How to draw Nature Scenery | A beautiful garden painting for beginners in color pencils step by step

hey everyone welcome to one art center today lets draw a beautiful scenery of a garden I am going to start directly coloring without drawing at first. I’m adding layers after layers of green pencil strokes this way. Slightly putting pressure to get darker shades. This is a shade of blue then using brown to draw a tree bark. Again shading with darker purple. Draw the branches. Use various darker shades to blend where necessary. There is no right or wrong . Just keep experimenting with colors. For the impression of road side flowers I picked orange and then red. Straight strokes of violet and you don’t need to be perfect. Just keep on shading in circular motion. Under the flowers and leaves it’s dark. In this way create volume to the shapes. Sometimes erasing this way will bring back
light Light green for distant grass. I am only adding vegetation around the flowers. There is so many colors and shades in nature. Sometimes green will look purple or blue. So don’t forget to experiment Use different textures. Like here I’m using dots. I’ll use correcting pen for brighter light. Then add colors over again It’s important to learn through mistakes. By experimenting you will enjoy the process Doesn’t it already look like a magical garden, blooming with flowers? Other side of the road. Adding depth with various green shades Now the fun part.. I will make lighter strokes, coloring the flowers on the tree. With the same pink add lighter and deeper pressure where necessary. Holding the pencil this way will give you
better effect for the leaves. With the same pink add lighter and deeper pressure where necessary Adding more branches. You can do what makes you happy Sorry I just had to rub all that. Like I said, don’t hesitate to experiment. Adding more plants in the back ground. Fill up the background with plants,
sky whatever you like. Play with the correcting pen. Then add colors for flowers and leaves Add lighter shade to finish the road. here I will use light brown. Also put shadows of the tree on the ground You can erase to fade away the distance I’ll draw a house far away I’m drawing it with grey. First I’m doing a rough sketch. I just rubbed it out to add color now. I’ll start with dark brown. For reflection of the sky add light blue. This way I’ll just keep adding dark shades
and erasing the light parts. Sorry for the too much of experiment… I’ll add a few little details like the door and the windows My focus was the garden on the left. The house doesn’t need much details. I am just trying to give it an old effect. A house lost in the leaves of a massive garden There. I think I’m happy with the results. If you like this video
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