows a horned god
doing a yoga pose. Notice he’s surrounded by
animals, he’s a forest god. Cernunnos shows up in fourth century BC,
that’s this guy right here. This guy didn’t have a name until they
were taking apart a church in England and then they found one with an
inscription that sailors had left and then they called him Cernunnos. Notice how similar it looks to
the seal from India. Two completely different places. Hern the Hunter shows up
in Shakespeare in the 1500’s, wore horns and antlers,
had a canine companion. Eventually, Pan is turned into Puck,
Puck is very mischievous. He likes to cause chaos,
but all of his chaos actually leads to good things. Causes lots of
dead ends for people. But Those dead ends eventually
lead somewhere. Images of Pan surrounded by dancing
fae and playing the flute, you see that all over the place. Whether it’s – where is it..
right here is one of my favorite images of it because
you see all of the nymphs dancing and then right over here,
just in the darkness playing the flute, two
little horns on his head. just out outside of the
view of everybody else. This eventually turns into this which is the devil being danced
around by the witches. Eventually Christians took the traits of
Pan and merged them with the devil. A lot of old Christian sites were built on
Pagan sites that were dedicated to people like Cernunnos and
Pan and things like that because they tried to merge the two, because they knew they would
never get the Pagans to worship, to worship the one God if they
still had these Pagan belief systems. So as these things started to merge they
merged the devil and Pan together, Most of these people
didn’t really understand because they had no
concept of a pure evil. That was not a thing. That was like Zoroastrian
dualism that showed up. And then people stopped
paying attention to Pan. Pan’s actually the only Greek
god that ever died. The Green Man, lord of vegetation, growth,
rebirth, things like that, those are all tied in with Pan. We start to see Pan everywhere in all of
these different religions over and over and over. So basically what I’m laying
out here, is that there’s an entity, we can call it Pan we can call it whatever.
The name changes, The mask changes all the time. But there is rarely as consistent an
archetypal character that exists throughout history has to do with being a trickster,
shows up in ufology cases, shows up in Paganism, shows up in Christianity, all of these different places-
as this horned entity than Pan. It all really comes back to Pan. One of the things that he talks about here
is about how uh- Crowley, again pops up. “As his famous hymn to Pan suggests,
Crowley was want to invoke this god as the origin point of the
supposed extra-human forces he sought to harness in his
ritual workings. Crowley was literally invoking Pan
in order to speak to Aiwass, ultraterrestrials, any of these entities that we’re
actively trying to speak to, he always coordinated with Pan to do
that type of a working. That I think is huge, I think it’s like this is The Phenomena.This is The Phenomena.
Or at least a universal namefor the Phenomena
throughout the ages.[Dana] One of the things I started doing
in the weeks leading up to thiswas something that, the best way I can
describe it is like pressing myenergy out or extending an
energy grid to the Somersetarea during my mediations with
the intentions of sort of feelingout the vibe of the general area,
just seeing if I could pick up onanything. The area felt less
tethered than normal places,it felt really weird. It didn’t feel like
Hellier it felt a bit different, but itdefinitely had a sense of feeling
much less tethered than like ourwaking reality. Then maybe just
being here in this room. I felt alot of really weird kind of
elemental energy, like a lot ofnon-human strange kind of
landlocked grounded elementalenergy. I had definite senses of feeling
like there was somethingkind of primordial or almost
ancient there in that space?Maybe it’s everywhere but for
some reason, again becausethat spot is so untethered it
felt very clear, it was ringing outlike a bell almost like the place
