Kai “Is this a sandwich or a rock?” [Sooro’s Rovers /2019.07.08]

Lucky? I think the power went out. Kai, what do we do? The power is out. Did you sleep well? I think the power went out. It did. What? How’d you know? We can just wait for it to come back on. How do we wash up? What do we do? We can shower with cold water. Are you okay? The power isn’t working. You sound like you have a bad cold. I’m going to look ugly. You are ugly. (In shock / Actress insulted in the dark) Don’t be worried if the power goes out. (Beep beep) (Is the power back?) That’s my phone. That shocked me. I thought the power came back on. Blackouts are common in India, so we don’t worry about them. This is just part of life. Really? India has lots of blackouts? I wasn’t flustered by the blackout. It’s common in India. It’s so hot in India, about 40 degrees, so from April to July, so many people turn on the AC that there are 3-4 hour blackouts. People have generators at home. So blackouts are a part of life. They don’t shock me. (Meanwhile) (Pitch dark / The youngest still thinks it’s nighttime) (Is it morning?) (Stirring) (Is it broken?) (Finally realizes what happened) What can we eat? (Pitch dark) The lights aren’t working. I made food last night. Really? Do you have a lighter? You’ll light it with a lighter? Yeah. A lighter is enough to light it. I already made food. – It’s good. / – Really? – You made this? / – Yes. – In a pot? / – Yes. You’re a good cook. (Busy preparing breakfast) (Peeking in) Hello. Hi, Kai. There’s a blackout. (Mr. Pop Star couldn’t see the mirror in the dark) It’s cold. Get dressed. What’s with your hair? What’s with your hair? (An average morning for the youngest) You look colder. There’s a blackout. It’s not working here either. I’ll go hang up my clothes. I’ll turn it on. Give it a try. Be careful. (Succeeds at turning it on with a lighter) – Did you see this? / – I did. Aren’t I good? Yes, you are. We need you. Make sure you bring me next time. This tastes good. What are you eating? It’s good because you’re hungry. (Kai comes back dressed) Thank you. It’s so good. It is? It’s out of this world. The bread is rock solid. It’s like eating rocks. (Rock sandwich delivery) It’s so good. Give me a bite. Just take it all. Bro… Let’s just have that for breakfast. (Great-tasting sandwich in midst of crisis) That tastes good. That’s why you have to buy it. Yeah, you have to buy that. – Cooking won’t work. / – We have to buy food. Who told you to cook? They meant for you to buy it at a restaurant. We don’t have the budget. Budget? We have to earn money. We have to spend what we earn. We’ve only been spending.


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