How to Change PowerPoint Orientation From Landscape to Portrait

Most PowerPoint presentations
are in landscape format where the slides are wider than they are tall. But, occasionally you might need to
turn your presentation on its side and make it portrait orientation. Let’s do just that in this quick video. In PowerPoint let’s start off by finding
the Design tab on PowerPoint’s ribbon and click on it. On the far right side let’s find the Slide
Size option and now let’s click on it. Go ahead and click on Custom Slide Size
to open the settings. Let’s go ahead and choose the Portrait
option to turn it effectively 90 degrees. Now we’ll need to choose between
Maximize and Ensure Fit. These thumbnails kind of explain the two
options for reformatting slides. You can either Maximize, or
Ensure Fit by scaling things down. I typically choose Ensure Fit
to convert my slides. I’ll go ahead and press OK. Either direction we choose means that
if you have a presentation that is already developed. You’ll need to spend some
time reformatting and rearranging the content on your slide. That’ll make it work in the new format,
which is a big change from before. This option works great if you’re
using PowerPoint as a layout or simple print design tool. I’m Andrew Childress for
Tuts+ and thanks for joining me.


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