Homemade BBQ Sauce from Planet DAMN! |DJ BBQ

We’re going to make DJ BBQ’s sauce from Planet
DAMN! Which is right next to Planet Radatron. Is that too much? Sorry dude.
DJ BBQ’s sauce from Planet DAMN! This BBQ sauce goes great with loads of meat
but I made it to go with my Radalicious ribs. Don’t they look amazing? Click on the link
if you’re hungry bro. Alright, we;re going to start with onions.
Some people like to use them, some people don’t. So there’s your onions, now it’s the
turn for garlic. Smash it, bash it crush it, ooooh ee! You evil little dude. This sctoch
bonnet is going to make it taste so good. But beyond spicy man! We chop off the top
and then we’re going to get those seeds out because we don’t want to kill anybody. And
we’re going to add a bit more DAMN! with this badboy. Are we pushing it guys? Everybody’s
shaking their heads, no go for you. Hey you’re trying this first this sauce! I’m a bit scared!
Our chilli dudes! We’re good to go. I need to quit touching my eyeballs, let’s get them
in the pan! This pan’s handle’s hotter than a goats butt in a pepper patch!
Ow! A dollop of butter. Ohhh, faux pas central! Dude you know how to do it. Put the olive
oil in there. And the butter. mm, so we’re going to put that in the pan and we’re going
to get it back on the heat. I’m going to have my pan straight on that firebox so i can get
everything cooking. Alright our vegetables, our peppers, our onions, our garlic they’re
all nice and softened up. It’s now time to create out sauce of DAMN!
Starting with the sweet stuff and that’s the honey. A spoonful of honey in there, there
we go. Yeah, and we’re going to do two big heaping spoonfuls of really really dark sugar
in here man,. That’s the good stuff. And then a teaspoon of mustard powder man. And let’s
get it back on that fire okay?! The heat rocking, I don’t want it to go lumpy so give it a nice
stir. Let’s start our spring break party man. So our onion he’s the big party boy so he’s
got one of those kind of bongs where you put your beer in and you go whoooa. Except it’s
full of Worcestershire sauce, so throw that in there, get some Worcestershire sauce. BOOM!
A couple of glugs of that and then this is the thickener man, a big old thing of tomato
purée. That’s goes in. Mmm. He did like a big dive off of the second floor. our friend
the chilli pepper he loves his bourbon, he’s over the age of 21 so that’s going to go in
there. A big glug of that. Ohh. Now our onion likes his soy sauce, so he’s got his big old
bong of soy sauce. Whooo! Now the garlic. The garlic’s all about the tang, so we’ve
got the white wine vinegar. And he’s going to do his party trick, he’s going to do a
keg stand but that keg’s full of vinegar. And he#’s got his buddy ketchup over here
holding his legs and his legs are going to be throwing his legs into the mix. Come on
ketchup. See there’s a lot of sweet stuff in there as well. So we’ve got the ketchup
in there, I need a bit more flavour so I’m going to add a tiny bit of Tabasco, so we’re
going to get that back on our firebox and give it some more cooking time. We want to
reduce the alcohol and get them to get to know each other man! Oh. Do you guys hear
that? It’s officer bay leaf man, he wants to join the party. So officercercer man, we’re
not doing anything wrong. Officer bay leaf, he was young once, he knows how to party.
He comes in and says there’s a noise problem, it’s getting way to loud, it’s way too hot
in here! But he was young, he remembers how to be young so he’s over in the corner with
a little red cup full of beer. SO let’s gets those in there, a couple of officer bay leafs
in there. Let’s get three in. That’s the exact colour I wanted man! Let’s loosen things up,
a splash of water, that will loosen it up. She’s loose, but you know what DJ sea salt
hasn’t arrived! We got to season this thing man, pepper he carries his records, we’re
going to get him in there as well. Alright so the sauce is good to go. Time to get the
sauce of damn onto my radicilious ribs. Let’s get it over here and start the painting process.
The final process for our ribs, get them on the paintbrush and we want a nice hot, sticky,
gooey goodness. Right now it’s time for the fast forward button. Check this out. And there’s
our final rib, glazed that awesome sauce. Let’s give them 15 to 20 minutes at a nice
BBQ heat. Oh man that is some good sauce! And this is what they look like when they
come out. Radilicious. This is my favourite BBQ sauce, if you like it please tell your
friends to like it around Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. I want to know about your
favourite home made BBQ sauces, what’s in yours? Talk to me in the comments box below
and if you haven’t seen my ribs, Click the link below. Before the video runs out!!


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