I try to make Dwayne Johnson’s head out of chocolate (The Rock)

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and to all of my new patrons an overwhelming thank you!
I feel so encouraged you have no idea … and so inspired by you guys! Thank you so
much for supporting the channel. I honestly did not expect this level of
support and I am so humbled and so blessed and thank you thank you thank
you. So this week I thought I’d attempt something new that I’ve never done
before that I don’t even know if I can do … I really have no idea how to do this
and I’m so far out of my comfort zone but what I’m gonna try and do is try and
make a 3D head out of chocolate and modelling chocolate. When you see those
realistic cakes usually the torso and the shoulders are cake but the head is
made out of modeling chocolate. Apparently guys are easier to sculpt
than girls … so I’ve decided to try and make Dwayne
Johnson. I’ve got a front profile here and a side profile and as you can see
from the side a head is a lot wider than it is from the front. So I thought what
I’d do is use this vase like a mould to make a solid base of chocolate which can
run through the middle of the head. Front on it’s not too wide and then side on we’ll
obviously have to build up extra onto it. So that’s my plan but I don’t know if
this is gonna work but first of all I’m gonna temper this chocolate. That’s
obviously not gonna be anywhere near enough chocolate to fill the vase so I’m
gonna cheat and add in some Cheerios so that it takes up a bit more room and
just mix that all through. If you’re from Australia it’s gonna be a bit like a
giant Chocolate Crackle in the middle. Pour that into a vase and press it down
so that it’s nice and firm then we need something to hold up the weight of the
head while I work so I’m gonna put in this long piece of metal that I use when
I’m supporting most of my 3D cakes and I’m just gonna put it in on an angle so
that when it’s screwed in upright the cylinder is leaning forward. I have this
hole around the pole here and there’s no way that is gonna hold up so I’m gonna
pour in some compound chocolate particularly down that hole and then
just move it around to make sure it’s all the way down. The reason I’m using
compound chocolate for this bit and not real chocolate is it has a higher
melting point so that’s gonna mean it’s just gonna hold it more firmly
particularly because it is summer here in Australia and it is quite warm.
Several hours later and that is set but … I cannot get the out of the vase!
Despite looking like it’s straight on both sides it appears that the inside of
this vase is actually slightly narrower at the top than it is at the bottom so
I’m really not off to a good start here. Even warming up the vase to melt the
outside chocolate to help get it out has only got it up a little bit further. Now
I’ve poured boiling water on it and I have got it up to here but it’s well and
truly stuck so I’m boiling the kettle again and hoping that it comes out. Okay
it’s out and it’s now so melted that it’s gonna need to go back in the fridge
for a little while. I bought some modelling chocolate for
this project and it is absolutely solid. It’s really hard so I’m gonna give it 10
second bursts in the microwave just to try and soften it. 30 seconds later and
it’s a bit softer so we can start to give it a kneed and get it a good
workable consistency. That’s starting to look really nice. This is still a little
bit soft but I’m gonna go ahead and use it anyway. Put this end through the hole
and put another nut on the other side. All right so I’ve got the chocolate in
place now what I need to do is put this behind it so I can see where we need to
build up with the modeling chocolate and I’m just gonna start adding the modeling
chocolate and building it out to the right width just like I can see using
the silhouette that I’ve got there. Faces of real people are so hard
to get right … whenever I draw a face I can make it look like a person but
making it look like an actual person like you can recognize who it is that’s
a completely different story and that’s 2D and this is 3D so I think I’m very much
out of my depth here. I think that looks about the right shape from the front so
now I need to turn it side on and remember we need to add a lot more here
than we did on the other angle. I’ve never actually used modeling
chocolate for something like this before and I must say it’s a lot easier to work
with than fondant is if you’re wanting thick large amounts because it seems to
hold its shape really well … that is if you don’t over warm it in the microwave.
