In Iran, A Village Among Volcanic Rocks

– [Narrator] From a distance, this may not look like a village. But get up close and you’ll
see it’s a small settlement built into the heart into
debris of an erupted volcano. (quiet upbeat music) Located in the northwest corner of Iran is the ancient village of Kandovan. These unusual looking peaks were created when now dormant volcano
Mount Sahand erupted thousands of years ago. Over time, the volcanic
ash, lava, and debris hardened to stone and the unique shapes are the result of weathering. Inside the peaks are livable
caves that have been turned into homes by the local villagers. Surprisingly, they are some of
the most economical on earth. The cave’s insulation means no heating or cooling is required. There’s also a mosque, a
public bath, and a school. The term Kandovan is derived
from the Persian word kando meaning beehives. And fittingly, 600 people call these hives their humble home.

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