In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth | Greek Motivational Video

We see indeed a generation and a world that are being occupied by fears, brethren. But when you have the fear of God, you don’t have other fears; but when you don’t have God, you have fears. And we thank God because we enjoy Christ’s peace. In our times, the whole of science bows down and admits that there is a start, a beginning in what we call universe or creation. That which our eyes see and gaze upon and the astronomers with their telescopes are trying to understand. In these incredible dimensions and in the vastness of the universe there is now a world-wide acceptance that there is a beginning. This beginning is situated at some point back in time and that before then nothing had existed and that there is a beginning, a point when which all the material, energy, time and space that exist in the material universe has a beginning. and inside the material universe, brethren, there exists the principle of causality. This principle very simply says this: Everything which begins to exist must have a cause of existence. The universe began existing before a certain amount of time. Therefore, the universe has a cause of existence. And people actually try and struggle to bypass this truth which 70 years now exists and talk about parallel universes and various theories. Not only does science admit that there is a cause which is out of the universe and which necessarily triggered the creation of the universe, but science also outlines its characteristics. From the moment that this cause had triggered the creation of the universe surely it need not be trapped and limited by matter. Therefore, it must be in and out of it first. Second, since time is creation as well, the cause must not be subjected to the decay of time, so it must be eternal. Also, because we see so great forces, this cause must be all-powerful. But because there is such great wisdom in the microcosm, it must be all-wise. Finally, since this cause became after some time the reason for the existence of personalities on this planet, this cause must be a person and be living. Do you know that only the God of the Holy Bible outlines and has these characteristics? Every person in all the earth has inside him the sense of justice, but truly, brethren, if there is no God, then this sense of justice doesn’t make sense. If you and I are simply a result of some random natural processes, then you’re no different from an animal. Then, why do you speak of justice? You know, in the animal kingdom there is no good and evil. When we speak about the evil on this earth, I don’t think that anyone is referring to the animal kingdom. Therefore, brethren, this privilege of knowing good from evil belongs only to humans and is from God, brethren. And it’s something that exists in every human and which cries out to him and says that God exists. There isn’t a single human who, growing up as a child, won’t look at the sky and wonder “Do you exist, my God?” This, brethren, is a miracle; it’s a part of the divine within humans, the conscience, which shouts to him and pushes him, saying “I exist; know me”. “I am the fount of living waters”. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of lights. Only in Isaiah, brethren, there are over 100 prophecies which speak about the coming of the Messiah, about the person of Lord Jesus Christ. You know, when the gnostic philosophers were confronted with this great truth, in order to surpass it, the only thing they tried to do was to transfer the writings of Isaiah after Christ. They said that book can’t have been written 600 or 700 years before Christ; they wrote it after Christ and set a false before Christ date on it. But when in 1947, in the caves of Qumran, scrolls with prophet Isaiah were discovered which were dated as back as 200 BC, all the mouths, brethren, were silenced. At some point Jesus Christ asked his disciples “Who do people say that I am, me the son of man?” and the disciples replied “Others say you’re Elijah and others one of the prophets”. And Jesus turned and said “But who do you say that I am?” At that moment Peter exclaimed, without rush but with understanding that “You are the Christ, the son of the living God” Every person must make up their mind and give an answer as to who Christ is. If you ask a lot of people, like at that time, most answers you will get are that He was a rebel, a good man, a fundamentalist ideologist, the founder of a religion and many others. Truly, though, there are only two possibilities if one looks into it: either he was the greatest deceiver of all human history or he is the son of the living God. There’s no middle way. He preached and declared words that no one dared to say. “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me” At another occasion he said “I am the light of the world; whoever walks with me shall not stumble” Also he said that “whoever believes in me shall not see death but shall have life” Elsewhere he said “whoever drinks of the living water that I shall give, living waters shall flow from his belly” He spoke of resurrection; of life everlasting. And he said to His disciples that “he who loses his life for My and the Gospel’s sake, shall forever save it” Therefore, if he had been an idealist fundamentalist, an ideologist, then he jeopardized the millions of people that were thrown into the arenas with lions or the fiery furnaces. Those people gave their life. For what? For an ideology? For an empty and futile hope of eternal life? For a risen Jesus who wasn’t truly risen? If Jesus were simply an idealist, then have nothing to do with Him; don’t be concerned with Him. But if what He said, which were written, that He is the son of God, then things are very serious. For at some point you and me shall stand before Him and, then, He shall not be a humble rabbi but He shall be the Lord of glory, before whom, writes Paul to the Philippians, the knee of every being in heaven, on earth and below the earth shall bow and every mouth shall confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

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