Kyrie Irving Believes the Earth Is Flat: ‘THEY LIE TO US!”.

wait wait wait wait wait right here this is what I want this I want to get that let’s get at it Kyrie Irving do you believe there are alien okay yeah i’m asking okay yeah I believe yang for I don’t believe there is no I don’t even want to say LOL i just want to say that there are extraterrestrial being a hundred percent exist or their our universe in the universe yes I would agree universe and I’m going first I would I i would agree with that in the vast universe oh my god yeah i would say i would say yet do you believe you have to drive it around yes I do ok you believe that were different yes but I heard the new one that they’re just don’t do one there is doing it was ok i heard some crazy bleep really that we are you believe really just upgrade your bedroom shout out to you you can do I they listen to supercuts yet we got 2/3 flap don’t know this but oh here we go over this like if that’s I with the other guard ago the earth is not flat don’t show up but I know I don’t say they’re not plateau that your that all of these things all these things that particular groups i want even pinpoint one group that they that they almost offer up this education the fact that in our lifetime that there are so many holes and so many pockets in our locator in our healing believe about by the way by the way I wanted going to indicate that there may be there is history I don’t want to dictate it to one race dictated to any one particular type of people or anything like that history is history that happened long before it was going to happen after us it always repeats itself somehow and someway yeah because we’re all these things that they keep giving us all right all the animation they’re giving us bad hamburger from you like the shipper I don’t eat hamburgers only thing compared to watching your child be born yet Henry so i AMS alone i just say that these things that ultimately used to put me in fear if you’re thinking that you cir that it makes you not want to question it naturally yeah because of how much information you actually can’t figure out how much information actually i’ll text ya it’s it’s crazy you can anything that you have a particular question okay is the work is the is the world flat it the very well at desert platform round pick to me to do research on it like ultimately i’m not going to say the research that you do is going to give you the answers like oh and probably has the intelligence right in front of our faces is I’m telling you it’s right in front of our faces they they lied to us look little where that’s what I’m saying about hand that that’s the question is not the main institutions it’s not about what are we invited blue yeah the band always want to talk to somebody about having other day I got that and the other day that man he told me that always out that that wasn’t so we can I don’t really know who say yes they okay guy real quick okay really do you believe the earth is round or flat foot for for what I’ve know for as many years and what not and cannot believe what I’ve been taught is that the earth is round yeah but I mean if you really think about it from a landscape of the way we traveled the way we move and the fact that can you really think of us rotating around the Sun and all planets aligned rotating in specific dates being perpendicular with what’s going on with these planets and stuff like that how you put planets in quotations gonna play it because everything that they spend or they want to say that nyx soft flute or whatever and I don’t like four years it doesn’t come back there’s no there’s no concrete information except for the information that they’re giving us I remember I was regularly putting their particularly putting you in the direction of what to believe and what not to believe how truth is right there just got to go searching for allie having 34 for a while he shot that’s why is there something you’re never going to find an answer till well it’s what did not hold a grand journey of finding it because it’s like it’s almost expanding like who wants to go on a journey that doesn’t have an end it’s always what you mean who wants to go on a journey that has no edge you don’t ever find out what’s up sexy that’s why you have to put some of those things on hold the only one thing all right so the conspiracy theories like I used to be like I can go on up like about all the questions I have but what it really came down to for me was everything that would particularly thrown in front of me I had to just do i okay look this is all this is all of the side like this is all something that they ultimately want me to believe is that is true whether or not or whatever but now there is a certain aspect of life in which I want to tell people about which is the true journey of really becoming a complete individual in total freedom of thought like you don’t have fans yeah I thank you God and only God pretty brother’s home with you freedom of thought where essentially promoting its kind of the ability to question things yes no no blending your question it never get any other things yeah but like if the answer doesn’t come back yeah that you’re perfectly fine with that because you are never living in that particular truth right there’s the falseness and stories and things that people want you to believe and ultimately what they do in front of it you’re a trending topic on Twitter today you know I just thought that out i just found out of what your what your thoughts on that I know he’s supposed to get that if it interesting I think you should know there’s no time and uh you know hopefully though I the back my belief will throw it in the water without any interesting to find out you’ve seen pictures of the planet tonight like it’s a circle so it’s not having a lot of things that have the education of them don’t mind I don’t mind going to be doing from I’m period and absolutely they make up like they find one bone and makeup Maggie percent of it digitally victory over know what they think they should look like


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