Landscape & Garden Design Step #3 Garden Installation

meet Steve and Tina today they are
having their custom design Jackson and Perkins garden installed as soon as you
receive your order make sure to open the boxes and let the
plants acclimate to your weather conditions along with your plants you’ll
find some paperwork instructions for planting a promotional code for your
next order and your custom-designed garden layout each plant is already
labeled and makes it easy to find them on your planting plan the first thing
you want to do before you plant is we want to grid out this bed so it
corresponds to the planting plan if you remember on the planting plan one square
equals one foot just remember that the first thing I’ve done now I have laid a
tape measure along the edge of the bed I can see the foot mark so I’m just gonna
take the back end of this rake I’m gonna draw lines like I’m basically drawing
out a piece of graph paper and I’ll do this all the way down the bed I’m just
doing just a small part here just to demonstrate to you and then once I’m
done I will then take that tape measure put it that way and I will come down and
draw lines again going this way every one foot and that way when I’m finished
my bed resembles that planting plan that graph paper that tells me where to place
the plants another way to grid out your bed is if you don’t want to bother with
a rake and a tape measure and all that I just made a real simple tool a couple
pieces of scrap lumber this is a foot wide made myself a little handle this
way I don’t have to worry about tape measures I can just start drawing my
lines and I’ll edge it like this with this end smooth it out edge it with this end
smooth it out edge it with this end smooth it out edge it with this end and so
on then I come back this way go ahead and draw my first line I can kind of
keep this up in the air a little bit so I don’t erase the lines I’ve got use it
as a reference I’m just gridding out my bed with just a couple of pieces of scrap
lumber we found in the garage now that we’ve got our bed laid out with
the grid pattern that matches the planting plan it’s time to start placing
the plants and that’s where this is your guide so our first plan on this planting
plan is a boxwood Skywalker you always want to start in the back corner and
with the back row and work your way forward that’s the best way to go with
the reference with the bed so this one is basically centered between the window
and the wall that’s right about here and according to this I am two feet off of
that so I’ve got one line two line centered that’s where the plant goes our
first row is in now we’ve got a reference point we continue working
towards the front of the bed and down along the bed so my next plan is a
boxwood it’s gonna go basically one two three
feet let’s go right about there then I’ve got roses going this way according
to my planting plan again the first one goes about three feet away from this I
can see my grids one two three one two three one two three and now here is
where you can start to use some of your judgment a little bit I’ve got a couple
more roses to go in I’ve got a little more room than I thought here so I can
go ahead and now start tweaking a little I can slide this down a little bit slide
this down a little bit slide this down a little bit this down a little bit and
now we’ve got a good fit so basically while we have the guide with the
planting plan in the grids also use your visual I know the mature width of the
plants and adjust accordingly that’s how your guards gonna look the best now I’ve
got the garden all laid out and we’re ready for planting I’m gonna give it one
more check to see if I like the spacing I realize you’re probably looking at
this in thinking my gosh there’s a lot of room between those plants well then
we’re gonna remember I’m spacing them for mature size so these hostas and
these boxwoods I’m gonna get three foot across let me show what I’m talking
about okay that’s three feet that’s the width
of that hosta at mature size that comes to here come over here three feet
eighteen inches again three feet eighteen inches I know these are
centered where they need to be and I know eventually these are gonna meet and
they’re gonna touch so remember when you’re laying out the plants lay them
out for the size they’re going to be not the size they are now now the gardens
laid out we’re ready to start planting so Gramma’s gonna start planting here
it’s very simple we don’t have to dig a big hole cause we’ve amended the entire bed so we’ll start with this one boxwood here so Graham if you want
to go ahead and get rolling here all she’s gonna basically do was mark the
spot where he’s got dig himself a hole essentially as big as the pot not a
whole lot bigger than that just enough to get that thing in there cause again
we’ve amended the entire bed a hole is dug the next thing we do is to make sure
it’s the proper depth the way to do that is basically take the pot slip it inside
the hole right there you can basically take a look and use your hand and
measure it that looks like the good depth you can tell grams a pro knows what he is doing next
thing we do is we’re gonna plant the plant so when Graham slipping the plant
out of the pot this is some packing material the jackson and Perkins sends you
its recyclable I would just scatter it in your bed and let it break down and
become more organic material for your product now this you can see is a real
good nice plant good root system we’ll slip it in the ground he’ll basically
then take the soil he’s dug out backfill it around to the size that it already is
that’s just kind of slipping it around like that yep slides in beautifully nice
good soil that we spent time preparing tamp it down with your hands don’t use
your foot and basically you’re planted that’s the theory that’s what you do it
is important to start using the care products that come with your custom
design right away and then make sure you keep to a regular schedule in the weeks
and the months to come we’re gonna be coming back to this garden that’ll help
you understand better how your garden is gonna fill in over time

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