Kichler Lighting: LED Landscape Accent Lighting

Kichler’s integrated LED accent lighting
is the ideal choice to highlight trees, architectural features, walkways, yard art
and other landscape elements. Deliver professional results with uplighting,
downlighting, shadowing, silhouetting and much more with Kichler’s best-in-class
LED accent lights. Choose from a variety of beam spreads, lumen outputs, color
temperatures and finishes to match any design requirement and use cowles, lenses and additional accessories to further refine and perfect your desired end effect. Engineered to deliver precise beam spreads without the cutoff found with
many drop-in products Kichler integrated LED landscape
lighting products carry light exactly where you need 10 degrees for tall thin
applications. 35 degrees for medium height and width elements. 60 degrees for short wide beams on broad structures or trees. And 120 degrees, ideal
for wall washing and spacious objects. With heavy diecast construction, integrated
constant current drivers, thick tempered glass and fully sealed electronics our
integrated technology provides extended LED life. Also it’s backed with an
industry-leading 15-year warranty Kichler products and support are with
you every step of the way so you can deliver a beautiful and functional end
effect every time

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