Inner layer of the earth // Vicky Martu and Juli

inner layers of the earth crust the
earth crust is a thin shell on the outside of the earth I’ll concede for
less than 1% of Earth volume it is the top component of little sphere the cross
variants from around 5 kilometer thick in the ocean floor to around 70
kilometer thick on land where we live called the continental crust
the crust is split into two types continental and oceanic continental
crust make up the land on earth it is thicker 35 to 70 kilometers less
dense and mostly made up of the rock granite the continental crust is made up
of that consists primarily of silica and alumina called a sail oceanic
crust make up most of the oceans it’s thinner 5 to 7 kilometers denser and
mostly made up of the rock basalt mantle just below the crust lies the mantle the
mountain is semi-liquid sort of like mid-level plastic and make up 84 percent
of Earth volume earth mantel is broken down into three main zones the
nightosphere channel sphere and mesosphere their leaders here is avid
confusing since it make up bowls the lower part of the crest and upper part
of the mantle the asthenosphere is where the mantle turns much more fluid and
flows along and above line tectonic plates to drift a clear across earth
the deepest part of the mantle is the mesosphere where temperatures and
pressures got so high that the rock becomes too more rigid and doesn’t flow
as easily Toni plates tonic plates our combination of the
crust and the outer mantle also called the little sphere these plates move very
slowly I run a couple of inches a year where
the plates touch each other it’s called a fault when the plates move on the
boundaries bump up against each other it can cause earthquake volcano reckons
tsunamis etc outer core the outer core lies beneath the mantle this liquid iron
and nickel layer spins adds the planet rotates and creates earth magnetic field
these magnetic fields helps to protect us from the Sun solar radiation inner
core the inner core is the deepest layer on earth it is also made up of iron and
nickel but the pressure is so high that it’s no longer leg with the temperatures
in the inner core are as hot as the surface of the Sun fun fact mantle the
most common mineral in the mantle is element which is also know as peridot
when the mineral is him liquid outer core without the outer course
magnetic field of planets would resemble the barren planet of Mars in the core
earth in Terkel is growing in size by a 1 by 1 millimetre per year eventually
the entire hotel will solidifying as part of the inner core

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