How To Clean And Seal Landscape Pavers

When installing concrete pavers, the job isn’t
done once the pavers are down. In order to protect your investment it’s important
to apply a quality sealer as the final step in the process. In the past, concrete products required a
curing time before a sealer could be applied. Today sealers like the SEK Surebond line are
breathable and can be used immediately on new pavers without the concern of trapping
in naturally occurring efflorescence. Surebond sealers are designed to prevent contaminants
like food, oils, and grease from penetrating the surface of the hardscape. They help to protect against the damage that
can occur from freeze thaw cycles and can even protect the color of your pavers from
damaging UV rays. If you have existing pavers using a sealer
can also help restore the color and make them look new again. Before applying any sealer, it’s important
that you have a clean surface. If you skip the cleaning process any dirt
or stains will be sealed in leaving unwanted residue on your hardscape surface. There’s an assortment of stain removers available
to treat specific types of stains like rust, oil, and efflorescence. Depending on the current condition of the
pavers a high pressure washer may be required to prepare the surface. Also, be aware that if the pavers have been
sealed in the past you will need to use a stripper to remove the old product before
you can apply the new sealer. When dealing with everyday dirt and grime
SEK’s Sureclean will be able to do the job alone. Begin by sweeping off the area or use a blower
to remove any loose debris. Then rinse the surface off using a garden
hose equipped with a spray nozzle. Keep in mind that the surface temperature
needs to be between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit before applying the cleaning solution. The maximum recommended mixture for Sureclean
is 6 ounces of cleaner to one gallon of water. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions
and safety information before mixing. Add the desired amount of cleaner to a pump
sprayer, then fill it with water. Apply the cleaner to the paver surface liberally,
then agitate using a push broom to break down stains and ground in dirt. Let the solution dwell for 5 to 10 minutes,
but do not allow it to dry out. Apply more cleaner as needed to keep it wet. After the cleaner has had a chance to soak
in rinse the area thoroughly. Continue rinsing until you no longer see white
foamy residue or bubbles. Allow the pavers to completely dry before
proceeding. With the surface of the pavers now clean and
dry you’re ready to apply the sealer. Depending on the look you are going there
are a variety of Surebond sealers to choose from. As with the cleaner make sure the paver surface
temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees before you start. Also turn off any irrigation that might interfere
with the application. Using a clean pump sprayer add the sealer
to the tank. The sealer comes ready to use so adding water
is not required. Apply the product evenly with the sprayer,
saturating the surface to ensure penetration. Use a shield to protect surrounding areas
from unintended over spray. It’s also recommended that you back roll using
a foam roller to help provide uniform coverage and to work the sealer down into the pores
of the hardscape. Depending on the weather conditions the sealer
should be dry to the touch within an hour of application and completely cured and ready
for use within 24 hours. Whether you are looking to bring back the
beauty of your existing hardscape or would like to protect a new installation, concrete
cleaning and sealing products like SEK’s Surebond line can help you get the job done. For more information stop into your local
Ewing branch or visit us online at


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