How to make a Scenery by using Fluid Acrylic Paints and acrylic pouring technique

Video speed 4X Each color is mixed with pouring medium in 1:1 ratio All the colors have 2-3 drops of silicon oil I will use swiping tools and straw for this painting I stared by drawing a rough sketch of the scenery I stated by pouring sky in the painting😊 Colors used are white, sky blue and a rough mix of both these colors Used swiping tool to spread these colors Dark shade of blue to depict sky away from sun and to show areas in shadow White color for clouds Used straw to blow white paint in cloud shapes Burnt Umber and black for the mountains Mountain in foreground will be darker and in the back ground lighter Used swiping tool for crating ridges and contours Blue and yellow color on the right hand side to reflect sky and light from sun More colors to demonstrate ridges and reflection of light on them Shades of green with yellow color for vegetation in front of mountains I will make small edge of cup to swipe bush like shapes Added two different shades of navy blue for the water body Swiped the paints in the water body Covered sides as well Pulled the green color in the water to depict reflection in the water Added small amount of brown on the edge of swiping tool… to create reflection of land mass added drops of brown color to make reflection of mountains Poured all shades of greens, yellow and orange for canopy in a small cup Flipped it in the tree canopy Burnt umber, yellow, green and small amount of black for tree trunk Poured in the trunk shape Pulled some branches in the canopy Added white in the side for the side reflecting light Poured bright orange color in the sun Light on the upper part of canopy Brown and white to depict land on the other side of river Different shades of green for vegetation, yellow, orange and pink for flowers Used straw to blow and create vegetation on this side I used a small comb like structure to pull some brown color in vegetation Using the comb to pull more reflection in water Added white paint on the tip of tool for creating waves in water Used straw to blow white color and create waves at the beach Another cloud in front of the sun Here is the dried Painting Thanks for watching! Please like and subscribe


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