Landscape™ – A Resource for College Admissions Officers

(cheerful piano music) When making admissions decisions, colleges look at a lot of things. Things like GPAs, essays, letters recommendation, test scores. And they also look at an applicant’s high school and neighborhood to consider what they’ve achieved in the context of where they’ve lived and learned. And this is becoming harder to do with students sending more applications to more colleges than ever before. This year, colleges will receive more than 10 million applications from students attending nearly 30,000 high schools. Meaning there’s simply no way for any admissions officer to know every single one. Some schools and neighborhoods, they’ll know very well, others they’ll know less about. And some will be places they don’t know at all. In fact, a selection of admissions officers report they lack high school information for about 25% of all applications. This inconsistency means colleges can’t view every applicant equally or give everyone a fair look, which is why they asked the College Board to help them find a better way. Working for three years with admissions officers from all over the country, the College Board developed Landscape. A resource that provides colleges with consistent school and neighborhood information for all applicants. It’s what admissions officers said they need, all in one place. This includes basic high school stats. High school and neighborhood indicators that are aggregated based on where students live and learn. And how an applicant’s test score compares to others who attend the same high school, which is the only individual information in Landscape. Everything else is general information. So the numbers are the same for applicants from the same high school and neighborhood. All of this information helps admissions officers make more informed decisions. Colleges have always looked for talented applicants, landscape helps them look in more places. Because deserving students deserve to be considered, no matter where they live. To learn more about Landscape and how it’s used, visit (cheerful piano music)


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