HOW THE PLANETS RULE US explained by Hans Wilhelm

Hi I am Hans Wilhelm and in this video in
the Lifeexplained series I will give a short overview of how the stars and planets are
influencing our life. But this is not a class in astrology. This is the spiritual explanation, which is
practical, easy to understand, and most of us totally unaware of. As you have heard me saying in my other videos:
As compressed light-ether beings we are all perfect pure spiritual beings who once lived
in the Absolute Spiritual Reality (God, LOVE, Heaven, whatever you wish to call it). However, over eons of time we have removed
ourselves from this Absolute Reality by turning away through egoistic self-centered and unloving
thoughts and actions. In other words, we have put shadows onto our
pure spiritual essence, our soul. These burdens have weighed us down and we
have lowered ourselves to the level of the material universe into which we now incarnate
repeatedly here on planet Earth into a physical body where we are stuck in the cycle of reincarnation. By leaving the state of Absolute Reality we
have entered the Causal or Relative Universe. Here every cause has an effect. It is the realm of sowing and reaping. Whatever we send out comes back to us. However, not always right away. Whatever we sow today in this life-time may
come back to us many life-times later. The question now is: How and where are all
our feelings, thoughts, words and actions recorded? I go deeper into this in the video HOW KARMA WORKS. But let me summarize it here: Whatever we feel, think, say or do is stored
in several places, just like in computers: Firstly, – of course – in our soul. Then it is also stored in our genes, in our
cells, in the Akashic records and most importantly, in the corresponding planetary constellations
of the material and the semi-material universes of similar vibration. Like attracts like. The stars and planets are the record keepers
of all our negative aspects. Life is consciousness and consciousness is:
sending and receiving. Everything is in constant communication. That is also what all the stars, the planets,
the galaxies in the material and semi-material universes are doing. They are a cosmic information, storage and
communication system, which is constantly shifting and moving. We are living in an unimaginably large communication
network. The stars and planets are continuously sending
and receiving information. Just like our brain. Here you can see the amazing similarity between
these two systems. The macro cosmos and a micro cosmos. Have we ever wondered how the satellite program
was invented? Technology has simply copied this natural
process of the cosmos. So over eons of time and many, many life-times
we have all loaded a lot of negative aspects – meaning: a lot of garbage – into this immense
cosmic computer. The problem is, that today we do not know or do not remember all the bad stuff we did long time ago or even less so in past
life-times. And this is where the planets come in to help
us and guide us: They are our personal databanks. Whenever they have reached a certain position
or saturation they download back to us exactly what we have once stored in them. This is called Karma. We are reaping what we have sown. This can be a small irritating situation to
horrific blows of fate, illness and other disasters. Every day these planets are sending back to
us what we are ready to face and clear up. That is why we never know exactly what the
new day will bring. And each day is totally different for every
human being. This downloading of a certain karma can also
be for large groups of people, like a whole country. That is called Group Karma. But here is the good thing: Even the most
horrific things that we once have done and have stored in the planets will not come back
to us suddenly or as a total surprise. No, we always get firstly some small warnings. We are admonished over and over again by the
Eternal Law. This would allow us to stop our negative activities
and clear things up BEFORE they hit us in full measure. This clearing up usually means forgiving others,
asking for forgiveness, repentance and no longer do it. In other words, putting LOVE back where we
once let our ego rule us. This is how we slowly free our soul from the
many layers of burdening soul garments. That is the path to absolute FREEDOM. The path back HOME. So the information that is downloaded to us
is the building block of our day. Every second, minute and hour consists of
information that we once stored into the causal computer. With an average of life expectancy of only
about 800.000 hours we can now see that each hour is very precious and carefully crafted
for us. And the main reason why we experience this
earthly life is to clear up all the garbage that we once stored into the universal causal
computer. And if we are not watchful in this life time
we will continue uploading new negative aspects that eventually will make up our future days
and lives here on earth. We are fully responsible of how we will live
in the future. So whenever something gets our attention throughout
the day via our outer and inner senses it is the moment of self-exploration. We ask ourselves WHY? There are no accidents in life. The stars even influence where we are today,
if we are at home, visiting grandmother or travelling to Timbuktu. It is all carefully orchestrated. The fact that we suddenly should think of
a certain person with whom we had a fall-out a long time ago. Or the image of a picture that brings up envy,
rage or any other emotion in us. Or we suddenly are reminded of something painful
from our childhood. Everything around us speaks to us. If you have seen my video THE LAW OF PROJECTION
you know that everything around us is merely a mirror of ourselves. Everything wants to tell us something and
it is well-orchestrated for our benefit. We can ask our guardian spirits to touch our
conscience so that we recognize what we should clear up today. With the power of God within and Christ we
sincerely repent and clear it up and no longer do it. If we are truly living in the Here and Now,
in the moment, we will not miss these important impulses. So let me summarize it: All our negative feelings,
thoughts, words and actions have been stored in the repository planets of the solar systems
of the universes. According to their ever- changing positioning
or saturation that information is downloaded back to us as karma. Every second, every minute and every hour
of the day give us the opportunity to undo or reduce the impact of this karma coming
back to us. There are quite a few books on this subject. I personally like this little but very
comprehensive book that is available on amazon for a very small price. It is called LIVE THE MOMENT by Gabriele. As always, it was an honor to be with you. Thank you.


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