How to Create TINY PLANET Photos: Ricoh Theta S Tutorial!

what’s up guys this is Ben from life in
360 and today I’m going to show you how to create a tiny planet photo with your
Rico theta s camera theta theta theta whatever the hell you want to call it so
the promise of 360 photography is that the camera captures everything around
you a traditional camera would only capture a very small window like this
much this camera captures everything front back left right up and down so we
turn our camera on and it automatically goes into camera mode and we are ready
to shoot already so the most basic way to take a 360 photo is put the camera
directly in front of you but about arm’s length just just a little bit less than
arm’s length and press the shutter button alright we’ve taken the photo as
you might have heard and now we import it wirelessly to our smartphone okay so
I’ve got my smartphone here and I’ve got my camera and now I want to connect it
wirelessly so I can upload my photo so you’re simply on your smart phone go to
Wi-Fi and in this case we’ll connect to theta SX blah blah blah alright we are
connected so now we go to the theta s app so let’s click that there and let’s
hit the button on the bottom left and now we want to go to camera to see our
raw images okay let’s have a look there we go it’s loaded and we’ll click the
top one there because that’s our latest image and there are downloads and now
we’re able to preview it in 360 space so now we can move around our thumb and
there you go there’s me that all of that handsome devil and there you can see the
interior of my flat here in Sydney Australia and there you have it you
can’t even see the the camera there in my hand the stitching is that good so
now we quit out of the theta s app and we want to go into an editing app now
and the best one for iOS I’ve found is RollWorld it’s the best all-around in
my opinion allows you to do to do the most complex manipulations very easily
so now what we want to do is hit that button there the big the big crosshair
and we click photo and now we go to our camera roll the
which is automatically downloaded and we click the bottom one down there and here
we go it automatically stitches up the photo for you and there I am in my
apartment and it’s in tiny planet mode so that was very easy
so you’ll notice we’ve got a couple of sliders here in RollWorld that manipulate
certain aspects of the image the top one here is for inversion we can make it
inside-out right-side up like that we have the second slider you probably
won’t want to use because this is more for people shooting on their iPhones
and then people shooting with 360 so you just kind of fun it makes me look like a
mutant which isn’t particularly desirable effect although it could be if
it was Halloween I guess third one as well see manipulate your image into a
kind of unhelpful saying with the 3rd slider it kind of dumb it to be
unhelpful does the same thing slices and dices me the fourth one however is very
very helpful I use it all the time so that’s our rotation slider so we can
turn it upside down there you go I think I want this one to be as symmetrical as
possible from above so I’m going to get that nice and straight we don’t want to
use the fifth slider either because again this one is for mobile phone
panoramas and making them kind of blend together a bit better which doesn’t work
for us when you’ve already shot on our 360 camera finally we’ve got our bottom
slider which is the zoom so we can get the right the right proportion that we
like I’m gonna go a bit tighter on this one
there you go just make me more symmetrical yeah there we go I’m liking
the look as that maybe zoom in a bit more to get rid of that ugly stuff one
on the ceiling and yeah I’m quite happy with that image there are there are some
imperfect details which I can get rid of later in the color grade so let’s go
ahead and export this image so I’ll click the top right button there choose
preview you want to go picture on the screen and this is our preview finally
top right again and I’m going to export at 1920 by 1920 3k and 4k is kind of
overkill not necessary but 1920 is a good size to allow for a good amount of
later on so now we’re going to export to camera roll and there we have it now I’m
going to equip color grade on this and show you guys my process so my favorite
color grading app is called Snapseed because it gives you the most amount of
movement and within your color later on and allows you to really get rid of all
those ugly imperfections so let’s go ahead and our most recent image is this
one here and now we want to click the bottom right button and we’ll go to
through an image and get our colors looking nice and good so it’ll liked it well I always
like my colors nice and bright so boost that saturation get the brightness up
because it’s a dark day it’s overcast outside so the interior of my flat is
quite dark so fortunately we can bring that up in Snapseed I must have a look
at ambience yeah I like having a good amount of contrast in my images and if
you boost the ambience too much you start losing that contrast so I’ll move
the ambient slider slightly the other way a bit more brightness again I think
and I’m boosting the warmth slider here so I can pretend it’s sunny and warm
outside when in point of fact it’s actually raining and miserable and blue
and horrible and more often than not making them warm make them more inviting
and more pleasurable to look at so I’m going to go ahead and make one final
adjustment I’m going to heal just that top bit that’s bugging me I’m clicking
the healing function or it’s going to paint that out look how easy that was I
just swipe my finger and I healed those ugly imperfections how good is that love
Snapseed fantastic all right I’m pretty happy with this image so I’m gonna go
ahead and export it so we just click save up there and then save a copy just
so we’re not affecting our original image in case we want to do something
with it later and now we’ve got a pretty darn good image that we did in less than
10 minutes that we can now upload to Instagram and wow the world with that’s
the beauty of 360 photography you can turn it over very quickly and do it all
on your smartphone you don’t need a computer so feel free to subscribe to us
on YouTube guys that would be much appreciated and also feel free to pick
up a copy of my book it’s called life in 360: A beginners
guide to tiny planet photography and they’ll take you from zero to hero with
your tiny planet photography in very little time right until next time guys
keep shooting


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