Journey on my Glitchy Night – 2 Planets & a Moon

what’s going on, why won’t that go off hmm try to figure this out, what’s going on
here well I used to be able to shut it off what is going on why can I not shut this off let me stop this and try again,
alrighty, I don’t know what’s going on at the moment I’m on the Canon 80D with a Canon 17-55 f/2.8 lens and, uh, just out here testing and normally when I record
on to the ninja flame I’m able to shut off the settings information and all of
a sudden I can’t, that’s what happens and I’m really not ready to take any
footage or anything but I am on that, okay what is going on there’s got to be a
reason for that hmm
let me do something else here, yeah well heh, looks like a half moon there, of Jupiter I think that’s the best you’re gonna be able to
get that So I got the focus on Jupiter but the neighbors tonight are a 68.9% lit moon and Saturn over to the left of it alright this is driving me nuts I can’t
figure out why ah, it pisses me off when I change
settings and I don’t know what I changed and screw everything, oh my, well anyway today is
uh I don’t know what day of the week and I don’t know what the date is
it’s September though of 2019, the first week I think September 7th and maybe a Saturday,
we’ll go with that, anyway this is, uh Northeastern Ohio, and I am just not
understanding what is going on frick hmm
that’s a pretty cool shot, there is a maybe a star in Sagittarius but seems to be
coming out, the one that’s below Saturn there anyway that’s as far as we can
zoom in it’s only a 17 to 55 lens, so yeah something is weird, is it because
I’m using a Canon lens instead of the Tamron I don’t know, we’ll have to test that yeah I buggered something up, damnit that’s interesting, alright, well we’ll have to troubleshoot that later, anyway,
y’all take care, it’s 8:19 p.m. right now, bye now Well hello there, I didn’t think we’d be
able to get anything tonight because we had some really awful
cloudy skies some real dark gray ones too but as the evening wore on the
clouds faded away and so we do have a look at two of the planets and a moon
over here and tonight Saturn is next to the moon, off to it’s a left, I’ll put a
few pictures in here. I was having some technical issues, but I was already
centered on Saturn so let’s uh I mean aligned and all that (There was a man on the other side of my fence talking on his phone, and it made me uneasy, so I was quiet during the Saturn view) sorry there’s somebody right next to my
fence and it’s making me a bit uneasy so I’ll just be real quiet here and say goodnight to Saturn okay I think he finally headed off, but
anyway, um so we had our look at Saturn there and, but this should be a 68.9% lit moon 69, whatever, yoi, kids, anyway both
Saturn and the moon are in the south and Jupiter’s in the southwest let me try to get this situated, zoomed in, and mess with the focus here a bit okay so down around here, should be
where that Indian mission to the moon I’m not sure how you pronounce the Lander
and all that, but yesterday it was supposed to land down here on the South
Pole somewhere but they lost communication with it, and so I’m guessing
it crashed on the surface boy I’m just having all kinds of issues
today, things are just not working right for me all right this is the cool area, maybe I
can get the focus in better anyway so I don’t even know if I’ll put
a video up tonight because um, I don’t know I’m kind of out of sorts here I can’t seem to do anything the usual
way, it’s almost like I got dropped into a different matrix,
dimension, another reality, or something but just one of those weird days, I don’t
know if you’ve had them but I do all right so there’s the big guy and we’ll just take a real quick
run over to Jupiter since we’re out oh my god I am out of sorts Well that don’t look like Jupiter to me well crap let’s try this again fucking hell okay yeah I’m definitely out of sorts
tonight so, I’ll be right back trying to get a clip of Jupiter, trying to dial in Jupiter better but having issues with that too fuck (BOOM!) okay lets hope it wasn’t gunfire, cuz that was loud, alright, I’m having all kinds of issues (BOOM!) fuck so we’ll try this again, this whole night is becoming a shambles so nothing is
going right for me, like I said I’m just so out of sorts, like I stepped into a
different dimension, oh my, but it’s quite hard to see because Jupiter’s not coming
in the greatest but it looks like the great red spots down there in the lower
right and I did want to try something or I wanted to show y’all something, um
probably screw up the audio but I’ll try it anyway just a second here, okay I was
trying to get all four planets of the planet moons around Jupiter in, I’m gonna get a clip there of it okay I believe we have Ganymede out in
front Callisto way out to the far top right, er,
top left, and IO and Europa over to the left of Jupiter and we’re not zoomed in
all the way because I couldn’t get Callisto in there we go what I wanted to show
you was, okay we’re on the Sky Watcher telescope mount which tracks the planets
and moons and all that so it kind of keeps it pretty stable, now if I go and
shut that off, if I can figure out how to do that, you’re gonna see how fast the
planet goes out of frame when we’re zoomed in as far as we are, and being so
out of sorts I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this, I’ll try to find the
right stop tracking, okay,
I’m gonna push it now and there they go on their journey yeah just a few seconds they’re gone and out
of frame, so Ganymede, now Jupiter Europa & Io are heading down next and
Callisto’s falling back behind, anyway I just want to show you what it looks like
when you’re zoomed in so far without a tracking. Oh and we filmed the video part
with the Nikon P1000 camera, recording onto the Atomos Ninja Flame, using the
Sky-Watcher AZ-GTI telescope mount to track the planets and moons, and the still
pictures were taken on the Canon 80D and I used two lens, I have a, the new Canon
17-55mm, I was trying that out, and then the new Rokinon a 16 millimeter, I think
that’s an f/2, and the Canon one was an F/2.8 so, that lets in more light, but I
really wasn’t able to, I didn’t have much of a sky here to be able to try to shoot
for the Milky Way, not when the moon is right where the band of the Milky Way
should be, yeah the big guys in the way tonight that’s gonna do it on this unusual night
for me. Don’t ya just have those days when things just are not right and, I don’t
know, nothing’s going right for you everything seems off, that’s what I’m
having today and tonight, it’s kind of hard to explain if you’ve never been
through it before, so it’s like stepping into another reality where things are
the same but slightly different and not the usual Mandela effect type of uh
weirdness, even something different than that, I don’t know. okay well on this
strange day and night I’m gonna wave goodbye for now, hopefully put a few
pictures in here, if I even do a video because I know this is really poor
tonight, so I’m gonna wish you all a safe one and a fun weekend ahead too – all right
y’all take care, good night now.


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