How to Draw a Tonal Landscape: People and Castle

Hi, Tom here welcome to my new video, How to Draw People in Perspective with a Castle in a Landscape, for this drawing I
use a 4b pencil to get a high tonal contrast, any soft dark pencil would do
well, first draw a horizontal line across the middle of your page, now along this
line we can draw some heads, some simple oval shapes, getting smaller as they go
towards the right, now these just need to be loose sketches, we don’t need to add any detail at all, now we can add some bodies to these
heads, again just a loose sketchy sort of line, showing the general impression
of a person, without adding any detail, make sure the heads are not too big for
the bodies, for this first person on the left I’ll
try and make them look like they’re walking along, because it’s just a sketch,
I’ll leave multiple lines to give an impression, rather than a fixed clear
outline, of a person, so all of these people can be drawn
quite simply at this early stage of this drawing, now we can add a curved causeway for the people to be standing on, so for this we
can just draw two curves going towards the right and as they go towards the
right they’ll need to get closer together, particularly as they go up
towards the horizontal horizon line, now I could add a child here in the
foreground on the left, now, as a child is obviously a shorter person, their head
will be below the horizontal line where the adults are standing, I could add
another child here in the middle distance and a few more adults too… she could have her hair tied up… next we can erase some of the lines that we no longer need… I still want to keep this drawing a
sketch, but I need to make the lines a bit darker and a bit more considered, so
that basically later on I want to make these figures in tone, in shadow, so I
need a bit of a more defined out line before I get to that stage, so when
drawing I try to think of the movement and weight of the people, rather than
any detail, because it’s going to be a tonal drawing in the end… we could darken the curved lines of the
cause by now and on the right we can add another thin
curve and we can add an island hill on the right, in the far distance… this drawing is based on St.Michael’s
Mount in Cornwall in the UK, now we can add a castle on top of the hill, and now
for this I can keep the vertical lines vertical and the gentle diagonal line,
for all the tops of the walls on the left and then another similar diagonal line,
for all of the tops of the walls of the castle on the right,
this is because we’re looking up at the castle, so as they go left and right
they’ll be going away from us and therefore that’s why we have got a diagonal… once we got the basic structure of the
castle, we can add the crenellations, the up and down bits on the top of the walls
of the castle, I think I’ll add outer wall along the
base of the island as well and a long building on the left, the base of the actual castle will be uneven, as it’s on a steep hill, so we can
put various lines, to show where parts of the castle finish at different places,
we can also continue the path winding its way up to the top of the castle, now in the foreground at the front we
can add some rocks and pools of water either side of the causeway, the causeway
is just a raised sort of walkway… Thank you very much for watching this video, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful for your own drawings, Please subscribe to my youtube channel Circle Line Art School, to see all of my videos, I post a new video
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