Landscape #23 – Sunrise on the Highway in Watercolor

hello I’m Yong Chan welcome back to
another watercolor lesson. Today I did a watercolor landscape demonstration in my
class. This is the photograph I took many years ago. I always wanted to paint it. As
you can see there are many challenges in this painting. I’m going to show you the
process in the next 35 minutes. First we’re gonna think about how much will you include in the watercolor painting. Right. So we’re gonna divide
this a vertical how much are we’re gonna include. I’m gonna cut this part of the
sky off so I’ll be able to include a bit more of the land because the focal point
in here is the Sun. So I want to make a Sun right here. Okay so think about that
how you are going to recompose the image so I’m going to cut some space off from the right side so I’m gonna include the tree coming over here like this. This
looks like more beautiful. And okay do a little thinking, to study. And on this side I’m gonna have some tree over here and off so this is the highway
and this is the direction we’re gonna go we’re gonna ignore the car but using
lifting off technique to lift up the light area for the car and this is the
rule decide the road so we still need to mark the location of those cars so this
is the closest car right here I’m gonna mark a little and don’t worry about a
pencil mark we can erase the pencil after the painting dried when we totally
finish it so that’s the rear mirror and there is also there’s just the back lights. I’m gonna put it over here and a couple
mark for the windows coming like that and you can mark this the shapes and
this there will like that the wheel on this side okay, cool.
That’s the one and now come to this side the estimate there looks like SUV right
here Wow looks good so this one is darker than
their surrounding colors so we’re gonna paint it over in this car. Right so those
thinking is make up your planning so the light over here we’re gonna lift
that up to so we don’t need to worry about that leave the space and now and
on here there is I’m only gonna choose one and two car and and the left side we
need to lift up the color or leave it and maybe I’m going to draw the area I
decided to leave it all going to lift it off later and the edge over here move a
little bit the lights are a sharp right so maybe so make it so we do another car
over here let’s make one more car okay right here and the left side I think I’m
gonna leave the light the light area on the left side because it’s so sharp so
you can leave that like this. But at the top I will lift it up, lift it up using
lifting technique. okay so looks like the highway is a less
crowded now so we’re going to also put a mark between the wings all right
and over here you can see that this lane you can see that I was driving on this
lane and on this side like that you can see the perspective get bigger to
smaller and smaller but over here everything on there on the ground is
darker right so in the sky is a little bit lighter and I go into as you want. I’m gonna put the telephone pole, light pole coming up over here like that let’s move the Sun a little bit to there to the right like right here so it’s not so much close to there the light poles. okay let’s
do it one more thing about a shape I think I like this already so this kind
of shape moving up and maybe a couple clouds over here in the sky and there’s
a way light areas in the sky later others are good enough let’s start a
painting it is still wondering. What things I use the brushes the paper that
I use you should come to visit and at the bottom of the page you
will see a link say Materials and Tools click over there you will access to the
page see all my materials. and the first thing I’m gonna do I’m gonna ignore the
cars just pink the colors in the sky let’s start from the top I’m using the
plus symbol start with on the top right here it’s like a gradient wash from
start from the top to the bottom by the way the paper I’m using is a little bit
different from the regular class demonstration I’m using this Arches watercolor block is 140 pounds at the same weight as our Strathmore paper. okay – now since the top now the colors start changing some I added of
the yellow color look like a little bit yellow color right from here right you
see the yellow color changing and now a start I have a little red right now and
the red color in here you go and this car also wet into wet as we have one
color to the other color you can see my paper kind of tilted so the pink a
little bit in a little bit angle it coming down like this now it’s
become more pure red right now. so I’m gonna take the red color just put it here
now here you go. good now going through coming to over here and now the
color it’s very important this step you have to get the colors wet into wet
into places. so this car is darker so I can blend it all over. the colors is still wet
I’m going to get a little bit more red in here at the bottom here a little bit
more red. see that and this have little more red right here, a lot more red okay now I’m gonna start getting some
yellow color so almost like orange color now they know we’re here
oh that’s a little bit too dark so I’m gonna just get the yellow color put it
here. right? you see how water helpful for us to blend the color together now when
you get into the Sun now inside the Sun there’s no color they just have the
yellow color let’s leave it like that that is good.
yeah very good so happy with this so far now what I want to do now come down over
here now I want to do I’m gonna use my round brush and I’m gonna walk into the
bottom over here I’m gonna have the color a bit thicker just the red color.
