Ireland Landscape Photography Kinnagoe Bay Donegal

In this video I’m in Kinnagoe Bay. it’s
secluded beach on the Inishowen Peninsula in County Donegal Ireland. It is also
known for the wreck of the Spanish Armada ship La Trinidad On the
16th of September 1588 it crashed upon the rocks in the crystal-clear water
just off the beach here in 1971 local divers found the wreck after searching
for two years there’s a plaque on the edge of the beach that goes into more
detail on the la Tinidad and Kinnago bay Sharon and I have come to this
sheltered Bay to take some long exposure photos with the camera I’m going to use
the six stopped and the ten stop nisi filters to try and blur the action
of the waves around the rocks along the coast Kinnagoe Bay is a secluded Bay on the
Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal It is a good place to take
long exposure photos with the rocks and the waves I found some rocks protruding out of the
sand of the beach so I decided to use this for my composition I set up my
camera and took out my filters okay what am using here is a NiSi 6
stop ND filter that should allow me to show this slow the shutter speed down so
we can get sort of that milky sort of water when the waves come in using the
six top ND filter i set the shutter speed to three seconds
f11 iso 100 then i set a timer for two seconds and i got this shot I wasn’t
happy with the photo. The composition just wasn’t right
it needed a bigger rock or something to anchor in the center of the picture
better than what it is right now I decided to pack up my things and then
further on down the beach to see if I could find some other rocks that would
be better for the composition Eventually I came across some rocks that
were going to be better for the pictures what I’m trying to do here is I am playing
around with the shutter speeds to see which is gonna be the best shutter speed
for the picture that I’m trying to get them trying to use the ND filter to blur out the waves smoky effect to the water coming up so
I’m going parent Lee in that 1.6 seconds of what 2 seconds between an air sac
I’ll just keep playing around I actually get what I’m looking for
the end of the day it’s really just a trial and error you just keep playing
around with a plea actually get you looking for him
while you do it set into the best for those like like
condition it’s actually too dark right now for the
Ottawa autofocus actually work right so if that ever happens what you can do
is you just remove the filter use autofocus I manually focus the camera then I took
this shot and then a little bit later I took this
photograph it was starting to get dark and it
looked like rain clouds were coming in so we decided to call it a day and pack
up her things we start heading home well I hope you’ve got something like
this today at least you got to see how I were what how are you – my Nessie
filters to blur the waves coming in from the ocean around rocks if you let me
know leave the comments if you use nasty filters if
you use leave filters if there’s any other type of footage by huge or any
other comment until next time I will see you later


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