How to paint like David Hockney landscape paintings of Yorkshire

Do you want to learn how to paint like David Hockney landscape paintings? In this landscape painting tutorial for beginners we focus on his artwork … … of the Yorkshire landscape paintings. Just after this. He, Albert van der Zwart here at Imperfect Paintings where it is all about improving your painting skills … … by looking at art, yourself and the world around you. In case you are new to this channel … … why not subscribe and click on the bell so you will be notified of the next video. David Hockney is an English painter who was born in 1937 (he is now 81). For years he lived in the US and made a lot of paintings. He is also known as the artist who painted swimming pools. Like this ‘Portrait of an artist’ – Pool with two figures, which was sold at an auction in 2018 for over $ 90 mln. Another famous painting is ‘A bigger splash’. He started painting in the 1950’s and often makes series of paintings like these portraits. Some 10 years ago he also started making I-Pad drawings, here a few of Yosemite National Park. A lot of his paintings are made ‘en plein air’, the official term for painting outdoors. If you want to know more about David Hockney painting outdoors … … check the link up here or in the description below. These are Hockney Yorkshire landscapes sketches. I took this photograph of the internet as an example of a Yorkshire landscape and started sketching. I paint with acrylic but I dilute the paint with acrylic medium gloss to make it look like watercolor. By looking at the photo I try to break it up in lines, planes, things and the air. After the sketching I will paint this landscape in David Hockney style. The participants of my painting course could pick a Yorkshire photograph and had 5-7 minutes … … to make their own sketch the same way. This is what they made. These are a number David Hockney Yorkshire Landscapes. When I look at these paintings I notice a number of things: bright colors… … patterns in the fields … … the landscape in general is a bit abstract, he skips details … … he uses sometimes a thin line of a different color as a contour line. But what I especially like about the David Hockney painting style is how he gets away with things. Perspective for instance. Look for a second at this painting. This purple road starts at the bottom. But when you follow it through the painting … … you have to notice that the road here is as wide as here … … although the second spot must be miles further away in the landscape. This one has also, what I call, the David Hockney perspective on things. This road appears to dance through the landscape. But at the same time it pulls you right into the painting. He really is a master in tricking you to dive into his paintings … … with stepping stones like these houses … roads or bright colored fields. How can you NOT love the artwork of this jolly old master. I took the same photograph of my sketch and painted the landscape … … and now I will paint over it to give it the David Hockney painting style touch. As you can see, it gets more abstract, a lot of details disappear. What I noticed while painting is that it is almost harder to paint over it then making a new painting. Because I work with transparent paint I have to mix it with titanium white to make it more opaque. The flipside is that my colors become less bright. I certainly miss those sparkling, cheeky David Hockney colors. David Hockney also uses a lot of patterns for the fields in his landscapes. Plow tracks, lines or dots. This little island in the stream is a nice place for it. What I do like is this more abstract painting style. Realistic painting Is not really my cup of tea. Painting it more abstract makes it also more clear what the effect is of the lines … … the fields, the path , the stone wall and even the hill on the left side. Everything leads you to this point. At the same time this lovely tree is trying to get your attention too. He often uses a (counter) line along a field or road in a different, sometimes unexpected color. The effect is that the parts get separated. I almost desperately try to get it more lighter at the end. Next time I would do it different. That’s why I love to paint in the way of famous painters. Because I can learn new things and improve my painting skills. The contrast between the field at the top and the sky is not enough. The solution is to make the sky a bit lighter. And here is the artwork made by the participants of my painting course. Enjoy! Did you like this video? Give it a thumbs up and share it with a friend. Subscribe and hit the bell so you will be notified of the next video. Click or tap on the screen to see another one and until next time: Keep Painting!!!


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