International Students Pay FEES With SALARY! Life at University of Waterloo

so college is little bit isolated from the city. Co-op culture of Waterloo is very popular So to go to Waterloo i will have to change 3 buses. I though it will be covered in the day pass but it will not be. I is super expensive $20. Hopefully after 3 buses. I will take uber little bit walk. So it is very challenging I want to share when I first heard about Waterloo it was when I was at HackGT (Georgia Tech) I can’t say one is better or the other Finals are starting in 1 week here Whole campus has Pianos every where so that student can play. Can’t be stolen as it is huge Students come in a line here and then wait for their turn for mock interview and resume reviews Student choose this university just because of the co-op culture After spending that much money students didn’t want to be secluded from Downtown. so that’s why they don’t come here. is that true? Ride share program costs only $20 to go to downtown from here so not that inconvenient on a weekly basis


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