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We really exist to inspire people to travel the world by making sure that we gather really the most trustworthy information always on behalf of people that are traveling. My name is Daniel Houghton and I’m the CEO of Lonely Planet. I think more than anything, creative energy is just a feeling that you have. Travel is a pretty essential part of it because if you need time and space to think, the ability to just get out of your office or your town and find some place that inspires you. It can really help you think kind of differently about whatever problem you’re trying to tackle. Lonely Planet is globally known since 1973 creating guidebooks to virtually everywhere on the planet with offices in Melbourne Australia, in London, and then here in Nashville. All of that content that we gather around the world every year we want people to be able to access that information on whatever platform they have whether it’s our website, magazine, books like its always been or in one of our mobile applications. We’re always trying to look for ways that technology can help us either bring more content to people, be more efficient in the way that we do that. There’s no reason for us to try to maintain our own cloud infrastructure when we can use platforms that are out there that are trustoworthy and secure. Without platforms like Dropbox it’s pretty painful to try to run a business in that way. When I’m on the road the two things I use the most are Google Maps and Dropbox. Getting a finished product out for Lonely Planet takes a team from cartographers to production editors to web developers it’s a massive team actually. Dropbox is great because it helps us create a network with our writers it just saves us time and gets the content out to the world faster. Paper is a really cool tool it’s great for sort of imagining what the final product is gonna look like. You can set out a list you can make sure you don’t miss any details and introduce multimedia elements all at once. It’s malleable and you can use it in different ways express ideas and leave comments for your colleagues to interact with. Everyone understood how it worked knows how to use that in a team enviroment as some of the tools you know, began to be layered on for business specifically, it just made things a whole lot easier. We would’ve never been able to distribute our content to people around the world without utilizing the right aspects of technology it allows us to employ developers all over the world content people all over the world and really work seamlessly because of that technology.

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