Let’s see. like this very thick color. remember how how dried
the color how much color is I’m gonna get, even more red put it right here now I’m gonna start gradually have the
color coming through at the other side. I’m probably going to wait a little bit. okay
you see that the wet all accumulate at the bottom. so this is pretty wet. so when
you put the color over here it would gradually fade into this space so what I
want to do I’m gonna leave it to see how it looked like later when this when the
water and the colors settled a little bit more right okay why what will you do now
I’m gonna paint into the ground over here what I want to do first I want to
start also from the center over here it’s pretty red on there on a highway
now what I want to do I’m gonna mix the really dark colors. pay attention to this
step it’s very cruciual so I’m gonna take the red color mix it to become a really
dark color okay I’m gonna start from the side. okay I’m going to decide to
leave the edge like that so that shape other be sharper
by the top I would do that by using lifting off technique and get the color
over there now keep going. okay get them over here now when I get closer closer
over here it become more of the dark red color even have a little bit yellow not
that much yellow. so I’m gonna put it this color right here like this a little
bit more red okay now I’m gonna use my round brush what I want to do I want to
paint around the left side of those light shapes. okay okay
and coming to this car so the thinking process that you’re more prepare and
will be better off as we are painting will be faster and we’re not going to
miss the timing. okay that’s good on this side and now we’re gonna continue. okay, get more red in this area the lots of red
like this because the Sun. okay like this and you want to just forget the cars okay all right get more color and we’re gonna ignore this whole car
we’re gonna use lifting off for the details like this. okay great.
because some really dark colors and they’re thinking already and this
getting dried. this great. I’m gonna coming in here little bit like that and
now what I want to do I’m going to take care of this color it’s an important
spot is some light going through like that really nice what I want to do I’m
just get it even the red color I let the red color to get into the wet
color so this update is dry it’s going to create a very interesting effect I’m
gonna see how it’s gonna look like later right let’s forget that I’m gonna move
up to do there the top over here now is the good timing right now I’m gonna take
this color looks like a too much water so I’m gonna go with some of the water first
and this is good color now I’m gonna going through over here. here we go Like this. Going through and going through the tree
and the same thing the same color on this side like that and the bottom over here maybe
does add a little yellow color a little bit yellow color here so the color
actually will get in that make a little like that okay
it merge together. okay that’s good make the shiniest feeling now okay let’s
continue I’m gonna going into the tree right here okay good
still a little wet so I have the soft evening maybe gather the yellow half a
bit yellow kind of feeling over here like that’s good yeah we can let go
with that okay everything looks good and over here
I’m gonna use this similar color now what I want to do and I’m gonna go into
to create a some dry brushes that would really wet colors okay
great dark colors okay this take this color and that’s good a very dry brush
see that it’s good I love it. over here and come here have a little bit on this
side and also use the sigh of the brush like that
good suggestion okay look at that the ground looks very
interesting I like it and now what we’re gonna do I’m gonna do
a little dull bit clean up over here not to clean up lifting up the litter color
for the top of the highway okay lift a little bit and also this color in here
half a little bit yellow let me just take a look the yellow feud in a little
bit over here whoo see that instantly make it so bright looks good and we can
fix a little bit around the Sun later okay so what we’re gonna do now and that
the ground looks good and what I wanted you to prevent that they’re color
running back to the dry area I need to do a lot of taking away the excess
accumulated color okay it just let that this is a very important that you don’t
want the the wet it’s going to return back to the top of the painting okay now
we don’t see in the car right now and we’re not ready to do any of those
details yet so I’m gonna do a little bit to the subtle things on the side of the
highway like this would be the showing the distance I make this a little darker
this is that’s the row side okay good make that a little big subtle changes
there’s the highway this is the side like that make a little dark color in
here too so we’re gonna see how those colors gonna move together and we’re
gonna see what we’re gonna do okay on this side this is good
Ludo Ludo blue over here we’d only decide defined the side of the highway
like that all right now what we’re gonna do now we’re gonna lift up a little
color on the lane dividing lines okay let’s see that easy on this side you see
where is it right here – good right how easy I’m gonna over here oh we don’t
have to give it that much a little bit over here this the side when they have a
Laura take blue color come in come in over here
I love the blue colors like this good that’s just not white so I have a little
blue color and I will come to here to try to live up the color and this color
is still kind of wet so scared so pretty easy to live up now it’s the top of the
car now let’s see the top of the column okay now see that the left side like that because we don’t really see
you so clearly let’s get now that from this then I have
this color continue to this side over here I think this color light enough and
we come to there is a pale light I’m going to lift up that a little to make
it a little lighter before you can put a red color in okay now come to see on
this side the tail light it’s very easy the lip of the color now here we go
okay this one how about that a little bit over here open a little bit more okay a little bit on the top they’re scared enough contrast and the
site over here have little tail light and also going to leap up a little bit
but the taillights is not not really that light
that’s good now I’m gonna come to this car and this is to the top and leap up a
little color just making sure your brush is Drive and use a finger squeeze all
