How To Install A Pole Mounted Satellite Dish Part 1

hello again jI just wanted to do a a quick informing video somewhat of a rescue mission installing a satellite dish in this case a large KU-Band free to air satellite dish a bigger dish needs a more stable pipe specially if motorized when you are installing your dish even if it’s a small dish like these here to the side 4×4 post in the backround you do not want to use a 4×4 post if you look at the metal pipe the metel pipe by the way is used commonly in or typically in chain link fence installations and is a very good pipe to use this is little bigger than what is recommended so it is going to be
stronger but don’t use a four-by-four post
you can see it widens compared to the pipe in front of you which is perfectly level and then gets shorter at the top or narrower if your looking in between the pipe and the post this is because the pipe is plumb and level and the post behind it which used to be
level and plumb has warped that is a pressure treated piece of
lumber and it still warped i’ve seen this installation done before
this was done before us before we first moved here these satellite dishes are no longer used
to it doesn’t matter but for those of you who have the
satellite’s installed be directv your dish network for even more setups perhaps someone installed it for you this way i do not recommend this if you end up with rain fade or sometimes called snow fade if you live in
areas were it snows you may find that it’s not your dish
covered with snow or a tree in the background yet but more than likely your dishes out of alighnment because of the post is slightly moved from were it was when it was first installed like I said this is somewhat of a rescue mission because i went to install this, this is my
first install using a pipe typically i would install a smaller dish order my own set up online i don’t typically like other people to
install my stuff because they do a hack job when installing wiring in the house what I mean by a rescue mission is that this level that you’re looking at right there that is used for a 4×4 post, now
i didn’t have all the correct tools i do not own a fortune of different tools primarily I do auto mechanics or electrical work so i have plenty of tools that way , but many of you can relate you don’t have a
tool for everything uh… do not do this this tool will not help you and do not
try to put in a pipe for a satellite dish and hope that it’s level by putting in
a top they are not cut correctly you will have to use a magnetic level
on the side, now i happen to have a torpedo level now this works fine for me, I am happy with
this but its not the proper tool there are proper
tools for doing this i recommend the proper tools also make sure you concrete your post in if you do not do this it’s probably not going to be strong you want your post to be strong you don’t want it
moving in the wind with the weight of the satellite dish bearing down
or against the pole when you’re done make sure that you fill the pipe with concrete all the way down the tube
whether you can get out of step ladder or if you have a better method also dig a deeper hole than me i could not get any deeper I do not have a
back ho and I have lots of slate where I live OK just wanted to help out anybody out there who was
having trouble i will keep you posted i will do a update video part 2 once this is filled in on how to install the dish itself


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