Incredible undersea scenery in Great Barrier Reef! [Battle Trip/2017.10.15]

(The second morning in Cairns) – So relaxing. / – Let’s go now. Do you know where we’re going? Yes. Yes. Great Barrier Reef. – That place is amazing. / – What is that place? – It’s a work of art. / – That’s really famous. (2,000km of coral reef that you can see from space) – You can see this in space. / – Yes. It’s the only natural landscape you can see in space. – The no. 2 place to visit before you die? / – Right. We’re seeing this now. This coral reef is bigger than our country. A beautiful beach and coral reef. The beauty of the tropics… Don’t you have to go in the water to see the coral reef? Yes. Have you ever snorkeled? – No, I haven’t. / – You haven’t. – I really… / – You should try it. Don’t like the water. – Really? / – You’ve never gone snorkeling? I don’t even go in the cold bath. As I just said… – You won’t be able to help yourself. / – No cold bath. I’m okay with jumping. I’m even okay with jumping from space. – Really? / – But I can’t go in the sea. Can I just float on the water? You’re the opposite of me. – It’s quite surprising. / – I did everything in the end. They said you’ll land on sea after skydiving and it was believable. – This is it. / – Hello. – Hello. / – You’re speaking Korean. – Nice to meet you. / – What is this? – I’ll help you. / – Okay. – That’s convenient. / – He’s our guide. So much easier with a Korean guide. Hold this. You two will do Battle Trip now. They will start their trip now. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Where are you going? Come here. I’m going to grab you by the neck. Wait… He must really be afraid of water. It’s really hard for people who are afraid of water. Did something happen to you? It’s because I haven’t been in the water a lot. It feels like you have to go in when it’s so beautiful. You’ll see that my fear of water disappears right away. I feel seasick. (Blank) (Even the camera is seasick) They look so tired. It takes 2 hours by boat? – Yes, 2 hours. / – I’m seasick. You said you were seasick. I’m eating that to help my seasickness. That’s why he’s eating. It helps when my stomach gets upset. What are you doing? I’m taking medicine for my seasickness. – I’m seasick. / – Won’t that hurt your jaw joints? I’m eating this because I’m going to be sick. I’m not eating because I want to. I’m eating this in case I throw up. – Are you there? / – Isn’t it a work of art? – Look at that. / – It doesn’t make sense. – So pretty. / – It’s the open sea. – You can see everything. / – In the middle of the sea. This is a pontoon. They cast a net to be safe from things like sharks. We have to return to the pontoon. – That’s amazing. / – It’s to be safe. – There’s a reason why they have it. / – Yes. – That’s amazing. / – What’s down there? You need to go in the water. Look at the fish. It’s half fish and half people. That’s all fish you see over there. – That was so pretty. / – The sea is really pretty. – Aren’t you seasick? / – I’m okay now. Let’s take a photo. 1, 2, 3. That’s amazing. The photos look really good. Look. – That’s amazing. / – You can change the sharpness. Save! They have fun with each other. – It’s a little gross. / – I thought we were adorable. – Hey. / – They’re doing a helicopter tour. – We took a helicopter. / – Really? We could choose our course. – That looks expensive. / – Did you spend $9,000? A helicopter would be expensive. – They rode a helicopter here? / – Helicopter rides… Are always the most expensive. – It was expensive. / – That’s right. – Nicole Kidman lent us hers. / – The money… – It was worth it. / – Yes. – You have to see this. / – Of course. There’s a lot of coral reefs floating. They float really low. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Are those all coral reefs? – Yes. / – They’re pink in real life. – Is it 2,000km? / – Yes. – It’s why you can see it in space. / – Yes. It’s the biggest coral reef in the world. It’s so pretty. Going into the middle of the reef. I couldn’t say anything because I didn’t know how to express it. Look down. It looks like land. The water is so clean, it looks like land. I can’t believe this. I wish my eyes could record things like this. – To record? / – To look at it again. I can’t believe that these are beneath me. Seriously. I can’t really discern blue. Jinwoon, I can’t really discern blue. But I know that it’s a really beautiful color. – Of course. / – Yes. – The color is beautiful. / – You said something cool. It would be hard to make a color like that. It was so beautiful. This was worth the cost. I’m sad that it’s almost over. I’m really sad. – I wish… / – Yes? – That this place wouldn’t change. / – Of course. Seriously. I wish such beautiful views would stay the same. Let’s go in the water since we saw it from the sky. You need to see it up close. Okay. I wouldn’t do it if I hadn’t seen it from the sky. I’m curious as to what it looks like under the water. – I know. / – Let’s just do it. It was my first