Keys to Success in an Evolving Digital Landscape | Travel Thought Leaders

The pressure that we’re under in
marketing right now to create more demand is – it’s pretty palpable. We can’t
be satisfied with the way we’ve always done things and especially in digital
media, things evolve so quickly, we’ve always got to be looking for an edge and
trying to stay ahead of the competition. One of the most beautiful things about
digital media is obviously how measurable it is and how optimizable it
is and so we don’t do anything without having some expectation of
performance, and the ultimate expectation is obviously to get people to the site,
get them back to the site, retarget them, continue to do that until they actually
book. Whenever we launch something, like the Celebrity Revolution, you really need
to be able to maximize the investment that you put against it and get the best
possible results. We have to do so much with our marketing spend, but it’s really
essential that every dollar is doing the most that it can possibly do for us. That
it’s measurable, that it’s optimizable, and that we’re experimenting with
technologies and partners that we haven’t used before. Given the
expectations on performance and frankly the lack of time that we tend to
have, the teams have worked together really, really collaboratively. We tend to
just kind of roll up our sleeves and be high engagement kind of client. And so
Sojern and Adphorus worked really well with our team in terms of just figuring
out the goals, figuring out how to execute quickly, and at a really high

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