How can a Star Destroyer DESTROY A PLANET?! SWLORE#34

Greeting, Star Travellers! This is Man in Ushanka. I bring you facts and theories from the Star
Wars Universe. With English subtitles, as always! Nowadays a great number of people believes
that planetbusting in Star Wars Universe is something unusual. Indeed planets are not destroyed every day,
but not only diffrent kinds of superweapon had enought firepower to annihilate them. So, today I am going to tell you, my dear
subscriber, about the most accessible way of planetkilling, about Base-Delta-Zero naval
code! To begin the main part, let’s give a definition. Base Delta-Zero is a naval code that is used
to destroy the entire population of a planet, all its surface resources, and even the atmosphere. BZD is usually executed by three Imperial-Class
Star Destroyers in a term of 3-5 hours. The time required to perform a full operation
depends on such factors as the planet’s size, the power of planetary shields, the quantity
and quality of planetary defence forces. Yet we must also note that a single Star Destroyer
marked as Imperial I-class or even Victory-Class can purge a planet on its own, while also
requiring a longer period of time to finish the given task By the way, the Imperial HQ issues the Base-Delta-Zero
code only when the situation is exceeding, and the army and a fleet do not have enough
power to put down foes or in the case when annexation is needless. After performing this doom order, the Imperial
HQ conceals the fact of total obliteration. For example, planet Kamaas was purged in 19
BBY, yet the Galactic community heard about it only 38 years later, in 18 ABY, from an
old Imperial archive… Of course, you may think that Imperial battleships
are not able to destroy planets. Well, such a though will indeed be false. There is an evidence in “Attack of the Clones:
Cross Section”. According to this sourcebook, an attack performed
by a quadturbolaser battery of an Acclamator transport-cruiser, that is dramatically weaker
than the one of an Imperial Star Destroyer, can create an explosion equivalent to a 200
gigatons TNT blast. This fact means that even a single turbolaser
can create an explosion of 50 gigatons of TNT equivalent… And now let’s tallk about the Death Star and
its real role. It is not needless to say that the Death Star
is only used for planetbusting. Such a space station is more an ideological
weapon, the main element of the Tarkin Doctrine, rather than a combat unit. To cut a long story short, the noted doctrine
is based on utilizing fear as an instrument to avoid using firepower. And theDeath Star is the annex of military
power of the Empire! But this is the conclusion of our video. If you liked it, please, leave a like and
write a comment. Thanks for watching and, as the ancients said,
let the force go with you, always!


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