had been hit like a tuning fork.Again when I, I kind of
mentioned it earlier but saying itfelt like a hub, it feels as if it’s
an intentionally important spot.Whether it’s- it has to do
with mineral deposits or whetherit has to do with the location itself,
it felt as if the spot itself was theimportant part, like that spot specifically
would become some kind of a hub.I think that we can add a huge
element of kind of magic to whatwe’re gonna be doing while
we’re there. Or at least put a nicelayer of magic over the top of
everything that we’re doing.Because why not experiment
with it? So I made a couple listsof things that we can do when
we’re there, and uh the very firstthing that I think we should do
when we get to the cabin is…I think that we need to make-
and I’m using this word just for thesake of having a way to explain
this. But I think that we need tomake a fairy alter, some sort of
a fae altar, something thatbasically is going to be
continuously pumping out somekind of a welcome and just
letting whatever potentially isaround us, get to know us and know
that that’s what we’re there for.So it’s an intention that’s kind
of constantly emanatingout of our space.So some of the things that I
collected for that space wouldbe milk, honey, cinnamon, cakes,
white candles, things thathave traditionally appealed
to the fae.So we’re gonna just create
some sort of an area that’sdedicated to them, and every
day each one of us is going to upkeep it.So that just means changing
out the milk and honey,putting a different piece of cake
on it, maybe a lighting candle.Just something different every
single day just to let them knowthat we’re here, we want to
communicate, we’re here respectfully,and that if you’re comfortable, this
is where, if you wanna and comehang out with us, this is where
we are. This is our hub.So the other thing that I’ll
be doing is when we get to thecabin, I have a certain herbal
blend and it’s- again going toclear out some of the energy of
the people that were there kindof partying, being loud, being
generally kind of scary topotential fae-folk. And it’s just
gonna clean out that stuff andagain, lay a really nice
foundation for communication.And that’s going to be mug wort,
St. John’s Wort, rosemary, andthyme. And they’re all herbs that
are traditionally linked to the faebut also to peace and harmony.And just kind of letting again,
them know that- that’s whatwe’re here for to communicate and
to make some sort ofa connection with them.[♪ Guitar music plays ♪]One of the things I’m going to
have to do when we get to the cabin is I have a list of things I
want to go out in the woods and find and they’re just going to be things
that we can place on that specific altar. So toadstools, which are they have
a huge association withfae, especially in the Celtic traditions.Clovers, bluebells, honeysuckle,
those are all really associatedwith fae.So having them kind of naturally
be placed on the altar from thatspecific area is kind of another way of
letting them know that we’re here andwe’re recognizing that they are also here.I have, limit the amount of meat
that we eat, if we can possibly do that.Try to be barefoot as much as possible.Each one of these steps is a
way to kind of let thePhenomena know that we’re
there, we’re there tocommunicate and to learn as
much as we possibly can from it.The timing is kind of interesting,
so we’re coming up on Mabonwhich is the second equinox-
er it’s the second harvestfestival basically.So traditionally, there were three
festivals during this time of year,this is the second harvest festival.It’s the autumn equinox, where
the day and the night is equally- it’saround the same amount
of time- it’s a solar festival…[Greg] Half in, half out. -Half in half out, literally. It’s a solar festival a fire festival,
it’s a festival to pay respect to the impending dark
because winter is coming.It’s a time of mystery and it’s
a time of honoring aging gods.[Greg] Oh, wow.-Which I thought was really interesting.It’s named after a Welsh god,
it’s a Celtic festival.But one of the things that
I thought was interestingwas during Mabon the druids
actually worshipped the Green Manby offering the trees libations.
