Kingspan Planet Passionate

No matter area of construction you work you
have the power to make a real difference in the fight to protect our planet. Because buildings now contribute to 36% of
global energy use and 39% of global carbon emissions, and because construction is responsible for
30% of landfill, any positive action we take will have a profound impact. At Kingspan, we passionately believe that
our industry can and must transform the way we manufacture, design and build. And we want to play our part in making this
happen. So we’ve been asking ourselves some big questions. Can we as a group make real changes across
our worldwide footprint? Can we make our products with more clean energy,
and aim to drive carbon out of our operations and supply chain? Can we use more renewable and recycled materials
in our manufacturing? Can we make our products in factories that
use harvested rainwater and create zero waste and deliver them in recyclable packaging? Can we partner with others in our industry
to develop new systems and protocols to enable re-use and recycling of materials at the end
of a building’s life? And can we as a company commit to proactively
protecting our natural environment and wildlife? Our answer to these big questions is Planet
Passionate. A 10-year collaborative initiative across
our 130 manufacturing facilities with measurable targets and positive impacts. Realistic and achievable targets are now set
for: Energy and Carbon in Manufacturing
Renewable Energy generation including Solar Power
Zero Emission Company Cars Carbon Alignment with our Primary Supply Chain
Harvesting Rainwater Removable of Company Waste from Operations
Recycling and Upcycling As well as Ocean and Wildlife cleanup and
conservation projects We’ve established our new IKON innovation
centre to harness the latest advances in material science and digital technologies to make this
happen while also delivering safer and healthier buildings that generate real value for our
customers. And we are creating new partnerships as part
of our sustainability journey to help achieve net zero carbon buildings that are part of
the circular economy. Please join us to share your ideas for sustainable
building and to explore how we can work together to make them a reality. Kingspan Planet Passionate – playing our part
to help make a difference.

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