Kick Asteroid! A Kickstarter to defend the Earth from asteroid impact

Greetings, Bill Nye here, CEO of the
Planetary Society.
And I’m Thomas Romer of Chop Shop store. I’m a graphic designer.
Every few thousand years the Earth gets hit with an asteroid as big as a
football stadium, does a lot of damage. Every few million years the Earth gets
hit with quite a bit larger object, a few miles or kilometers across. That’s what
happened to these guys. I’m sorry about that, Steve. What can i guide like me do
to avert such a disaster?
I’m so glad you asked what we’re gonna do is raise
awareness. Get everybody thinking about the importance of planetary defense. So
what we want to do is get everybody to wear cool t-shirts, cool pins, buttons.
Posters on your wall, and you’d have them on the wall and you’d be talking about
it and eventually our lawmakers would realize the importance of it and we
would make sure we fund the telescopes we need to search the skies and the
spacecraft we need to give an asteroid with our name on it a little bit of a
nudge. This is quite doable, but first thing we
want to do is get everybody talking about it. That’s the key and that’s where
Thomas and ChopShop come in. Working together we can dare I say it…
kick asteroid! It’s a Kickstarter campaign to kick asteroid.
We should use that as the name. That’s brilliant! Do you like that Steve? Oh yes. Steve loves it. Kick asteroid! We can defend the earth, so
join our alliance raise awareness of an asteroid impact.


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