I Play a $10,000 Satellite to the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl!

my diamond sky I know what you’re thinking Jeff what
are you playing at the Aria for here to turn a 10k satellite into 300k
tournament entry making dreams come true all thanks exposure from the poker vlog
people are having trouble monetizing this is how you monetize High Roller
fans reach out to you and give you some free rolls give you some opportunities
win win $100 plus dinners just the tip of the iceberg you too can monetize your
blog $10,000 satellite to a three hundred thousand dollar tournament
didn’t expect to be playing this to kick off the summer but reality has a weird way of making things
happen without the vlog I never would have been granted this opportunity so
thank you to Aaron his generosity and second place finish in the Bellagio High
Roller let’s turn this 10k into 300 K then into five K or five million should
I say few steps ahead of us but there’s no reason we can’t win it
let’s win today the field looks soft our starting table is six handed six max
tournament you see one is ambush see – is Stefan sondheimer c3 is live Maury c4 is open c5 is Dan Shak and I’m in seat six so overall with the field I’m pretty
happy with this table draw and positioning two killers on my left Liv
Boeree and Dan Shak and an open seats were five handed with blinds at 500 1000 1000 for 5
handed and Liv Boeree opens to 3000 under the gun we’re on the button width
to read jacks definitely good 3 bet here but you do a position and might be over
playing our hand a little bit she’s pretty tight so we put in the call the
blinds fold flop comes Queen 6 8 she checks thinking she has like a mid pair
type and maybe ace king at this point so I want to bet for value bet 3,500 and
she puts in the call turn is a for putting two flush draws out there still
think we have the best hand she checks and I bet 8,000 and she quickly folds
pocket jacks are good with blinds at 500 1000 with a 1,500 big blind ante front
of the gun with 5 7 of clubs raise it up to 3,500 trying to target the big blind
who want to get heads up versus him even with a small suit connector
unfortunately a mush calls Stefan calls Liv Boeree calls out of the small blind
in the big blind folds flop comes jack eight for two spades one club
I think we got a barrel and barrel big very draw heavy board seven high never
good so let’s see if we can get some folds with our range advantage bet
twelve thousand and cush and Stefan fold and Liv Boeree calls from the small
blind putting her on maybe a team Queen of Spades flush draw nine ten
flush draw a straight draw combos some Jack acts rarely pocket eights or pocket
fours turn is the Jack of Diamonds we started this hand with around 65,000
it’s pretty pretty close if I should barrel this card I showed a lot of
strength betting into three people so I think we can rep the jack and hopefully
get her to fold her flush draws and straight draws maybe eight X combos
pocket nines hands like that so if we had two Jack we’re gonna bet 20 2007 up
an easy Ripper Jam giving her a bad price we do about 22,000 and she folds
we now have 100,000 back to starting stacked after losing a few pots early
30-minute levels 38 entrants so far at the Aria with blinds at 1000 1500 1500 cutoff Joe
McKeon opens – for thousands Dieterich fast flats the 4000 on the
button I’m the small blind with East three of
hearts one hundred and thirty thousand chip stacks so I put in the three bet to
18,000 some guy I’ve never seen before is in the big blind where five handed
and he puts into the cold four balls of 41,000 he has about 150,000 to start
action folds around to us can we put in the warm 5 do we have fold equity 3x in
his cold for we got the ace blocker we got the suited broad way do we go for
it in this spot I’m here to play fearless but feel like he’s got a big
pair a skiing ace queen and he’s not gonna fold so we put in the fold and
live to see another hand with blinds at one thousand two thousand
two thousand or five handed new table see one is Sam’s horrible see two is Joe
McKeon see three is re Engel I’m in c4 c5 is vacant and seat six is friend Mike
action folds to me in the cutoff and I opened five thousand with ace Jack Ace
of Diamonds Jack of Hearts everyone folds to Joe McKeon the big blind who
puts in the call started this hand with about eighty five thousand for Joe is
about 150,000 Bob comes Jack three deuce two diamonds he checks we bet for
thousands he calls the turn is in off suit for each X who size up with our top
top and wheel draw to eleven thousand and he puts in the show up all and after
asking me to see my chips putting us to the test what do you do what hands beat us could
have some sets could have jak 3 jak do’s Jack for suited possibly depending for
the big blind I don’t think he has juice 3 juice for kite folds those free 5 6 is
the nuts when you peel one off try to get there and then do a big jam as
opposed to a small raise it tough to say think our hand it might be a little bit
too strong to fold in this spot and a winner-take-all mostly format I think
you got a play to win kind of sucks that we have the ace of diamonds that
eliminates one of his possible semi-bluff combos it could be bluffing
with something like Jack acts of diamonds or King King para diamonds
whatever so we put in the call and he shows ace 5 of Hearts probably the worst
hand we could be up against the rivers of brick and we’re out of the
Aria $10,000 300k super high roll or satellite big shout out to Erin to put
us in such an event appreciate the opportunity good warm-up
with a series playing with all these top-level pros you get a good feel for
what they’re all about so I’m gonna take a lot away from this experience and
become a better player I’m still not sure how much I regret my call with ace
Jack obviously I was horribly wrong but you know might be just too weak to pull
these check on that board against an aggressive player make sure you hit that
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of MTTs and interesting hands all summer long sign up on ACR
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we are


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