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Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Hello and welcome to the Denver and Rio Grande Western Iron Horse ring, my name is Brian Have you here? If you haven’t already? I want to encourage you to go ahead and subscribe and click the bell icon So you can be alerted to future uploads now settle in for today’s video Nick’s Hey Good morning everybody and welcome to the beginning of my July summer series on adding scenery to my end scale model railroad layout in this episode All I’m doing is I’m using Plaster and great stuff foam to add a scenery base to the east portion of my layout over here the Arvada denver Loto area basically pretty simple making a mini diorama to test my plaster and shredded cardboard mixture and how that mixture will adhere to wood and Then I’m gonna use that mini diorama the experiment for that if that works I’m gonna apply great stuff foam to the top of that to make sure the greatest of foam will adhere to that etc And so I’ll have it on a little block of wood and also I’ll be able to use this mini diorama to experiment with riverbed painting the woodland sinks water I’m gonna be using I’ll be able to do a little experiment there and Just kind of test out some things before. I actually apply to the layout Maybe that’s gonna save me some money which is important to me stick around video is coming up next Alright, so as I mentioned I wanted to start off testing Plaster and shredded cardboard mixture on a piece of wood to make sure that it been good to hear properly I found that if I cut it up real good. It did work better Less than an hour. It was stuck tight went ahead and drew out some stuff I decided at this point Go ahead make a little diorama, you know You can test a lot of stuff in route to what I’m gonna be doing everything I’m gonna be doing I can test on this thing. Actually I Did find that I really liked that plaster mixture on a small scale but on this larger scale I did not it seemed very wasteful and like I was having to mix a lot use a lot of product It didn’t hear really well and I put the great stuff on here to see How the great stuff would adhere to this mixture? I do my best to not overuse the great stuff. I’m rarely successful I Should just pull that up right there and leave it be but I don’t I add more Anymore Definitely not needed too much Almost every time I do that you will see later that I added too much I don’t have this rolling simply for your listening enjoyment of John Denver. I Want you to see that you don’t have to spray this great stuff foam and run away from You do not want to touch it. I use a tool a simple tool and I try to reuse that and Great stuff changes in consistency and form as it dries and expands and Can be worked to it throughout the entire process and it’s important that you knew that Because if you let the great stuff just go Without sculpting and molding and pushing and pulling you could end up with problems It’s gonna get a lot bigger than that On this right-hand side over here I had a hole going under there I didn’t do the table Around the two bars that come out so I had some space I wanted to get that totally filled in I’m gonna make that look like a kind of a rock siding Used a little bit too much great stuff on here That Or either this coming up here Ended up pushing that under and I had to pull it back or that would have adjusted the grade that great stuff foam will expand And change stuff if you do not watch it Use it sparingly and keep an eye on Great stuff foam is not set it and forget it. Ladies and gentlemen Determine right here. Oh, I want to go back to Home Depot. Dang it In you in just the plug holes I’m at the end of this can so I’m just kind of Trying to squeeze out what’s left? It’s about three bucks that can Between three and four and it’s worth it All right, we’re gonna give you a shot of what we got with what we had I have a little plaster left, but not much. I Actually put some foam in there there. You can see a good bit of foam here And I really wanted to get this area Sealed where there was no holes and things could fall behind there down We’ve done that down here. I’m pretty sure got that taken care of with that And here as well I had a whole dropping down to the bottom there as well because the table didn’t go into the tube our floors if you see Like I did with this one All right, so we did that we have to go to Home Depot for DAP 3.0 crystal clear clock caulk a Can of great stuff phone It’s probably about all I can afford like to get a little more that but I don’t know if I will I Noticed that on my diorama The foam was encroaching on the river. So I slid in a piece I don’t know how that’s gonna work out. Once it’s all dry when I’m trying to get it out Sure, I’ll be able to cut it out pretty easy and then I should have a nice Thing but I probably could have done that just about as easy. Anyway know if that will help or not It is important that you exercise Great caution when spraying this around your truck because it will stick to that tip and then drop on your track and if that happens Let it dry. Do not try to get it off before it’s dry comes off easy if it’s dry alright Great stuff is down. I gotta let stay around. I always watch it because It expands a lot always more than you think it will always in my case has always expanded more than I thought it will I Think this and if it gets near the track or the structures where it’ll start adjusting any grades or any supports I’ll pull I’ll pull it back and I can actually stretch it out a little bit that way and molded in certain cases at certain times It gets to a point the great stuff gets to a point where it’s not sticky on the surface but the inside is still soft enough where it can be moved and I can utilize that at that time so I do have to stay around during the trying process probably for about 45 minutes I usually watch it after about 15 minutes, I start getting close and Really paying attention and seeing if there’s anywhere that I’m going to need to make Immediate adjustments to pull it out stretch it Got it all cleared up. There’s three bucks, you know, so three bucks and everything’s covered You know all this is going to be carved in the upcoming episodes to look Not like a blob of jell-o or mashed potatoes or whatever Did some more here this is just so I have more room to play with the riverbed Straight down through here and down Through Under there and back around and out Alright while I was editing this video Particularly this portion I noticed when I pulled the phone board out how clean a path it made through this great stuff foam This has been drawn about five hours I’d let it cure at least a day if I was gonna do this But you can basically use this to make a path for anything in your layout that you haven’t already, you know already laid down If you did this at the beginning you could evenly pass through your mainline sidings and everything else You could just put a cardboard cutout down man. You’d have a great pass and stuff. Just an idea. I thought But the strings are One more thing from you if you haven’t already I need you to click right here or click here or here or here anywhere to stick around just stick around


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