So we have a really great recipefor something we’re gonna make
actually at the cabin.It has to steep for four days,
four nights,and then we’re going to pour
some of the libations in the treesaround the cabin and then
maybe around the cave itself.Basically as paying respect and
homage to the Green Man.♪ Guitar strums ♪Being in Somerset with the whole
gang made it real. This was obviously something… there really wasn’t any turning back from
the case once we were all there together. You’re surrounded by it, and you
realize you’re in it. It was one of those very surreal
feelings ofunderstanding thatwe’re in it now. This is the time
to find out what’s going on.[Kyle] Somerset is a very weird town,
it’s uh- it’s where I grew upfrom, from middle school on.and you know when you’re younger
it’s an awfully oppressive town.There wasn’t, as I mentioned a
lot to do, very religious-based.But as we’ve gotten older um, it’s
gotten a lot weirder to be honest.There’s always been weird things, but
this town’s not really talked about it.There’s a lot of underground conspiracy
theories that you hear in high schooland stuff, but the further we got
into the paranormal stuff,and especially now that
we’ve opened the museum, the more people locally
have weird stories about the area. [Greg] I was excited because Kyle was
something that we didn’t have in Hellier.We didn’t know anybody in Hellier
that we could ask about local legends, who was comfortable enough to
talk to us. It was really hard to get
people to open up. So now we have this guy with a paranormal
museum right in the middle of town that I already have a rapport with. So I was very excited to get his take on
Somerset. We didn’t outright tell him what
we were there for, we just kind of said “hey
we’re passing through” because we were still trying
to remain pretty low-key. But we asked him, you know,
what are some of the stories that you get here in Somerset?I mean ghost stories of course,
bigfoot sightings, we had a flying stingray seen in 2015. We have a ghost train that is in the area. We have a church that has gospel
singings in the middle of the night, and like, there’s secret
cults that we hear of. It’s just the perfect place
for a hub of weird things. If we were going to go looking
for UFO’s or head into some caves and look for these creatures,
would you have any advice for us? Be careful. The area specifically
I’ve mentioned on short creek is… I mean all people aside, it is out
in the country so you’ll get weird people, all ghosts aside there have been
numerous weird things about it. People always say that they
feel watched there, they have had people watch- like literal people
watch them from the woods and stuff. So just it being out
in the middle of nowhere. There was another thing that Kyle alluded to but was very cautious about saying. He kind of stopped short of
telling us about some of the seedier paranormal stories,
stories that potentially involve some secret society in this town. I guess tangentially related,
and if you don’t want to talk about this that’s fine. Are there stories of secret societies
in this area? [Greg laughs] So we have some weird stories about
rings of questionable activity in our area that date, as far as I know,
date back to at least the 50’s. – Do you think that we would have any reason to be afraid of these
rings of people if we go poking around? Absolutely, yeah. I would
definitely even being here – I wouldn’t dare mention
these names on camera, you know? I don’t want to get involved… I mean we’re right now at a
25 year anniversary of some of the most gruesome murders
that have ever happened in Somerset that are still unsolved. And we think that that’s a part
of the same underground organization that has everything to
do with what I was just talking about. – Do you believe that they might
have any connection to any of the paranormal stuff
that goes on in Somerset? I think it’s very possible. I heard a story from the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft that Aleister Crowley
might’ve been responsible for the first Loch Ness monster sighting. So I think that anything can happen. So I think that some of this
stuff is just the manifestation of the weird energy that has been poured into our
area for hundreds of years now. – Do you think this stuff
might be like a side effect or a symptom
of some of the weirdness? I think symptom is a good word for it. [Greg] Kyle was very excited to
introduce us to his friend Nate.He had been working on a
podcast, that was basically ayear in the life of the town of
Somerset, this area.and he had a lot of really weird stories.[Nate] Everybody always says
well Sedona has the highest number of UFO sightings in the
U.S. So one night I was like, why? Why? You know, why is that? And the reasoning behind it,
obviously what you guys are probably familiar with is
that it’s the quartz. There’s a two-mile long deposit
of quartz underneath the desert. I mean it even comes
out of the dirt when you’re there. You can see it in the ground. Now that, what some people say
is, it’s effecting people’s brains and causing them to see balls of light.