time diving into the ocean. – Really? / – Yes. It was my first time in life. – Your first time in 30 years or so? / – Yes. (AuCair AuCair Tour’s Great Barrier Reef) (Scuba diving) (They get ready to dive into the water) Take a look at his back. Yo, man. Yo, man. – People there were excited to see him. / – Seriously. This feels weird. What’s this? Is this a motion sickness patch? Wait. What happened? Why is it on his ankle? Why is it attached here? I took it off on the boat… Because the boat ride was over. Why did you put it on your knee? How did it get on his ankle? (Wind blowing) How did this happen? I was just worried his foot might get seasick. – I did it for Jinwoon. / – I didn’t know that. This is why I didn’t get seasick. – So funny. / – That’s… That’s funny. Goddess of victory is with us. – That’s so funny. / – This is hilarious. – It has two effects. / – They made us laugh… Using a motion sickness patch. Let’s go if you’re ready. (Jinwoon, I’m scared) Go, buddy! – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Let’s shout out our slogan and get this over with. AuCair, AuCair, AuCair, hoo! – He’s not in the mood. / – He’s afraid. You were scared, right? I was really terrified. But… – We were fully trained. / – I see. – After the training… / – You can breathe in there. Right. (Great Barrier Reef) (The beautiful scenery in the sea is revealed now) Look at that. You wouldn’t want to leave that place. I didn’t want to leave. How can you want to leave after seeing that? I even thought the fish were amazing. They look very comfortable in the water. When you get into the water, it becomes silent. You can enjoy time by yourself there. Exactly. It looks so peaceful. I have the scuba diving license, but I’ve never been in such a beautiful ocean. It looks amazing. – Thanks, Hyoyeon. / – I really want to go there. (The camera director is surprised to see something) – There’s a big fish. / – What’s that? – He’s surprised. / – What is it called? – Wally. / – It’s called Wally. – Wally? / – Yes. I was surprised. – What? / – It’s huge! It was this big. – It’s really big. / – What? – It was very huge. / – It was amazing. It was very friendly though. – What is it doing? / – It comes to us to say hello. – Hello? / – Gosh. It looks like it’s from a cartoon. It stayed right next to us. It’s cute. Isn’t he getting too close? – It’s like a pet dog. / – It’s saying hi. It has very thick lips. It has a funny head. It’s dancing with Jinwoon. Look at that. It went right past us. – Gosh, that’s amazing. / – You should touch its tail. – It’s like an imaginary fish. / – We’re not supposed to… – Touch it. / – I see. I understand that. It’s so funny. In fact, it’s listed as an endangered species. It’s a Napoleon fish. – Napoleon fish? / – Yes. (Tired) It was nice, wasn’t it? I’m tired. – But it was beautiful. / – I know. – I think it is worth being tired for. / – I know. We just did what you wanted. Let’s eat now. Okay. Let’s eat what you want now. Thank you for the food. It looks delicious. (A huge feast) This… It’s included in the admission fee. But it’s really good. Is it included in the fee? Yes. It’s included in the admission fee. I thought it was on you. You got me. When you play in the water, you get really hungry. We went up to the sky and into the sea today. – I know. / – It’s so delicious. I can’t believe we’re eating on a boat. – It’s so good, isn’t it? / – Yes. It’s really good. (AuCair AuCair Tour’s Great Barrier Reef) (Having fun in the water) It looks fun. – Look at that. / – They have rides there. I’m afraid of water because I don’t want to fall into it. So I wasn’t afraid of scuba diving as I stayed in the water. This was more frightening. I had to fall into the water. – There’s a slide. / – This one? (The water slide is connected to the cold sea) – This is scary. / – You can’t swim. But the kids there were having fun. It’s okay if you wear a life vest. (Splashing) I’m nervous. – I’ll go now. / – Okay. I envied him. The slide is quite long. – It was really long. / – Right. It’s connected to the boat. If you go down the slide, you go into the sea. It’s huge. Good job, Jinwoon. (Must I do that too?) It’s so fun. It’s really good. He looks like concerned Na Munhui. It’s really good. I’m still afraid. Just come here. Don’t push me. You wait and see. You won’t get away with this, Jinwoon! Why does he whine so much? (He drank the sea water) He didn’t hold his breath. I dove into the water while drinking it. (Let’s have fun then!) The water is so clear. – It looks beautiful. / – It is an interesting boat. I bet she spent 2 hours in the water. It’s so beautiful. (Jinwoon looks down at the sea from the surface) You can’t touch the coral, can you? – You’re not supposed to touch it. / – You just look. (Hyeoksoo is exhausted after drinking the sea water) Jinwoon. This is amazing, isn’t it? Let’s go home. – Let’s go. / – Where did you get the tube? We’ve had enough. It’s beautiful.

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