Hiking with Husky Dogs in Finland. Cute dogs, gorgeous scenery and a very unusual way to hike…!

So we are now in Oulanka National Park and we’re about to go on the five kilometre
hike with Huskies. Very excited! It’s been quite amazing so far, walking
through this beautiful countryside being pulled along by the Huskies. It
makes life so so much easier, and so it’s absolutely beautiful here in
the woods – and so peaceful and quiet. When we eat meat, you know for example
reindeer meat or some kind of gam, then we use these logan berries
Jam with a little bit of sugar but not too much. And because they are
sour also they’re very good for your stomach yeah One of the remarkable things I
discovered about the Huskies is they can pull twice their body weigh, they can
travel up to 50 kilometres per hour (which is incredibly fast) and can keep
going up to 100 kilometres – it’s quite phenomena. They start working at
about the age of 10 months and they work until about the age of ten years. It’s
amazing. So much energy, so much drive. It was just fantastic being with them
today. Having the Huskies pulling you along makes it so much easier. A five kilometres hike doesn’t seem
nearly as energetic as I thought it would be. And so our hike has come to and end, and
now we have stopped at this little campsite area where we’re going to have a snack.
Certainly hiking with Huskies is the way to go! Getting pulled along just makes it so much easier. couple of things I’d love you to do: first of all leave a comment, what do
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