Hello my friends and welcome to another
Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we
will paint a winter landscape, with acrylics. To begin I toned the surface, I
usually give it a tone either with a neutral color or with the main color of the painting, in this case a blue. We can do this completely flat and even, or we can give it some changes of value, thinking of the look of the finished
piece. For example the lower corners will be darker. I added a slow draining medium so that I have more time to blend. Here we have some mountains at a
distance, and since it is a little bit foggy, it will not be very clear, and down
here a bright reflection on the water. Now we should paint a closer by land and therefore of a more intense color, with some trees, pine trees mainly. We do the trunk first and from there the branches with leaves, very rapidly, very sketchy. Good! and some more over here, and let’s also paint some grass or foliage so that this area is not cut sharply against the background. And you know I realized that
I want the sky darker so I give it another layer to it… but truly I should have done this before painting the trees because I lost them a little bit, but
that’s ok I can come back and paint over them again as needed. Now we will create the reflection, the light reflection on the water that I mentioned earlier, and
which is a little bit tricky to blend smoothly with acrylics since
they dry so fast even with this low drying medium. I recommend to have your colors ready, so you don’t lose any time mixing at this point. And also once it is dry like here, we can sort of smudge by using a dry brush technique. I just laid a brush parallel to the board to find the place where the shine of the moon
should be. And let’s do it a little bit bigger. All right! Now let’s add the snow. We will dab it all the branches that we already have. Obviously. On one tree, and the next, and the next. And then with a bigger brush, on the ground as well. I’m using Arteza acrylic paints. The list with all the materials for this painting is in the description below the video. This is really fun! Of course I thought of doing this painting, a week before Christmas just in case you wanted to paint something like this, at this time. We render the clouds with little paint over a dry surface, and then we do some reflections on the water. Like so… very good! And we can also if you want, add
some waves or ripples. First we added the dark reflections and now on top of them we add the reflection of the snow. All right! And we smudge it a little bit so it looks
more natural. and to end, the last touch will be the falling snow. Please let me know what do you think about this. It’s ready! And also, in the comments, please
write me what else would you like me to do for you. If you enjoyed it please give
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