I’ve just got another packet here and I’ve put it in for a little bit too long
and I’m gonna have to put this whole thing in the fridge just to cool that
bit down because it’s drooping. Okay that is now cooled and I can add more to
it. I’m just trying to make it the shape that matches the silhouette outline. I’m
leaving off the nose for now and obviously this isn’t going to look
correct but at least it’s going to give me a starting point to then try and
sculpt his face from. I’m gonna need a mid point down the center of his face so
I can try and make it symmetrical and then I can add more modeling chocolate
and try and shape it to more of his face shape … I’m just looking at a picture and
trying to figure out where I need to add bits and where I need to kind of take
them away and as I add bits I’m just using a ball tool to try and smooth down
the edges of the joins a little bit so we don’t have quite so much roughness
there and then using the palms of my hand to smooth it a little bit more. If I
fold the face in half then I can mark on where these lines are on his forehead.
These seem to be really pronounced in some photos and not visible at all in
other photos of him, so I’m not sure if that’s from Botox or if it’s
the different photos are in different lighting or if they’re just different
facial expressions … I think only Dwayne Johnson could tell you that. Okay now for
his nose … i think it’ll be much easier to make this flat so i can use the outline
as a bit of a guide and then once I’ve got it roughly the right shape then I
can just add that into place on the face. And again just using the ball tool to
smooth the joins so it looks like it’s not a separate piece. Now moving on to
his ears and just like the nose I’m going to make these flat, mould them to
shape, just trying to get the shape of that right how it is on his actual ear
and then add it into place on the side of his head. His neck is definitely not
that skinny, I think that is something we know about The Rock! His neck is huge so
let’s just bulk that out. So this is what it looks like so far with no eyes … I’m
not quite sure how to smooth out all the little bumps in the modeling chocolate
because I haven’t worked with it before for this sort of thing but I’ll try and
sort that out in a minute. I’m just gonna scoop out a bit of room for his eyeball
and then I can add them into place. Then obviously we need to build up around the
under eye and for the eyelids. I think this actually would have been easier if
I’d put the eyeball bit in the freezer to firm it up first so it doesn’t get
misshapen and when you’re adding the extra on. Build up the eyes a little bit
more under the eyes there. I really want to say again a huge, huge thank you to
all my patrons. I still can’t believe it. For those of you who don’t know a couple
of weeks ago I put up a video explaining the current situation on YouTube and I
started a Patreon to help this channel continue and I honestly thought there
might only be a few people who could lend a hand but I have been blown away
by your kind messages and your support. It really is amazing and I can’t thank
you enough … if you want to join those people then I’ll put a link to my
Patreon just below so that you can join in with that as well and …
I’m just amazed, I don’t know what else to say but thank you. I really really
thank you I’m really really honoured that you would do that for me. Now at this
stage I think that this is looking like a person … I think that you can definitely
tell it’s supposed to be a human head but I’m not sure that it looks like
Dwayne Johnson. But so far I’ve spent about 10 hours on this so I’m gonna try
smoothing it out using a bit of water and see how it looks. I found that for
any areas are a bit dented in that weren’t supposed to be if you just add a
little bit more modeling chocolate on while you’re smoothing it with water it
seems to smooth out really well. Then it’s got that little vein that sticks
out on one side of his head. Now I don’t even know what the best way to colour
this is … as I said I haven’t actually worked with modeling chocolate to make
anything like this before. First I tried just dusting it with powder but it
didn’t seem to actually work very well, the food coloring powder just got stuck
to anything that was still moist and didn’t really do much anywhere else. So
then I sprayed the head with vegetable cooking oil and then used the powder
again and that gave a much better result. Dabbing the paintbrush on seemed to get
rid of any paint brush strokes so that you didn’t have any lines or streaks in
the colour and it looked a lot more like skin. Then I added some darker colour to
the shaded areas and a bit of colour to the lips … that might be a bit much colour, I don’t want it to look like he’s got makeup on! I’m gonna have to put some flesh tone over
the top of that and then a bit of a shadow for his beard and now for the
eyes … I’m going to add a shadow onto the top bit of the eyeball … how creepy does
that look! Looks as if his eyes have rolled back in his head! Not exactly what we’re
going for … then I guess he needs the coloured bit of his eye. I don’t want to
paint this on so I’m just gonna add some fondant right there. His eyes are very
dark so you can hardly see the pupil but we are gonna need a little bit of white …
I’m just using a bit of fondant there to give that highlight. Now I want you to
look closely at this face and tell me what is wrong with it. As
I said it looks to me like it is a person … it looks like a man but it
doesn’t look like Dwayne Johnson and I’m going to completely rework it and change
it but I want you to tell me if you can pick up what is wrong with it …
what needs changing? At the moment for some reason it reminds me more of Damian
Lewis maybe even a bit of Bruce Willis but definitely not the rock so … this is
my opinion that is what I think needs changing. I think it needs building up
here, here and the side of his head on this side is too skinny compared to that
side of the head. I also think his neck is too skinny amazingly cuz I made it
pretty fat. I tried so hard but there is so much wrong with this! His neck
actually starts going wide from behind his ears from further up than I had it.