the wet off and that would be good and now let’s do this one interesting I
think I need something by mistake that’s it that color not supposed to be there
I’m gonna cook so what we’re gonna do now and we’ll come in here to this car
first I’m gonna get this is a good color dark blue purple color now let’s see I’m
gonna put this color right in here all right and then in the back have a
little dark color here too like this and we can see that a little indication for
the side of the car and then the back and the bottom of the car and we have
showing the tide the rear tie and coming like this it’s gonna show is a car okay
over here too I almost there and on the mirror one to
showing the frame like that I think the the rare windows can go a
little bit more to the left okay yeah indication a little bit in the middle
over here and the tire on this side you can see a little that’s great and a
little bit indication over here at the front okay now what we’re gonna do we’re
gonna put up the red color a little red this is why you cannot put just the red
on the top of the dark color you have to let go the dark color in order to put
the light color in was considered the red color here is its lighter color
right so you need to light it up a little bit let’s go which fix this car
already now we’re going to working on this car all right any color put it on
the dark color which the twin solution effect it always looked dark so I’m
gonna see right here I’m going to put this car good now I’m gonna leave if let’s see
see a little big on the highway the wheel like that
good now I’m gonna see the left side right here and then we can see the
taillight we don’t have to do anything for the taillight because we just use
the color already on here and we can see a little bit of the rear
wheel mirror yeah we got this car by adding a darker color now over here on
the side this is pretty cool we’re almost there over here we can see
that okay we’re straining a little bit so the top the roof of the car is
Olympics a little bit less okay now add a little bit red and the person blue
that make it looks really dark I want to be a little bit colder so I looking one
blue color now we come to this car that is color bit closer to us so we can see
a little bit clearer right so that’s good we’re going to leave this Lotus
shape for the taillight okay now see I’m gonna make this shape over here because
that is again to the Sun so this the back over here is pretty dark in the
morning okay like this okay a lot o we’ll add a fan over here now
what we’re gonna do we’re gonna make this side a little bit warm color
because it’s kind of effect it from the Sun so you can see a little bit like
that that is fine now we can I have a little warm color as the reflection to
the Sun and now I’m gonna also add the little
red color for the taillight okay a little bit warm on the Sun side like
that that’s good we do want to add a little bit red Thank
You over here the tail light now the cars already on the road looks great you
know what we’re gonna do one more wash for the sky and for here I think this
looks good just the top over there so start from the sky first I get a little
big Pleasant blue and a very very light that’s it I’m gonna do another layer
okay here you go going to over here I’m gonna leave all
other areas to make it like the cloud if a little bit and then going to over here
look closely and I want this to be look like a little bit of cloud in here there we
go but I’m here but there here is not so much blue so
I’m gonna add a little red to see the red color and ran into this color and
lead it down I don’t want to get the colors too –
Dodie I want to have this color a bit more clean and skip they’re coming down
now if this color coming down over here now you see how much the cloud standing
out maybe a little bit too much you know now what I want to do on the edge over
here I want to lift up a little color so I have a little bit softer we talked
about how the pink Klaus and it’s not easy if you think about clouds you just
think about a lighter shape think about an edge and that is easier it’s okay
here we go baby softer now we just finish this guy and load a bit lip up on
this side okay okay all right
and over here maybe a little bit too sharp so I’m gonna remove that a little
shop color let’s get now we’re going to come down
to the lower part now here’s go let’s fix the Sun first
I’m gonna make the edge of the Sun a little bit softer okay
make sure your brush is clean the water is clean when you do this and we’re
going to erase the the pencil it will look better now at the bottom over here
wanna soften that we can filled in a little bit of yellow color I’m gonna fear them now get a little clean yellow colors okay that’s good
there’s color now the Sun here now the highway over here I want to do a one
more round wash with the dark color and then we’ll be clear everything out in
order in everything in the right grouping so on this I actually have more
have more blue colors so I want to want to do on here now take a look at those
highway dividing line and see now I can make it a lot clearer maybe too clear like that now I want to
just use the the clean water it’s just blend the color over okay
that’s good alright okay now what I want to do and go through that have some kind
of shadow look like that like that
that’s good on this site also wash it so make the road a little bit more organized that’s good this okay even put into the background tree over here too can get a little bit over
the background tree thank you and this is a little bit too much so I’m
gonna have all the color and get into the area. There’s little bit – okay just like
that. They’ll be good enough. Ok, if we want to add that the light post
now we can do that start from orange color this is pretty
quick now get this orange color from the bottom let’s do just do one okay start
over here and get the red color and gradually is going up coming down like this and the top can be
a little bit darker a little bit blue okay away from the Sun so the edge over
here we don’t have to make it really clear it’s just a little bit
lovely indication that is good. so we can do a little bit maybe a little bit for
the distance like that and then the clouds. Those little clouds. Do the little clouds in the sky like this. Maybe a little bit on the other side too and
that’s good so the painting is finished. What do you think? if you enjoyed this lesson
please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. I will upload the
image of this final painting and you can see it by visiting and
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