ISRO Launches GSAT-7A Satellite into Space | General Awareness for RPF, SSC & Bank

Press the Bell Icon to never miss a video from Hello friends and welcome to this video. ISRO which stands for Indian Space Research Organization recently launched the Indian Angry Bird Satellite from Sriharikota Year 2018 proved to be very successful and important for ISRO. This year, ISRO launched a lot of satellites from different departments. In this video we will talk about ISRO’s history, major achievements and some important satellites. Before starting the video, here’s a question for you: Do yo know who is the present chairman of ISRO? If you know its answer, do comment below. You will get its answer by the end of this video. Let’s start. In the year 1962, India decided to enter into the Space. And with the vision of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, INCOSPARE i.e.Indian National Committee of Space Research was born. In the year 1962, Thumba Equitorial Rocket Launching Station was established. This was India’s first rocket launching station which was renamed to Vikram Sarabhai’s space center in order to honor him. In the year 1969, INCOSPARE got transformed to ISRO. And the first satellite of India, Aryabhatta, got launched in the year 1975. This satellite was crafted in Bangalore but it was launched from Soviet Union. The first satellite of India, Rohini was launched in 1980, which was assembled in India and launched from India as well. After this, India had designed two launching vehicles for itself which are PSLV & GSLV. So let’s talk about them in brief. PSLV which stands for Polar Satellite Launching vehicle is a launching vehicle which are used to launch other satellites to low height orbits. These are sent on polar positions. GSLV which is known as Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle are used to set communication satellites into geosynchronous transfer orbits. So this means, if we need to send a light weight satellite to low height orbits we will use PSLV. And if we need to send a heavy weight satellite to higher orbit we will use GSLV. Now let’s talk about some major achievements of ISRO. In the year 2017, ISRO launched 104 satellites via PSLV C-37 In the year 2013, the first interplanetary mission by ISRO was successfully launched when they launched the Mars Orbital Mission successfully. This was first such Mars Mission which got successful in the every first attempt. In the year 2008, India’s first mission to moon went successful when they successfully launched Chandrayan 1. Do you know, ISRO’s every single mission is very cost effective. because ISRO’s budget is very less in comparison to NASA. But every achievement is comparable to NASA’s standard. And in the end, the answer to the question we asked in the start of this video, ISRO’s present Chairman is Dr. K Sivan. Many of you might have the dream of working with ISRO. So refer the Testbook Blog, where you will get all the updates regarding the latest Recruitment Drive by ISRO. Do let us know how you find this video, in the comment section below. Do not forget to share this video with your friends. Thank you for watching and All The Best for your Exams.


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