Now I’m not sure how this is going to turn out in the end because when I get
back to the colouring stage obviously because I have already colored and now
I’m adding more plain stuff it’s gonna be quite hard to blend that in but
anyway I’m learning at the same time as you so let’s just learn from my mistakes.
I think he needs a little bit more here in the middle and the tip of his nose
needs to be a bit bigger and the shape of his nose was just looking completely
wrong to me so I’m just gonna add a little bit more … change that shape a bit
and now we need to fatten out that side of his head to match the other side so
it’s a bit more symmetrical. I don’t know how I got that so weird but I did and
then I think this sides of his lips are too far forward … the middle is fine but
the sides need to come back and so do those things down the side are they
called jowls? I’m not sure what that’s called when someone smiles and it sticks
out there but he’s it too pronounced I think that is what is making him look
like Damian Lewis. So I’m gonna bring that back, I really feel like I am
completely wrecking this … just cutting pieces off it but I don’t know how else
to fix it … “Don’t cry, don’t cry it’s gonna be okay!” His nose is too skinny where it joins
the face and it needs building up along there and under the eye as
well … obviously I definitely should have left this the day before I coloured it
because if you leave it for a day and come back and kind of look at it with
fresh eyes you can suddenly go oh that’s not right and that’s not right and that
needs fixing but when you’ve been staring at it all day the first time you
were doing it you’re just like yeah yeah that’s as good as I can get it. I would
suggest if you’re wanting to sculpt a face… do your best, then walk away and
leave it for at least 12 hours then come back and look at it again and make the
changes before you color it. You have to get it right before you colour it I’ve
definitely stuffed it up doing this but we’re doing our best. Now if we look at
his eyes you can see too much of his eyelids the top section is more drooped
down so add some extra along there that looks more like it and now I’m going to
try rubbing it with water to smooth those new pieces of modeling chocolate
on and as I thought this is accentuating all the problems we’re going to have
with color, so all the joins all the color is getting stuck there and making
dark lines. So this is going to create major problems but it’s all good because
when you do it you’re not going to color it halfway through.
Now in order to cover all of those problems I’m going to have to make the
color much darker … so this time I’ve mixed the powdered food colouring with a
little bit of cooking oil to make like an edible paint. So I can just paint that
on and I still think you’re going to be able to see those uneven tones through
it but hopefully it’s okay and we can kind of make it work.
Lesson learnt …. get the shape absolutely right before you colour it.
I’m really sorry Dwayne and I’ve made a bit of a mess of your head I don’t think
anyone will be able to recognize who you are, nevermind. Add a bit of shine to the eyes.
My main concern with the eyes now is I actually think they’re set too far back
into his head they need to come forward. And I’m not even going to attempt to fix
that I’m just gonna leave it how it is. Let me know what you think, does it look
more like Dwayne Johnson now or is it worse than before? Have you ever tried to
sculpt a 3D head out of modelling chocolate if so let me know how
went. This was actually a really hard challenge and I just want to say thanks
again to my platinum level patrons and a special shout-out to Cryptozoologic
being a diamond level supporter, crazy mind-blown! And thanks to all the rest
of my patrons too I really am so happy that with your support I can continue
making videos for you. Make it a great week and I’ll see you all soon.

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