Impractical Jokers – Welcome to Planet Bollywood (Deleted Scene) | truTV

Joe: Yeah. Q: Planet Bollywood,
right? Coming to
the fourth floor. Planet Bollywood. More inclusive. You know, more diversive. Yeah. What is “diversive”? Is that a word? “We are pleased to announce
this popular rock-and-roll meets Indian
celeb culture restaurant chain is coming to
the fourth floor.” Will not affect Planet
Hollywood, which is on five. [ Laughter ] I don’t know
if you guys know — When they launched
Planet Hollywood, they had Arnold Schwarzenegger
used to pop in on them as, like — it was a thing
that became known. So we’re hoping
to do the same thing with some
big Bollywood names. Yeah. Murr: Such as? -Priyanka Chopra.
-Priyanka Chopra. We have
a call out to… [ Laughs ]


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