How To Make A DIY Earth’s Layers Pop Up Card

yeah it’s like why because I Chaka guys and welcome to the cool show
on the tube National Science day is coming up and that’s why I have decided
that I’m going to teach you some cool tricks to make your science project even more interesting I’m back in school
I used to love science because there’s so much you can do you can mix chemicals
you can set things on fire you can dissect frogs you can make using wall canos basically
you can do a lot of science projects and trust me my science project used to be the best and just by adding a
little bit of creativity and imagination even you can make your projects stand
out or pop up because that’s what you’re going to do we are making an earth let
pop-up God to make a pop-up god you need some supplies here’s the list all right let’s get started but before that we need to understand
the earth’s layers for example the outermost layer is called the crust
which consists of the mountains lakes water bodies trees and it’s the layer
that will live on and compared to all the other less the crust is the thinnest and when you
go down you reach the upper mantle then the lower mantle and then you have
the outer cord and then finally the inner core which is the hardest and each
of these layers we can depict by color so the inner core being the hottest we
can show by red and the other cord by orange and then slowly moving upwards to
the crust you can have a brown layer depicting the
mountains or the ground where the trees grow and we live alright so let’s start i’m using a
compass to draw our first layer which is the crust after you’re done your scissors and cut
cleanly ok so we have our first led which is the
crust now you can leave it clean and simple
like this or you can add a little bit of detail to this layer so I’m drawing some
baby lines to depict mountains and then you can add some trees some water body
once you’re done with your detailing you can cut it ok so we have added some detailing to
our trust late alright so our trust layer is done in
the same way we have to cut the other layers ok so as you can see we have all our
layers ready and now we will get the base for a pop-up card so I’ll move the later side for the base
I’m using a box board now we will measure the half of the sheet and using
a cutter we will just call it so that it falls
like a regular card all right you can see there’s a thin
line here and just along the scoreline we will bend it now you have a nice please line so our base is ready for a
pop-up god now I’ll show you how to stick the leg
first we’ll make a small slit right in the middle like that now we’ll fold it now you can see we have a fall he’ll
almost like an L shape using this folded portion we will stick it right in the
middle of the box board and instead of sticking it straight you have to stick it at an angle like
this so that when you fold the card this layer of the earth force with the
card and hides inside ok now let’s use that we call mr and
stick it in place now the same way we’ll stick all the
other layers they go we are done with all the layers ok so
all the layers are done of our card let’s keep it aside for drying and i’ll
show you how you can add some more details your card you can see I have some
pre-cut circles here with the same colors that we have used for our outlets
now we’ll stick them to make another model of the layers of the earth ok so the layers are done and here i
have made the art using paper cut out of the same size we will fold this in half and we’ll do
the same thing for this one we will stick the end like this there you go also you can add another
small detail which is the layers of the earth I’ve taken this print out if you want
you can write it they go we have got all the texts so
let’s get the card in and now we’ll stick this right here so let’s use
something called mr and stick it in place now i’m sticking all the texts now i’m using a punching machine and
making small dots and will place it right in front of the layer like this so
that the same color depicts the layer on are dissected view of the earth alright so the inside of our card is
ready now let’s make the outside also slightly more impressive there you go and in the end using a
marker I’ll just write the name of a project yeah the guys you saw how we took an old
classroom project and give it an interesting pop up look and the cool thing is that you can apply
this technique to any project you one if you want to make a cross section of
anything just use the same public technique and make it and it’s simple
and fun so do try it out and if you’re making it
then click pictures and share with me on my facebook or instagram and do write in
the comments section below i love reading your comments so let me know if
you like this or you have any other ideas or you want me to help you with
any other science project and remember this four-week is science
week so i’ll be doing a lot more signs deal is so keep tuning in to get some
more science project and if you want to be part of my videos
then send me your internal links all the details are in the description below I’ll see you next time guys until then
do good and be good please


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