Introduction to LANDSCAPE, land conservation software

LANDSCAPE is internet based software
available to users through a web browser from any internet-connected device.
LANDSCAPE can track every aspect of a conservation project from acquisition to
stewardship to disposition. LANDSCAPE merges three major elements of your conservation program: Project data, interactive maps, and documents into a harmonious interface that makes it easy to track your acquisitions, manage your
obligations, and communicate your success. LANDSCAPE makes it easier to take your
conservation acquisitions from first contact with a landowner to closing.
Create customized internal approval and task checklists, assign tasks to team
members, and set due dates to ensure important details don’t slip through the
cracks. Email notifications and dashboard alerts will remind you of upcoming
deadlines. No acquisition detail is left uncatpured. Track environmental
assessments, title work appraisals, purchase agreements, and funding sources
for both capital and transaction costs. Store all of your important documents
online and retrieve them from anywhere you have an internet connection. Need to
find a copy of the board resolution approving your project? It’s as easy as
typing a few key words. LANDSCAPE puts your properties’ monitoring and land
management history at your fingertips with interactive mapping of photo points,
areas of concern, visit routes and management activity locations. Attach the
photos you take in the field to your map data. Keep track of land owner reserved
rights and required approvals and notifications. Merge your data with your
own custom monitoring forms to take into the field or store in your paper
archives. LANDSCAPE is not just for your land protection and stewardship staff.
With the conservation dashboard the key stories of your land conservation
success are readily available to everyone in your organization without
the need to search through documents, ask the land protection staff, or perform
complex queries. LANDSCAPE is the best tool for managing land conservation
projects because it was developed by a land conservation professional who
understands the work of land trusts. See what a difference this
makes with a free 30-day trial of landscape today.

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