Not UFO’s but just distortions of light. [Greg] Hallucinations. -Right, hallucinations. Or the other option is that it’s causing some type of electrical effect. So I can, I can actually check
this out. You can go to NASA’s website and you can download
any type of satellite map. So I went and I got the
electromagnetic map. Immediately there was this,
three hotspots. One was in southern Alaska,
purple was the peak. right? Like really really bright purple. So southern Alaska, Sedona, Arizona, and the southeastern United States. So I zoomed all the way down and it was fucking Somerset, Kentucky. Nate started out talking about
him looking into geomagnetic anomalies in the area, which immediately I was like “oh score! there’s another person looking into this,
and they see the significant of Somerset.” A lot of studies have shown that places
that are considered holy places where people have a lot of spiritual experiences
have high geomagnetic anomalies that may be effecting the brain. Literally
what the god helmet is built to do. But Nate was finding stuff that
I had no inkling of. This whole region that is the
Pennyroyal Plateau, stretches from like Elizabethtown,
Hopkinsville, that area up to Lexington, over to
Eastern Kentucky. So really what’s right over top of the
Mammoth Cave system, right? Is the Pennyroyal Plateau. [Greg] Turns out, the Mammoth Cave
system sits right below Kentucky, the center of Kentucky. and you know, there could be
a way that this is all connected. There are two large deposits
of quartz in the world. The largest deposit stretches underneath
the Pennyroyal Plateau into Southeastern Tennessee. If you have a piece of quartz and you hit it with a really
powerful magnetic field, it creates this crazy distortion. Electricity, energy, and it’s called
the Piezoelectric Effect, right? So this town is sitting squarely on top of a giant piece of quartz with the most powerful piece of
electromagnetic energy firing, it’s- it’s like we’re on the tip of a gun. Somerset sits right on top of
this huge deposit of- of quartz. It’s almost like an Indian burial ground
in the paranormal where it’s, “oh people think this
exists here”, but it doesn’t necessarily exist
in many of the places they claim. But it actually does in that town. You can even see, because of
the actual Van Allen belts, dip down over top of this region
to try to touch that magnetic field. -So basically you’re seeing
space and the Earth trying to touch each other right here
in this place. -Yeah, which causes all kinds
of crazy distortions, right? – that’s wild. Out highway 39 is a super
strange place, people see all kinds of weird stuff
out there. People have, I mean literally seen
extra-dimensional “interlopers,” like people have seen things reported. One of the reports was of a white,
furry, six foot tall man sized thing with red eyes, that came
into existence crossing the road, stopped, and then passed
through out of existence. There have been a lot of UFO sightings
out there, a lot of cultist activity. – We keep hearing about that. – A lot of robed figures. Out at campground road
there are all kinds, and 39, there are all kinds of sightings
of people in robes, right? Over the years. Jake’s mom she said that the people
in this neighborhood, where they were,
out in the country, would constantly see things like that. They would think people
were in their house, they would find animals on the
property that had been cut, drained of blood. My wife’s brother lived in
an apartment and they would always tell me about seeing– they couldn’t describe what they
were, but in their minds they were “goblin-esque” or like dwarf-like, pass in and out of the apartment
that would move things around. Later when i was researching it,
the 37th parallel, cause once I found out about the
electromagnetic shit, and then after I found out about the 37th parallel
I was like “well how close are we to the 37th
parallel man?!” And then you look at it and it
slices straight through town, right? But it goes straight through where
his apartment was. It turns out in that house, there were
twin girls from the 50’s through the 70’s that saw these
“beings of light and energy.” which everyone with a Christian
background termed “angels.” These beings of energy
would appear to them out of nowhere
and reveal the future. And these girls, people would
come to this house for these girls to tell
them what was gonna happen. and they knew all of this strange stuff.
It’s two houses down from us. So in the house that we live in, when we moved down here–
three years after we after we were here, my wife was coming
out of the bathroom, middle of the day she had
taken a shower. She was coming out of the
bathroom, we have a thermostat- –second floor bathroom–
we have a thermostat on the wall. She walks out sees the thermostat, the thermostat slides across
the wall like three feet drops down 3 feet and then bounces back into place with this “voo voo voo” shimmer. She freaks. Screams for me. Not because she thought
she saw something paranormal, because she thought that she
was having a fucking aneurism or that something had gone
wrong with her brain. I rush up there, she tells me what
she saw, she’s freaking out. And obviously the wall is there,
it’s like nothing happened. I wish I had taken note of when
this happened, like what time of year, but I know that it was like
three years after we were here. So two or three years after that
she comes out of the bathroom, middle of the day, same
