Joyce Landscaping adds trommel screen to operation

(rock music) – I’m Christopher Joyce. I’m the President of Joyce Landscaping out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. And I love what I do. I love creating things. I love building things. I’ve done it since I was a young boy. We use Vermeer equipment. We use their stump grinding equipment. We have for years. That’s how we got introduced
to Vermeer many years ago. But now we’ve used this screener
for the last eight years, this machine that we use every single day. You know, we bring raw
material off the job sites and we screen it onsite here, and sometimes we’ll bring
the material to the jobs. So for us, a trommel
screen is a no-brainer because we need to screen year round. We can’t shut down when it’s wet. We can’t shut down when it’s cold. Obviously, today is the
middle of the winter. We need tens of thousands
of yards of material every single year of
processed screened loam. We wanted to really be a green company and deal with the waste
in a positive manner. So the trommel screen has
been a game changer for us. As we’re ripping properties apart prepping for landscapes, we’re not paying to
get rid of the material because now we’re taking the material, we’re processing it, and then we’re creating
finished screened loam, and then we’re not buying
it in the marketplace. – It’s a great, great tool for the company that we have. It’s a great addition to
the company in the yard from the screens we used
to have 10 years ago. This machine is been totally awesome. I do really have a good
relationship with the machine. I can count on it. It’s reliable. It’s my best friend. – Bill, our territory manager, he brought this machine down
for us to demo and look at. And Bill really spent
a lot of time with us because this was a big move for us and how, you know, what
were the differences, gave us some scenarios, really worked with us on, you know, big piece of equipment. You know, worked on financing options, and really made it a
comfortable transaction for a large piece of equipment, and has been there eight years later throughout some times
when we’ve needed some technical support, parts and what not. Very attentive. – It’s been a great fit for them. They use it everyday it seems. You know, they get a lot
of material out of that. They’ve grown quite a bit. They’ve almost doubled in size since we’ve been doing business with them. – Talk to the dealer, get the Vermeer trommel
screen or in for a demo. You’ll see it can work through anything. It’s gonna make your
business more efficient because you’re screening all the time. You don’t get shut down in bad weather. I do love this trommel screen. We’ve had it now for eight years. And the amount of material, that beautiful material that
we made every single day for the last eight years
makes me very proud and very happy.

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