How to draw mountains whith pencil step by step, drawing landscape -Subtitled-

draw the outline of the mountain You can use a pencil 0.5HB You just add small details Begins to darken the edges where there will be shadow now beginning to fill the drawing through layers in the darkest parts, you must apply more pressure to the pen in the mountains, the lines fall from the top down, always in that direction repeats the process of applying layer after layer for snow, you have to leave blanks Do not fill these spaces and if they become stained, use the eraser to let all white adds and improves some details and repeats the process in other mountains to give more texture to the landscape, you must draw lines that break the uniformity of the layers but remember that the lines should be consistent with the direction and shape of the mountain As you can see, the shadow is on the right side while the light is on the opposite side It is important to repeat this form of shading around the drawing to make it more realistic You can reinforce the shadows and give greater texture Now you can darken the part nearest to us And as you see, the result is as follows Remember subscribe Thanks!

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