fucking thing happens. Where it slides across the wall, down, bounces back with this *do do do do* and slaps back into place. And I came home from work and
she was like “it happened again” This is the other aspect
to take into account. Amy, my wife, when we lived in Lexington
she was a candy striper at Eastern State. And I have verified this from two other
people that have worked at Eastern State. While she was there, you know
the doctors would say “Hey, where are you from?” and she would
say “Somerset, Pulaski County” and immediately they were like “What the
fuck is wrong with Pulaski County? “What’s in the water down there?” Because 70% of the people in
Eastern State, They take people that are crazy
and have mental illness from the entire state. Like if you’re in
Louisville, if you’re in Western Kentucky, if you’re in Pikeville, you end up at
Eastern State, right? 70% of the population in
there are from this county. [Greg] “I don’t like talking bad about
Ashland, but we have an incredibly high rate of mentally ill people. The
mental health is out of control in Ashland.” This county has the highest,
or the largest, mental health service per capita in the entire state. So then you’ve really got to
start asking the question, is something effecting the people here? And then he started talking
about the cult. This is not paranormal sort of,
paranormal kind of weird, this is the stuff that just be careful
about what you use of this. Throughout the 80’s there was
something called the Bluegrass Conspiracy, you guys have
probably heard of it. That, my theory is that, that
culture, drug culture, and cartels, filtered out through other areas. And I uh- so during this time period
in the early 90’s, that we know of, I think it stretched before that,
but definitely during that time period there was or is a group
operating, I don’t know if it was a pedophile ring.. there’s a lot of
people that reported, that we’ve talked to that they had robes on,
that there was ritualism involved. The two-two main witness were
Linda and Cody, and they were found out in the tree line and
both of their heads had been cut off. [Omitted] that works with Daniel
and I on a lot of stuff, he is talking to him and he’s like
“yeah man I’m dating this lady and she said that she was in a
relationship with his doctor here in town three years ago and he
was taking her to all these sex parties. And they were
dressing up in robes and fucking all these kids and fucking each
other all “Eyes Wide Shut” and she said she did it for few
months, got weirded out when they were having sex with a lot
of kids and then broke up with him.” So then she said that she tried
to go to the cops and her house was broken into three times,
then… she’s never had any history of drug use or any crime,
they raid her house and find meth. She had to fight the charges, right?
to finally get out of it and then she’s crossing the fucking
street right down here and a fucking hit and run almost kills
her. It’s still fucking going on
man, the group still exists, even now. Uh you’re gonna lose your shit.
One day, I get an email from a woman, from Somerset. Who
tells me she’s seen these little creatures, and they were in the
mine shafts and the caves. And she starts talking about running
into people in robes who were doing crazy-ass rituals out in
the forests here in Somerset and she thinks they have something
to do, she thinks they worship the green men, the little green
men. I don’t know what that fucking means, we’re trying
to figure it out. And now that fucking chick is
in jail! She got fucking picked up right after writing these
emails to me. -No fucking shit.
-Dude. -She really sent you this? -Dude we have it all on
fucking tape! It’s all a part of… it’s insane.
[Kyle] That’s.. that’s awesome. -No shit man. -So I don’t know what to
make of any of this. Everything that we have done in
this entire case from the very get-go has been very much like
“seat of the pants.” We are led where we’re supposed to go to
find what we’re supposed to find. This is not what I want to find. Yeah I don’t know, I mean I’ve
been trying to figure out like what, what it is because it feels
like it’s all connected. Something is effecting the
people here, I think in some weird way. And I don’t
know. There’s definitely distortions and some type of weird
permeability of reality here. There is an anomalous nature to
the very place we’re standing right now. What if there is some cosmic
trickster? And that it isn’t- that all of these things really are just that. And even the fucking cults
and shit, all these people have just been duped, they think they’re
worshipping a fucking god and this thing just thinks it’s fucking
hilarious, you know? And it’s not even a thing, it could just be a…
consciousness. Or what if reality is consciousness? You know? -The “Great All” or whatever.
-Yeah [ ♪ Thoughtful music ♪ ] -That’s really scary. I’m into the high strangeness [Greg] Connor’s fucking done with
Somerset man, he’s over it.When we got out of that meeting
with Nate, I mean we sat outsideand Connor said “I don’t–we
should just leave right now.We should pack up and
leave right now.I don’t want anything to do with this.
We should just go.”And I understand, I understand
him saying that.I was ready to leave and didn’t think
that finding… I didn’t think that we were necessarily
going to find a monster. But it was more likely it seemed,
at that time, that we might find
a human monster. [ ♪ Eerie tone builds ♪ ] [Amy] Hi. -Hey Amy! [ ♪ Acoustic and slide guitar ♪ ]


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